just stalkers, psychic soldiers, mk ultra or sect members? who knows, but it seems like they are populating online forums and we have now a first profile

just online stalkers, psychic soldiers, mk ultra or sect members? who knows, but it seems like they are populating online forums and we have now a first profile


Dear Sevan and  Resistance Community

i just would like to share with you some information of events found in othe rplaces as well, it might be useful for us

now and future.

here is about one of them with a similar profile of others we met, dedicated themselves to post and post on all threads in forusm and stick over any kind of powerful loving message distracting atention of people but also creating a psychic bound to suck information from the people in the forum and create a tracking systhem.

now we face a time in which psychic self defence training seems to be as necessary as aikido or any other one

here i will share with you some line sof the exchange we had in another forum

true love and true light



PS: my friend wrote:


The problem is she claims MANY things. Hard to tell whats true. I blocked her from PM ing me after she sent a 5 page "review" of my awakening" which was just a title of a blog post...She glossed over every thing human and personal.

She claim's to have -- lived with a guru for 22 years when she had her Kunadlini awakening, or taught by one, seems to believe more Hindu based but still all over. Claims to have completely shed her ego once, astral travel, telepathy, she is all over the place, .... ... She claims to be an engineer, former programer, and listens to some radio station 12 hours a day. Also claims to be versed in, tarot, inventing, , engineering, physics, cosmology, metaphysics, systems, environmental, counselor, entrepreneur, consulting,

I guess my friend I would have to choose #5. She is a hard one to know whats really true and what is made up fantasy. She told me in a PM she felt she was above everyone here. So... That's when I blocked her after she reviewed my post to death"""


Then i wrote:

i suggest the moderatores to be very careful

first avoid to think you can or she needs help in any way, until you know really what is behind her

there are few possibilities

let me share with you...

first of all, in 2009 a women approached me with same skills and profile, online, she said have exatcly same skills and do same thing

well, the thing is, that woman had another picture

might be a different woman, but had same traits and the frequency of her energy was more or less the same

she in this case didint tell anything about living with a guru but had same frequency as our "crystal rose" (her forum ID) here

any wa i could perceived she was perfectly trained.

later on she travelled to germany, and looked for me, claimed she wanted to learn with me and started, but very soon i realized that was not her goal, her goal was to establish a psychich bound between me, my circle of students and her "coach"

now here comes the interesting part, her coach was a member of the army

i ones wa son the phone with him a powerful guy, able to tune with you psychichally, very long distance and keep track of you for months, also do hypnosys long distance

this guy as i understood for the long time i could stay and stand their pushing presure, have been recruiting young people with skills, and empower certain wekanessess in them in order to create holes in their personality he can use to control them, by generating a feeling of trust

i feel it is the same group, in some cases these individuals might say is a guru, maybe a coach, who knows

might teh work for any agency, also possible, since the 50s you know there have been psychic people trained for government operations

for sure they are aware of my work , and other people work too

so how the yoperate is as i said, through questiosna nd answers, that seems to be very simple, establish a psychic bound and suck all informtion they can and star tracking all what you emotionally do

i dont know how many people work with them, if that is the case, but i have been tracking my self at leats 5 people that for about six months used the same psychic bound to keep track on me and force a programming .

i have natural skils that is why i am aware of this, but also i have been receiving some support to deal with withinm yown network of freinds

we have been concerned as not only this women was estalishing communication and connections with many people aroudn us, but showed a frigile character that no one could doubt she wasok and just needed atention and help

that si why i say, be very carefull, if i am right in all the information i am sharing and i am guessing into the right track, she might have alot more abilities than what you think

certainly she has telepathic skills and is empathic, but she is not connected to inner core and love, she feels more like brain washed

empty, and following a pattern, like a programm

i know sanctology people have since few years intensive training camps, maybe another possibility.

as well that a faked guru called maytreya is creating people with certain profile

or could be a MK Ultra girl

i, as i said, dont know who is this girl, but for sure what she is doing here is not justposting and being confused, she is bringing a frequency that is blocking teh flow and communication between forum members in a psychic way, she is operating and creating something at invisible level

i willl suggest bann her for some weeks until the forum go back to normal, and find out if somody else take her place, as they usually dont work alone...

keep her email and if we find out more, we could consider to try a supportive action

but car first for forum energy and psychic stability

that is my suggestion

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