Wholeness and Balance Vibrations to everyone I feel like it has been such a long time since I had the opportunity to create a post or video detailing more information and application of what has been discovered. This is because it has become imperative to re-design and re-organize the entire Resistance Platform. 


Currently we are entering the final phase. This will include a new aesthetic design, group access, and most importantly a fluid highly comprehensible information and application stream. For this process to come about we will be asking all members to not post in the Forum of Blog until we have fully reorganized it. This will allow us not to be on a treadmill when currently organizing information. 


We have been removing all content that we cannot fit in to the new flow of hyperlinking information. Our goal again is to bring more clarity to new members and old alike by having the forum and the blogs completely free of disinformation, over excessive information, irrelevant topics, random statements, incorrect theories, fear mongering, and many other things that hinder a Seekers growth more than it assists them. We ask for everyone's Innerstanding in this matter as we work to make The Resistance a better site for you.


Posting should resume within 1-2 weeks however there will be Groups that cater directly to the core topics of interest in ascension thus allowing all site information to remain categorized properly and to be accessible for those who wish to explore that particular topic. Most member post will be done in the future in the Groups section. The Forum will be completely interwoven so there is no gaps of comprehension, all key esoteric words mentioned will now be linked to posts that specifically cover those topics. 


We have a great deal of new projects and content we will be rolling out for 2012, in order to do that fully we must do this before we bring in any new levels of information and essence. Wholeness and Balance Vibrations and thank you for your attention in this matter. 


James Evans Bomar III

Developer of the Planetary Resistance

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Comment by 00COSMOS on March 17, 2012 at 9:32am

thank 4 making this as easy as it can b 2 innerstand self uni mother n others


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