Hollywood Alert- Tricking the Mind - The Green Lantern

I recently saw the Green Lantern movie which seemed to operate quite similar to how I would expect the universe to run. The main theme of the movie was fear and will power. 


The major fault of the movie was that the chakra colors were misrepresented to lead the audiences  to switch the energies of the heart chakra with those of the solar plexus.


To be specific, the bad guys energy was represented as GOLD, and labeled as FEAR.


The Green Lanterns energy was represented as yes, GREEN, labeled as WILL POWER.




What the movies teaches us is the opposite of the way things work! In reality:

-Gold being the seat of the will represented by the solar plexus is a very powerful defensive force against the "dark" forces.

-Green on the other hand, being poured out freely like the Green Lantern would be simply giving away your heart chakra energies and i'm not so sure if that would be the best defensive tactic.


Anyone else see this movie? Because I found it quite deceptive in this regard.

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Comment by brigid rose on July 8, 2011 at 4:05pm
I do agree with what you say about the chakras energy.


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