Following the series of books in the field of conspiracy theories, a final Open book created by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken motivates awareness and reflection regarding to Conspiracy theories, freedom and the collective choose of a new world based on consicousness and love. (all carachters are unreal! stories have been adapted or invented, and do not describe any REAL event)






Conspiracy theories are hand to hand with stories of people we dont know but that probably had little opportunities to tell their stories to the world.

There is a hugh amount of conpiracy theories that since about 12 years have been populating our modern world.

Is there any chance that just 5 % of them are real? or more.

I feel it is imperative, for a future earth, and for our present, that we become aware of the cotroling tools that have been used in human history and how 90% of our world wide population are unaware of them.

we are in a time for change, consciousness change, in which new ways of behavior, perception, knowledge, technology and spirituality manifest on earth and become popular.

The new generations in our world are not blind. They know why they are here for, and what they have to face.

Now they question is: will the old systhem let go?

We wish they will.



What do these 5 individuals talk about: A scientist, a politiscian, a religious man, a psychiatrist and a educator?

Lets listen to this dialog between all of them:


Scientist: this individual didnt follow 3 of the main laws of physics, he/she broke them completely, and we could not do anything to forbid that kind of behavior. What the new generations are doing in our world have to be controlled.!

Politician: yes, i understand your worries. If this kind of information spreed and more people start doing fantastic things, breaking all laws of physic and science and nature we know, then we will need religion to control them.

Scientist: why?

Politician: religious people have to call them a miracle, create a sect around them and in few years they wont be interested for the world any more.

Scientist: that is a very good social management strategy.

Politician: the state and religious groups have been working together in this way for generations. we are helping each other keep population under control.

Scientist: now, what can we do, they are now organizing themselves and creating networks. ? We have a suggestion too, we will create a new organization in charge of evaluating and aprooving scientifically all kind of new methods, behavior and tools development by using "what they call: human based technology", if science methods do not proove they are doing is what they say they do, they wont receive our recognition. Then it will be very easy for all institutions from the state and private ones to dont colaborate with them and stop the markets to give atention to them.

Politician: that is a very good strategy, but are you aware of their future reaction?
they already argument that science in modern times have not yet the necessary technology to proove that they are not right. Science can proove that according to present level of scientific knowledge and methods of study and technnology, their human based technology cannot be verified as real (according to definition of scientific reality, which means, science have no way to measure the effects or understand what they are really doing)
They are requesting that if science cannot proove they are wrong and cannot verify they are right, science should keep itself aside of their endevours.

Scientist: yes, we are aware of that. And it is true, we cannot proove they are wrong.
But if we create a law which say only scientific approved methods are alouded to be used, then we can close their companies and work.

Politician: yes, we are working on that law now. But which will be the result, what will they do as soon as we intent to force them do what we want.? we did study their behavior and they tend to dont  stop, they always find a way to go on. With this law we will force them to go underground, and their business will become ilegal. But we are aware not all of them are strong enough to do that. many will deal with us and choose to stay in the cities and aloud science to study them. The state have to have total control of those skills!

scientist: they will have two alternatives: 1. they can work  for science as objects of study, and if science do not find anything relevant, they will be sent to a psychiatric service and later on to a socialization service. we will reintegrate them to the standard systhem.   2 many of them wont accept that and will flee. The ones that have family, children or couples will be easy to control. We will take the rights over their children as the parents will be labeled as uncapable.

Politician: that is a verý good solution, medium term, in about 5 years we will have all ready for us to work in this field. Psychiatrist already defined a new collection of labels we can use at school and jobs. By all means it is imperative they get no access to the market, media, education or financial resources. they have to be stoped by all means.

Scientist. did you inform the religious authorities, do they agree?

Politician: yes, they do agree.

Scientist: perfect,, then we have already all solved

Politician: yes, i think so. Then we wont communicate in following 5 years. Wish you success in your work.

Scientist: yes, our network is ready. and we have already a list of those ones that will fall first. It will be a global action. We will give to all of them an example, they have no other possibilities than to follow us and become what we want them to become. The first 9 will be used next year as examples for the masses.

Politician: lets dont talk more. they probably noticed already.

Scientist: it doesnt matter. Thay cannot do anything about.

Politician: The better is we dont talk any more...

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