Battle in the Sky - Cloaked Aircraft, Sylphs, and Orgonite

I have recently viewed a "chemtrail" aircraft cloak itself and disappear. This technology is being used in the open during daylight hours in the capital of Canada, Ottawa. (Which lies on the Quebec border) It turned into a "mirage" consistency and blurred itself like "The Predator" beings from the so called movie series.

Though more recently , Ever since creating a supercharged orgonite that I keep within my living quarters, I have noticed Sylphs which tend to form from the North and dissipate chem-haze (or deadly orgone matter) to a clear blue sky, with a strange "magnetic" quality that literally pulls the white haze into a thin line that travels...

It is funny to see the adversary (Can anyone identify who is this faction?)  then proceed to try to patch up the newly cleansed sky with a quick (VERY high altitude) spray job, sometimes with multiple planes or a ongoing succession of them.

Can't wait to get a chembuster going and so far the orgonite seems to be doing great things.

If anyone could share in regards to - Cloaked Aircraft- Sylphs - or - orgonite. Please do sahre.

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Comment by Elijah's Daughter on May 16, 2011 at 1:39am
Oh so thats whats going on? Some say they are spraying chemicals in the air for what reason I dont understand. But cloaking is interesting, I think I'll do more research.
Comment by Boundless on May 9, 2011 at 8:47pm

Check out the orb in front of these two chems seems like some kind of cloaking technology... something really fishy going on here.......

Comment by AJ on May 8, 2011 at 4:37am

I see these here in Georgia at least once a week.  I thought I was tripping when I couldn't see it anymore, then about 10 min later it came across the sky again... 


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