I've had very lucid dreams over the last couple of nights but I always wake up in the middle of them. The one I had last night, had me in a tall office-like building. I remember talking to a woman at the entrance and she gave me something before I walked thru the security gate. I don't know how, but I know had a mission to complete. I remember going a few floors up and using what she gave me (seemed to be a usb drive) to print out a document. Here I also met another female who assisted me on doing this without being noticed. Then I remember going down some very steep stairs and there was a blue cat like feminine being walking down in front of me. It stared at me but didn't speak. I didn't say anything either but I could feel a positive vibe as if it was there to assist me. Right after that I was woken up by a family member. I been trying to figure out what this means all day. Still no clue. Any feedback would be appreciated. I'm still new to this...

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