So I made a good old crystal layout on a nice platter I found. Had to put them somewhere to unclutter the computer desk. (More like computer nest.)


When laying beside the crystal layout (resting in bed) .... I started with the heart chakra and alternatively, every other chakra started spinning one by one, each opposite to the other.  (Accordingly, Males heart chakra spins left and females heart chakra spins right, which each chakra above and below spinning in the opposite direction of the heart, and so on.) It was quite the feeling having them all spinning in tune, like a well oiled machine. Plan to work on the OBE soon. Will advise on the "liftoff". (fought any type of separation, I would prefer to gain a solid feel for the chakra centres first.) Until  then, I will keep you all updated in my preparations on this blog.  As I am sure others will benefit from reading of this.

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Comment by Joeronimo on March 3, 2011 at 3:29pm

Ok to start I had the crown chakra spinning.  It was a little uncomfortable so I focused my intentions on the heart... as I did this the "flow" of activation went to the solar plexus and throat chakras almost at the same time... and onward (up and down) , like a chain reaction of all the chakras spinning. I felt this for about a half a minute. But then "stopped" it as it was pretty intense.  Though it was not "uncomfortable" it was the first time I felt the chakras in unison. and it is a very powerful feeling I just didn't want to go any further in case I was launched into another reality lol.... Gotta do my homework first before I go for that!

Comment by ZERO on March 2, 2011 at 11:39pm
i have joe thanks. but please explain when you started with the heart chakra. what exactly did you start? is this something you visualized or what?


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