Dreams: End of the World or Natural Disasters.


    Ever since I was a child i had dreams about the end of the world. I was very religious when i was younger and I would dream about the Four Horsemen and the Titans coming up from the ground beneath us. Now that I am awake to the human experience my dreams have shifted to Aliens invading. These dreams are very vivid and i usually in a total panic state and i try to hide or get away from them. I always see many alien ships coming down and attacking homes and people with the rays, kind of like the rays from the movie war of the worlds. I know not to fear aliens but i do when im dreaming and I'm not sure why?  My dreams also have been premonitions: i had a dream of the tsunami and hurricane Katrina before it happened. I am not sure why I have been dreaming about the end of the world since childhood and now alien invasions and natural disasters. I would love some feedback from you guys, and maybe i can understand Why I have these dreams.


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Comment by Nawrin on May 27, 2011 at 6:56pm

To Quiet Riot Im not on any medication now or when i was a child, maybe the toxins that in the water and food. What I mean by stating that i was religious was based on the way i was brought up. I don't believe in those made up religions anymore and always knew deep inside that it was just a condition from the source that your talking about.


To Charley I think your very right about me being a sensitive, because I can also feel the mood, feelings and emotions that a person feels when they are standing close to me.


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