what the reptiles are up too?and something to offer not much





no fear if anything does happen i live south of deming nm the new coast line supposidly .honestly we should be banding together for we are like and like attracts like.I have been expecting changes like these for a long time.I have been a long time student in understanding the orion agenda as a whole I started with the illuminati speach given in alaska in the 50s it stured me at 15.the council on foreign relations,bilderberg,whatever it got so deep inter the military industrial complex the whole system is stacked against itself.I didnt do much with that for years untill I had intuition lead my hand to pull a morals and dogma out or a wall not knowing it was there.i was then confused for a great time as new age works can put you in a spin .found all kinds of things in the bible to lead me away from thinking there was balance in that.Then I found torrents my savior the torrent my occult library thickened untill i found a torrent with matrixes 1-4 and the code to the matrix.that led me to the greatest truths that stand in all of this the things sevan has brought out and i take that information and puched through matrix 5 wich really is a great key to knowing body control and the resistance and body activation is bringing it full circle.No matter what happens or doesnt im changed to my real self .I heard that every 30 days or so you have a completly new body all the cells have been replaed.We have been remaking ourselfs over and over again. I have some clips i think i can post in comments from the overview in m4 about some things i hope will bring  comments.

 Again i think we should be banding together as they try to separate the whole.I have 15 acres here and anyone if they want may join the co-op thats what i have to offer and honestly i know no one wants it but if i dont offer what i have anyway Im not giving someone who might need the chance a chance.This is not something we are talking about its being done,we have been setting up goat house and pin because we are going to have 6 goat we have 47 chickens and chicken coop still work to be done.Its not much we are starting a garden its rabbit proof now.Really these things just keep us bizy .me and my other are on the resistance ,others here think similar .I am a night manager at taco bell and could probly get someone a job deming is a small town.charles manson said the devil lived there and thats where he would move if free.Its is a honest offer  

    I will continue to go on and on about like things that are brought here to this resistance.I truly love you all as members of myself.this is who i am and i will never be afraid to speak my mind(I just know when to keep my mouth shut)

file:///home/guest/Desktop/overview of the keys of enoch

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Comment by Raymond Gene Key on May 11, 2011 at 3:14am
location roughly deming new mexico,wholeness and true healing compashionate love to all who see
Comment by Raymond Gene Key on May 10, 2011 at 1:42am
i hope to get something real going,well im doing more than hoping,we all should
Comment by Denise La Roche on May 6, 2011 at 7:00pm
wholeness raymond. thanks 4 the offer! do not b suprised if one day i show up!! 


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