Disclaimer - The knowledge contained here is of the greatest potency of Truth. I will dissect the subject from its positive and negative aspects. What must be omitted by the reader is any kind of fear, hatred, and negativity. This wisdom is meant to bring the Seeker closer to full realization that All is Self. With that in mind I ask any individual who has yet to comprehend balance through harmonics to reframe from absorbing this content.


Further, what is being conducted in the Olympic Opening Ceremony is an entire ritual. In order to understand the ritual and its purpose you must first innerstand the symbolism. In many cases the symbols being used are ancient and have a strength liken unto steel. Steel can either be fashioned in to a plow and one can till the field with it and allow abundance to come forth and feed all, or it can be molded in to a sword and used for destruction. I ask that you keep this in mind when following this work.


You should also know the individuals involved in this system have a desire to control every word and every symbol. With the creation of the English language this has made such things possible. In the case of the English language you can see it as the analogy of "all modern words and symbols lead back to Rome". It is only the most ancient knowledge and symbols such as Adinkras that find themselves free of this taint.


You will witness the so-called controllers masquerade as Birds, Serpents, Fish, Horned Gods, Blue Gods, Monsters, Messiahs, Kings, Giants, Aliens, Statues, non-organic lifeforms, and just about anything else that comes to power in our Psyche. The trick here is that We are all in fact everything, it is just a matter of what we choose to amplify. The so-called controllers have already realized this and thus shapeshift in to various idealism and cultural totems that fit their agenda based on the energy and program they are now designed to set in to motion.



The Resistance has become a site that many people rely on in order to get the real answers on the inner workings of events ancient and current. Of course the Olympics came under the spotlight awhile ago as an event that is clearly used to set the tone for the direction the so called controllers wish to guide the consciousness of the world in to. Again, in order to innerstand the symbolism of the Olympics fully you will have to know a great deal of occult knowledge and true history. It is for this reason this post in particular took a great deal of time to publish and will be released in parts.


Personally I have taken the time to read just about every post uploaded to the internet in regards to the topic. Most of the people who dive in to this type of information are already aware of the obvious symbols such as the Olympic Logo spelling Zion and even Zion being connected to the number 2012 which we uncovered 3 years ago in The Code to the Matrix. So many obvious things will not be mentioned here to save space and the continuous "I knew that already" feeling that comes about when reading the documents of Neophytes. We will get more in to what people missed, especially the real meaning behind the symbolism being heavily misinterpreted by disinformants abroad. 


Let Us Begin




The Maypole is specifically a Germanic and Norse fertility symbol but one that is connected to a Universal Idea. The symbolism is easy to interpret, the pole in the middle is the masculine principle while the ribbons twinning around the sides of the pole is that of the Feminine Principle. In most cases the Maypole dance is conducted using children as the Norse and many other cultures saw their children as their fruit, not just their crops from the field. Just as an apple tree bears apples and an orange tree bears oranges, humans bare children.


This practice of commemorating the Nature Gods and Lords began to degenerate almost immediately in to child sacrifice. Just as the people would offer the first of their flock and crops to the Moon as an offering, eventually when crops failed and abundance was not seen ideas of offering children to appease the Moon God became prevalent. Many say that the Lunar Deity even demanded such sacrifices, either way it is found everywhere, people began soaking the land with the Plasma/Blood of sacrifice in order to make the grounds more fertile.  


When we search ancient history we also find that the Moon may have arrived at a specific time, most are not sure what was going on before the Moon, however, it was an abrupt change in the life of all Species then on this planet causing extinction for a whole class of Beings and the beginning of life for another. Since the planet itself was dramatically slowed down, causing it to cool and support other forms of life, it has also been the premises for the arrival of this form of the human being. The Moon's extraterrestrial connection will be clearly seen throughout this document. 


In the first stages of this current cycle humanity was scarce upon the Earth and worked to increase the population. The god of the Bible's first commandment is actually "be fruitful and multiply". Of course the Waxing Moon sent a gradual vibration of arousal throughout the land amongst flocks, fish, people, plants, and just about all life, so the people saw the Moon synonymous with Fertility. This gets us to the next level of this ritualistic practice. There was never a Maypole dance without a Beltane celebration, this would be like trying to swim with no water, the two must go together.

The reason why the knowledge of such things is absent from most scholars is due to Christian Programming which avoids the sexual topic altogether. The ancient names for the Lunar Gods are Baal, Sin, Nannar, Min, Nabu, Nimrod, Abir, Odin, Wotan, Moloch, Cain, Shamash, Nebo, Dionysus, Ilumquh, Almaquh, Bacchus, Thoth, Hermes and many more.


Since "Sin" the Moon God was connected to sexual behavior along with Magan and Pagan Rites, people were told to avoid Sin which ultimately became tied in to also avoiding knowledge from several levels. Knowing nothing of astrology by force much latter the world would be totally ignorant to the true origins of the son god myth being perpetuated and controlled by the Vatican now through Christ. To be clear the Son of God is not the Sun in the sky but rather the lessor light or the Moon.



Another important thing to know about how the Ancestors viewed the genderization of Planets and Moons in the past was always androgynous rather than the Feminine view that we have of the Moon now. To be clear the Moon was first seen as a male child of the Gods. Later because the Moons Waxing and Waning phases or life giving and death causing properties it was seen as Male and Female, God and Goddess, being a Man with a Wife as his other side or a hermaphrodite such as Hermes, this also led to Lunar worship being tied in to homosexuality through vain misinterpretation. A hermaphrodite by etymology means one who is part Moon and part Venus, a Moon embracing a Pentagram is the symbolism behind the term.


If you notice we have 7 days of the week. Many think the days of the week are only named after the Planets and this is in fact true except for however Monday which is named after the Moon but the Moon is not a Planet. To the Ancients the Moon was just as important as the major Planets because it was seen as the intercessor between physical Man and the Cosmos. The Moon was seen as the Illuminator/Ilumquh or the one who brought the ideas of reading and writing to comprehend the distant stars and planets.


The Moon did this through its times and cycles which governed the knowledge of planting and reaping. This led to the Lunar Calendar that most nations are still on at this very moment. Before Saturn was considered the Lord of Time by modern idealist it was in fact the Moon who was Lord of Time and cycles, especially Menstruation or Menses Cycles which was far more important to the ancients. Again, pay close attention to the Etymology to follow this story.




So as you can see there became two uses for the Moon's energy. Fertility and reproduction for the spontaneous, activation and illumination for the spiritually inclined. It is no mystery now that when holding sexual energies during the full Moon while fasting amplifies spiritual power. On the other token getting drunk and wasting sexual fluid leads to exhaustion and depletion. Learn from this. Further in many Lunar rites the magnetic blood of the calibrated temple Goddess also known as Magdalena was used to christened adherents in various ways to change the overall Ph and fluid consistency of the initiate.


The horned God motif is found everywhere on the dimension and goes without notice by most. To stay on topic so this all begins to connect for you the key in deciphering Beltane is within the name, Bel. Bel or Baal was the name of the Moon for the Semites. The Bible speaks of a major quarrel between YHVH the pretend hyper-dimensional God and Baal the local, and I should not forget to mention very popular, Lunar Deity of the indigenous.

How each tribe saw their relationship with the Lunar Deity surprisingly differs very little from culture to culture silently proving that there is in fact some type of vivid animation that comes from the Moon. To be clear the Moon is actually alive and has interacted with the Ancients from time to time. Here is a brief excerpt to ponder attached below, you will also see the Ziggurat was used in conjunction with Baal worship so it is no wonder when a Ziggurat or step pyramid pops up in the Olympics with a tree on top signifying completion.




It is easy to see the idea of a Beltane festival which are conducted during the most fertile times of the year when sexual energies are the highest within Man, Woman, and Nature. These ceremonies which lacked any sense of Astral Hygiene always climaxed in to orgies during drunken revelry, fire dancing, and hallucinogenic drug intoxication. This is a horrible mixture which brings forth the phantoms of the mind in to physicality from 4D TO 3D like bad orgone. Think, a tainted after party with a possible guest appearance or materialization from Baal. 


"When the Horn blows none of Sumerian blood can resist". Conan the Cartoon

The Bell and Horns that can be blown are a major component of Baalism, not only does it have a connection through etymology the Bell also serves several purposes beyond alerting the Shepard's of the location of a stray cow. In Sumerian times Horns and Bells were used to summons clansmen or people of the city to various festivities and events that took place daily. The Bell was a centralized part of life for them as it is up to this very day. This is the case especially in cities under the dominion of Catholicism, modern Baalism.

If a Being is subject to hearing a certain tone their whole life even when they leave this world they will respond to that tone just as a dog responds to a whistle and comes to it as if they are being called. Because many of the Baalim had a specific frequency Bells where configured to evoke these frequencies. Sequential Bell Ringing was the preferred way of transferring this energy through the land. Sequential Bell Ringing is conducted by one Bell ringing first and then all subsequent Bells being timed to ring one after the other until the energy/frequency had collected itself in a main location. This is called Change Ringing and is an ancient art of energy evocation.



The Papal Bull, sent by the Pope, would send a "Bull" which is a edict or decree throughout the land for all to follow, or else. The truth behind Baal as being a Nagal or ancient nature spirit of force liken unto a sword will be discussed later in this document. The knowledge of these forces was not even known by the individuals using them now until really just recently. Especially when compared to the time it arrived on Earth, however, after they pillaged ancient cultures and grafted themselves on to the Tree they are now in possession of all the knowledge to begin its evocation, invocation, containment, and banishment. Their use of the nature forces and human resources has been highly destructive, this can be seen with devices such as HAARP which use frequency to cause effects. King David was known to have a Harp or Lyre that he used to also calm, tame, and pacify the angry King.


Again always keep in mind, a Bull can be used to till a field or to destroy the entire crop the matter is left to the hands of the Wielder. 


Baalism not to be confused with ballin but often connected is one of the worlds most ancient traditions still under wraps. The concept of Baal is simple but immense as far as how many directions it stems in to so just hang on. Originally the people felt that God as we understand "him" today was not on Earth. He was known to penetrate Earth's field, drop his Seed which impregnated the Earth, and then back off in to the Cosmos he went. "God the Father" was seen as a Fire or Frequency of Light since Woman was obviously by reason of opposites the Water or Ice that could quench the Fire or absorb and manifest the Light after incubation. 


The Earth is mentioned first as being covered in Water She is known as Tiamaat or Maat, this is the Matrix or Prima Materia, the matter that can be formed and fashioned, the darkness or first state of light which is sculptured darkness, the Womb itself. Once this Being/Bean/Seed came to life the water receded or broke under its weight, the first Giant was born standing as tall as a Tree. This is the first Being who became known as Adam (MA-DA)(Mommy Daddy) the Being was clearly Androgynous like most early plants. Many sprang forth after as a Tree producing a great deal of fruit when in perfect fertilization, you can refer to some of the Children of Adam as the Baalim in Semetic or The Lords and the Ladies, Gods and Goddesses etc.


The only two children we will focus on now is the Sumerian/Martian children who are seen in mythology suckling a wolf to indicate their shrewd nature. By the Greeks Romulos and Remus, who are Cain and often forgotten Abel who was one of the first of this progeny to enter in to the afterlife courtesy of his brother taking his life. 



Most never consider this but Abel (A Bull) was the first to be killed, but humans also have a Spirit within that cannot be destroyed so where did the Spirit of Abel go? The etymology behind the name Abel is actual AB equaling Father and EL equaling The Lunar Bull God of the Hebrews. So as you can see the first Gods of the Bible, Bible equalling (Bi Bull) or (Two Bulls) were in fact Lunar Deities referred to as the Elohim who were in constant conflict with one another for supremacy. Elohim means more than one God in Hebrew, being the plural of EL but as you can see one of the Gods in the Old Testament is already in a quarrel when saying "thou shalt have no other Gods before me, I am the only god!".


This god's temper is compared to a flaming fire as the people worship it through fear of punishment not love and compassion. Also notice how anger and jealousy is the call sign of many of the tricky Baalim who quarrel back and forth as two sons be it Enki and Enlil, Cain and Abel, Osiris and Set, Romulus and Remus etc. The secret is the Spirits of these Beings, known as demons or "D"man meaning part man as the symbol behind the letter D is that of a half of a circle meaning not complete, or divided, the Kabbalistic DVD or DaViD also called Arcs and Archons even Arch Angels who became confined to the Spheres and sway of the Moon, also known as The Ark by the ancients. The sword is the key tool for division. 

Matthew 10:34

"Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword." Jesus

All Souls released from the body gravitate toward the Moon unless they have enough thrust and their own Light to guide them elsewhere. Die means to split in to two as in dice. We are jumping really far ahead however over the course of this dissertation I will prove all of this. Also keep in mind the two sons are not the "Father" but shadows of their Father also called Shades or Shaddai. So in essence the 2 sons are the 2 bulls or lessor lights trying to become whole again but struggle with major duality because of their lack of completion while the father is the actual great Light or Sun in the Sky.




Everything about our beginning here on this Planet is acted out everyday through courtship, birth, life, death, and transition. Having babies was the Ancient's key to afterlife, they knew they would later live through their children. Such knowledge and understanding of these concepts peaked during out segment of time in the East. Once the Father God or Light known as a Ray headed off to find a place to plant more children what remained was his Sons and Daughters the sometimes benevolent, spiritually powerful, but often quarrelsome Goddesses and Gods. This is the root to the Sun God and Amazonian Mythos. We will have to save the Amazonian Mythos of the female giants called Columbia for a later date.


Truthfully the entire history of Mankind is within the words, however, this takes not only a belief that this may be possible but also a sound innerstanding of etymology. I ask all readers to keep in mind that our faction, The Resistance, has worked for years on innerstanding the meaning of words, which means worlds to me, and we have found a serious connection.


Since the first King documented on Earth by the Semites was Nimrod it is easy to divine why the first song of the Olympics was in fact titled Nimrod as the people who are conducting it see Nimrod the Hunter as their father. Let us get clear the relationship between the people and the "Kin"g. The King was seen in ancient times as Kin or Family. In every tribe the King or Chief was always closely related to the people through bloodline. If you go to any indigenous culture their Chief is also a family member.


Only now do we find our so called King and Queen so disconnected from our family tree. In fact most cannot trace the connection of the current rulers in to their bloodline. High population, constant diaspora, usurping, supplanting, and routing can all be accredited to this misfortune. Now one who is very disconnected from the people, even alien, rules over most. That disconnection equals rulers who have no interest in how you fair in this world and beyond.


If the King was truly your Kin now, he would be interested in your progress and growth as any Father would. The fact is many Fathers have been vanquished by the current regime and only their confused children remain. Until the true Kings and Queens, Fathers and Mothers wake up in their now pubescent children the world will continue to endure great troubles. It is good many are waking up and some have already awoken especially through the power of our Mother Nature and Universal Connection whoich still remains present within waiting to be realized. This is why we must work to preserve our Planet and not allow foreign forces to disconnect us from it, this will give us the time needed to gain bearing to traject the proper course for an expansive continuum. 


With this major innerstanding we can now began to fully breakdown the 2012 Olympic Ritual.



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Comment by Morad on August 12, 2015 at 12:06pm
add Russell brand pied piper / willy wonka character  part at the show / closing ceremony with adults in the coach instead of children 
then his launch on the conscious circuit very soon after .
now with well over 1.5 million+ lost adults and some kids following his revolution s***
proper been branded


Comment by Coresponse on September 9, 2012 at 12:24pm

This post inspired a serious inner churning session, especially in relation to the picture of the lunar calender/cycles. A couple questions came to mind in connection with an interpretation to what is being discussed here. I hope to gain clarity on the matter so any contributing input in order to further refine and bring clarity are most welcome.

When mentioning how ppl in the past interpreted the moon/thoth/thought as the bringer/teacher of reading/writing (bringer of light? - lucifer - son of god?), is it possible that if/when the moon arrived in conjunction with the polar-flip (causing flooding), it brought a kind of surprising and confusing death that had never been experienced before to the forefront of human experience. And consequently bringing about a degraded/split consciousness from a non-thought, (living-in-the-moment way of life), to an awareness 'outside' oneself, looking in, and thereby giving birth to thought and reflectiion (like the moon with the rays of the sun).

I will continue this in the Q&A thread as to not pull the thread too far off topic.

Comment by Karrade on August 23, 2012 at 3:51am

How can we block tones specifically?

Comment by Erophin on August 18, 2012 at 6:32am

Despite all the info about a planned ceremony, the olympic games in London has been a heart warming event that penetrated the Leyline system of the earth and the human collective consciousness.

Comment by Jameson Lite on August 16, 2012 at 4:41pm

Very interesting content, and as a Gnostic myself (not a traditional Christian) I would like to point out the pursuit of knowledge has, as you say, been an age old pursuit and often a double edged sword. Powers that be hoard knowledge for themselves and of course for reasons known to those adept amongst them use it for devious purposes. 

The picture of horn that you have is interesting but the one with the crown of Jesus doesn't seem to fit because symbolically it was a mockery by the Romans at that time for him and his followers who believed he was a King. It had nothing to do with horns.

It is interesting, on the other hand, how ingrained the horns symbol is in the many cultures around the world, new and old, as is the dragon.

Comment by Tyrone on August 14, 2012 at 9:57am

simply fantastic.

that beltane festival was a real eye opener

take care

Comment by Karrade on August 13, 2012 at 8:42am

Clear, and concise thank you.

Comment by Karuna 2000 on August 13, 2012 at 7:17am

Outstanding, thank you so much for all this knowledge.

Comment by Sevan Bomar on August 13, 2012 at 6:59am



I'm more than sure all saw the Horned Luciferian Phoenix or most hated bird according to the scriptures appear at the end of the 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony set to the tune of "Rule the World" by group Take That. Further the groups singer Gary Barlow all clearly worshippers of their lord Lucifer  lost his newborn child a few days before and was hailed as being courageous for still performing!? Can it get any more clearer than that? See story on Gary Barlow by clicking here.


Again our Team must work nonstop to free this reality from the constant circle of destruction that plagues its inhabitants. Fame and glory for a life still does not out way total expansion, freedom, and emancipation for eternity. Unlock the Chakras! 


Comment by Sevan Bomar on August 12, 2012 at 5:37pm

Excuse me thats Matthew 10:34


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