I just got my salt package today thank you sevan.I took the magnesium sulfate and held it in between my gums and cheek on the right side cause i heard a time ago that it was better than under the tung for going into your system.Just in this time I feel really good,i think this is pretty great and i would recommend it to anyone who wants to be unblocked.I am sure with the cycles It will help to balance me.I have here maca in a glass of water and another with gotu kola with ashwagandha added and i know when i drink that i will be on another level energy wize and i just worked 8 hours at taco hell feeding the minions there poison.thank you sevan and resistance as it is this whole energy like sevan said is developing us guiding and giving us a place where we cant be labeled.I am so damn excited.lets take it to the next level, im wide open and I am taking control of the gates to my own energies.

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Comment by Raymond Gene Key on May 27, 2011 at 7:11pm
im on day 3 now of taking the proper salts for my sign scorpio.I feel completely new,it is easier to think and the thinking is clearer.I have been taking gotu kola for about 2 years now.I have added to that with maca,sawpawmedow ,alfalfa powder,rhodiala,cayanne ,amalaki,triphala,colloidal silver regularly.I used to drink ionized water from a kangan knock off(all be it a good one)mms.I have been on it as far as being clean staying alkaline .All of these things and eating properly have brought me to a new threshold .The salts though I honestly could feel 10 or 15 minutes after i took them,things are progressively clearer.I have alwas been able to do this but It has been easier to calmly go out of body and or see my experiences from outside myself but still present.There has been a call to activate them all right I feel it.Just listening to difforent shows like the one done on isiswisdon and the know more secrets,I was able to look at again difforently.You know anyone can do that any time but it was easily done is the point.If i where to give this REmedy a score it would be a 10 out of 10.It does exactly what it was proposed to do,some may call placebo but whatever i say thanks.Im excited for what the next few moonths will bring.long live the resistance


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