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Anti Eugenics Rap - Open your eyes - Canadian Resistance

Hey check out this video my friend made. Share if you like, its a catchy tune!

Its good to use Art as a higher form of communication to resonate with eachother ! Resin ate!

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Hollywood Alert- Tricking the Mind - The Green Lantern

I recently saw the Green Lantern movie which seemed to operate quite similar to how I would expect the universe to run. The main theme of the movie was fear and will power. 


The major fault of the movie was that the chakra colors were misrepresented to lead the audiences  to switch the energies of the heart chakra with those of the solar plexus.


To be specific, the bad guys energy was represented as GOLD, and labeled as FEAR.


The Green Lanterns…


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Chembusting - PODs

So I built myself a chembuster... cost about 500 dollars in materials... But I just used it to clear a direct chem "fart" above my 'hood. Today the English Royal Prince william couple is in my city... I ensured to have it built for their arrival... Placing my hand on the resin this morning really gave off a lot of energy... - much more than my previous personal orgonite devices (P.O.D's)   (Made a gallon batch before) .- Anyone else building chembusters or PODs?>

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Battle in the Sky - Cloaked Aircraft, Sylphs, and Orgonite

I have recently viewed a "chemtrail" aircraft cloak itself and disappear. This technology is being used in the open during daylight hours in the capital of Canada, Ottawa. (Which lies on the Quebec border) It turned into a "mirage" consistency and blurred itself like "The Predator" beings from the so called movie series.

Though more recently , Ever since creating a supercharged orgonite that I keep within my living quarters, I have noticed Sylphs which tend to form from the North and… Continue

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Are you a stoner? - Sapphire

I had to make this post on behalf of the crystal kingdom. As the "third leg" to plant and animal kingdom, the timeless values of the crystal realm are truly inspiring.


When one comes across new ideas, or incorporates new states of being, these stages of growth may naturally bring about periods of restlessness, unbalance or even malaise.


When this happens, it is important to acknowledge these feelings as they will come to attention regardless of what other…


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Chakra vortex kundalini riding

So I made a good old crystal layout on a nice platter I found. Had to put them somewhere to unclutter the computer desk. (More like computer nest.)


When laying beside the crystal layout (resting in bed) .... I started with the heart chakra and alternatively, every other chakra started spinning one by one, each opposite to the other.  (Accordingly, Males heart chakra spins left and females heart chakra spins right, which each chakra above and below spinning in the opposite…


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Name this Bird?

Last night I decided to sleep with my Tanzanite in my palm. What a good decision. Vividly recalled my dreams and had some great insight.


Anyways I met a "shaman" man full of gems and beads etc. In an old theatre building that seemed mid 1940's ish. There were these huge egyptian looking birds that I happened to find a pretty similar type on google. Is there a name for this bird?

I am going to type out the link.... I wish I could paste links in here!!! (if anyone knows…


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Transformers Dark Side of the Moon Trailer.


They are showing us more and more... what is really on the dark side of the moon?


(Other than reptilian bases)

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Flying Girl in Russia - Caught on Tape . 


I read about this in the Chinese dissident paper that is published across Canada known as Epoch Times, the video looks legitimate.  I had to share this, even though It meant typing the URL into the box... for some reason cant copy paste links ...

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Code Breakers - Ottawa - Canada's Capital symbolism

The city of Ottawa is home to the Parliament of Canada, the logo of this city is 666 superimposed onto itself. Check it out . The area code for our city is 613 for telephones..... 

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"They Live" 1988 Reptilian Themed Movie

What a funny movie, what an eye opener, reptilians, portals, mass media mind control. Bon apetit!

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Connecting with the Mineral Kingdom - Crystals

Today I picked up some Unakite and some Tiger's Iron - Two unique stones, that I picked up in egg form from a local jewel shop for only 20 dollars.


I suggest people begin to explore the various gifts from the crystal- mineral kingdom. I have personally started with the ascension 12. And I am now beginning to broaden my horizons with a greater sensitivity to the various other gifts of nature. If anyone has questions? Stories or anything to contribute I think this thread would…


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Crystals - Scolecite - A team player

Today I had wonderful experiences with scolecite, expanding my network, meeting new individuals and truly feeling like I was "recruiting new teammates".

If you seek to attract like minded individuals that may advance groups, organizations etc. I suggest you give it a try!

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Good Vibrations

So I have quit drinking since the new moon in Scorpio that occurred last Saturday.

I have struggled with quitting alcohol as I have probably drank at least once a week since I was 17 or so.

Fear held me back up to this point, so I timed my cessation with an astrologically favourable time to quit.

Ever since then it has only been good vibes coming my way, with more time to use and experiment with my crystal collection.

Well to the main point of my… Continue

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New moon today Oct 7th 2:45 EST time zone

So its a new moon with libra aspect, apparently good time to strenghen relationships with others and accounting for the positive things they bring into our lives. Good day to make some positive affirmations as we enter the first new moon of the autumnal equinox... I plan to work hard during these (literally) dark times (for those entering winter and the lack of sunshine) ... So remember today is an excellent day to start something new especially as we enter into the fall/winter season!

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Frequencies touted by media as dangerous drug! - As always the mainstream media is quick to brainwash the people!

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