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THE Miami Heat Secret Meanings

Im starting to see the deception Seven .....

So one day I went to the anagram decoder website and said I wonder if the gods that are highly worshiped today if their names are encoded through our famous Icons Names and what do you know..........




I FOUND THIS FOR LEBRON JAMES It was actually more but I just picked the ones that…


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Elements Management Holistic Sustainability Companies - Jobs 2011

Elements Management Holistic Sustainability Companies

Online Company, Headquarters in Germany,

Owner: Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Our companies offer services:

Online, in Europe and in Region Hessen (Germany).

Who is welcome to apply? What kind of job? Company Culture?

We expect you to apply becouse you are interested in the company concepts we develop and know how we do…


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wygiwyg ..... what you get is what you get .... Elements management communication style!

wygiwyg ..... what you get is what you get .... Elements management communication style!


what you get is what you get: wygiwyg ...

that is EM Field!

very close to wysiwyg ... what you see is what you get...

where is the difference?



love you all

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Lucid Dreaming

 I've had very lucid dreams over the last couple of nights but I always wake up in the middle of them. The one I had last night, had me in a tall office-like building. I remember talking to a woman at the entrance and she gave me something before I walked thru the security gate. I don't know how, but I know had a mission to complete. I remember going a few floors up and using what she gave me (seemed to be a usb drive) to print out a document. Here I also met another female who…


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We create an EMHS community center in germany. Join us! support us!

Dear ones

We create this center with the purpose to give a demo to people around the world about the benefits of utilizing EMHS human heart base technology and how it is possible to live and colaborate in an multidimensional holistic sustainable way without money.

Now we need your support

Here is the project, it will offer also a reality show online, for the creation of this center and the live of the community there and all developments



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cell salts

I just got my salt package today thank you sevan.I took the magnesium sulfate and held it in between my gums and cheek on the right side cause i heard a time ago that it was better than under the tung for going into your system.Just in this time I feel really good,i think this is pretty great and i would recommend it to anyone who wants to be unblocked.I am sure with the cycles It will help to balance me.I have here maca in a glass of water and another with gotu kola with ashwagandha added and… Continue

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Dreams: End of the World or Natural Disasters.


    Ever since I was a child i had dreams about the end of the world. I was very religious when i was younger and I would dream about the Four Horsemen and the Titans coming up from the ground beneath us. Now that I am awake to the human experience my dreams have shifted to Aliens invading. These dreams are very vivid and i usually in a total panic state and i try to hide or get away from them. I always see many alien ships coming down and attacking homes and people with the rays,…


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Multiple Timelines. Possibilities. We choose.

I found this interview with Inelia Benz to provoke feelings of empowerment and choice for me.

I have recently been watching and reading a little bit too many disaster and sinister outplays.

I didn't even like Project Camelot or Avalon up until now because the undercurrent felt too dense energetically. This interview is very much a departure from that.

I hope you find it helpful for reclaiming your ability to choose your timeline.…


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ebook - to be a man

to be a man

on natural and man made law, the modern day slave trade, freedom and service


Not so long ago I, like most people in this world, believed that I had a name and that this name was my identity. I believed that money had intrinsic value and I believed that if I had enough of it I could positively affect the world. I believed that everyone ought to pay their taxes for the greater good. I believed that statute was law, and that those laws were… Continue

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just stalkers, psychic soldiers, mk ultra or sect members? who knows, but it seems like they are populating online forums and we have now a first profile

just online stalkers, psychic soldiers, mk ultra or sect members? who knows, but it seems like they are populating online forums and we have now a first profile


Dear Sevan and  Resistance Community

i just would like to share with you some information of events found in othe rplaces as well, it might be useful for…


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UFO chemtrails

Last night I had a dream, or maybe I was astral projecting, I dont know, but I was in my room looking through my window and I saw these extremely fast moving flying objects in the sky. They were chemtrailing the whole area with heavy black smoke. There were at least three of these strange aircrafts. So here is the question. Do you think that it is possible that what I saw were some cloaked airships spraying deadly orgonite or some s*** all over the place? Could I have seen them in the astral?… Continue

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Following the series of books in the field of conspiracy theories, a final Open book created by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken motivates awareness and reflection regarding to Conspiracy theories, freedom and the collective choose of a new world based on consicousness and love. (all carachters are unreal! stories have been adapted or invented, and do not describe any REAL event)




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This article is from the "Inter-Tribal Times" - October 1994

1. Each morning upon rising, and each evening before sleeping, give thanks

for the life within you and for all life, for the good things the Creator has

given you and for the opportunity to grow a little more each day.  Consider

your thoughts and actions…


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Battle in the Sky - Cloaked Aircraft, Sylphs, and Orgonite

I have recently viewed a "chemtrail" aircraft cloak itself and disappear. This technology is being used in the open during daylight hours in the capital of Canada, Ottawa. (Which lies on the Quebec border) It turned into a "mirage" consistency and blurred itself like "The Predator" beings from the so called movie series.

Though more recently , Ever since creating a supercharged orgonite that I keep within my living quarters, I have noticed Sylphs which tend to form from the North and… Continue

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Much Love....

During the Isis Widom Radio show with Sevan he mentioned him wanting everyone to go and call their mom and tell they love her. I do this on the daily. I try and tell all my friends and family (I'm on my phone now but will post some pics up)but now know I have to be more open in these times and not just keep it in. Around here in the "hood" it's a sign of weakness to show love but I'm not weak. If at anything it make me stronger,it always has. It's not that tainted love that everyone talks about… Continue

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what the reptiles are up too?and something to offer not much


no fear if anything does happen i live south of deming nm the new coast line supposidly .honestly we should be banding…


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Source for NON-GMO 100% Organic Pancake/Waffle Mix

Dear Friends,

If you are able to tolerate wheat, I have a source for a non-gmo certified 100% organic pancake waffle mix. it is delicious!  email  the product comes in 5 lb bags, is freshly milled. the company ships anywhere in the usa, and will 'help' with shipping charges. 





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northwest england

hi ppl im just amazed by what i have came acros here wich ive known in my heart all my life was true, I realy hated life an the thought of, is this it, and then we die, but deep down i knew there was something more. thank our real almighty for ppl like sevan . anyway im stuck for ppl to talk to about this subject as everybody are literely asleep an dont want waking up but i know me changing will wake ppl up so im gona do it for not just me but everyone an everything an nothing is going to stop… Continue

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