So I have quit drinking since the new moon in Scorpio that occurred last Saturday.

I have struggled with quitting alcohol as I have probably drank at least once a week since I was 17 or so.

Fear held me back up to this point, so I timed my cessation with an astrologically favourable time to quit.

Ever since then it has only been good vibes coming my way, with more time to use and experiment with my crystal collection.

Well to the main point of my story.

Today in my french class I did a presentation amongst a group on the topic of "Funding of medical research" of course this topic is quite a sinister one as we are all aware of the FDA and the greedy and psychopathic Big-Pharma industry (Better known as the Sick-Care industry).

Anyways. My point of view that I presented was natural healing, So I suggested that simple things that the human body does not produce, such as Vitamin C and the amino acid lysine may prevent disease through slowing down or reversing cellular deterioration.

People laughed and thought I was crazy... so when the questions and answer period came I decided to push the limits playfully. I proclaimed with humor "So you all laughed at the vitamin C , now I have something that WILL make you laugh again... and went on to explain how the body has an aura and unseen and unmeasurable electric field... etc. etc. and that this could be affected positively through the use of crystals. So someone asked well do you have any of these... and I did so I passed my Moldavite around and offered everyone a chance to "try" it... about one third of the people did admit to the sensations... while some did "call b*******" (or so they thought) I noticed that some fixed their gaze upon me (in a good way) as thought they couldn't fathom what they were hearing.

Long story short... when leaving class I walked away expecting most to think I was nuts... but one came to me after saying that she "got chills" when hearing what I said because she had heard about it from a friend before... and I basically made several friends by being brave enough to mention these topics in front of about 25 strangers.

Luckily my teacher felt the sensations and seemed very excited... encouraging others to try it!!! Actually telling them NO! NO! hes SERIOUS!! I FELT IT!! ahaha.... I just wanted to share that story and hopefully we can see more blog posts of some encouraging positive stories...

End Note: I will be sure to cleanse the crystal tonight as I understand that passing it around leaves it open to absorption of the energies of the others... But the syncronicities continued even as I rode on the bus home and did the same with a old classmate who I recognized from years ago.... his arm went numb holding it haha... so I didn't look crazy.. My confidence was boosted and I made some friends out of the deal .

The moral of my story is to face your fears... especially your addictions... as they will hold you back and these great opportunities outweigh that nice cold beer sooo much... I plan to quit for at least 3 weeks and a day ... 22 days to be exact.. I will go from there and perhaps enjoy a pint one day.... But to be honest today is the first day I saw the auras of my WHOLE class.... vaguely but what was the first time thing was the fact that I saw their "body auras" mostly shoulders etc.... and to me this was quite amazing.... As I typed this last line I had a nice ear "ring" affirming my connection to my higher self. I have never felt better!!!

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Comment by Denise La Roche on November 13, 2010 at 6:12pm
wholenes joeronimo. this is a wonderful expericnce. i have a daugther who has been plagued with drinking 4 a very long time. we recently cleansed our house with sage smudge and salt water. i got tigereyes stones 4 us 2 wear. she is having positive results so far. u were very brave, it is hard 2 deal with people, not expecting them 2 believe u. i always tell people 2 look up the info themselves. most think u r a conspiracy theory nut. i pray u r sucessful with the alcohol. it is a destroyer of souls!
Comment by Marcus Fields on November 12, 2010 at 9:59am
That is awesome that you quit drinking. I also quit two months ago. I woke up in a jail holding cell not know what the f***! The whole legal thing worked out just fine, however I was changed for life! I questioned EVERYTHING! I also knew then that, because of the energy work that I had done, that I would be targeted by dark "spirits" in bars if the opportunity presented itself. I had been drinking for over 8 hours that day and left myself susceptible to those forces. No protection whatsoever. Yet, it had to happen. I no longer have any desire to go to bars. I did have order a pint in a restaurant and only drank half-just didn't do what it used to. Musicians were asking me to play music and to join a band just before this happened. I was on the fence for I knew that it meant more time in bars. The event made my decision easy. I will only create music that will feed the higher self and I will only play in a natural setting like a community purpose groups or for my own pleasure or healing. There is a Kirtan drumming group that meets on occasion in my town. I am looking forward to putting my talents there. I have lost 20 lbs. and I feel and look great! Alcohol-no more!

I also applaud you for presenting the power of crystals to your classmates. It inspires me to keep offering the knowledge to others.
Comment by Ryan McShane on November 11, 2010 at 10:52pm
Well done brother. Show them this. Take Illuminati and spell it backwards in the browser and add a "www." and a ".com" to it, and tell me which website pops up. This my friend is irrefutable PROOF to convince ANYONE!


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