Letters By the Light of Night - Poem 2006

Hey Stranger,
Where's your anger?
To lay down your arms with an intent to harm none. What have you done,
Monkey with a tie, has the dye been cast?
Congratulations are in order,
For the fine jest manifest by your,
May I kindly inform, disorder.
A castigating sneer is my response.
Wake up, dammit, from your vain repose!
I will not beg, naturally against my ken.
Only. Just. Merely. I sweetly ask,
On loveliness we dine.
Blood, our wine.
Intoxicated by broken minds.
Bread the flesh from their heads.
Our hunger an insatiable void.
My monstrous monstrance.
It all makes logical sense!
This consummable consummation.
Now is the hour to feast on the beast. Eat.
Open your goddamn mouth!
Belied by my arrogance no further,
And with perfect manners,
Break bread with me, father.
Supplicating. Dear lord, begging!

I want to live.
My broken heart. Here. Please. Please. Please.

Your son, Consume.

Dear son, my Prodigy.
Within this story and beyond the clichés;
Indeed, outside your window exists a land.
Where glorified monkeys abound.
And by christ's holy foreskin,
A love I've found.
Twist of fate, one you hate.
Allow me to reiterate,
Monkeys see, monkeys doo caca.
Cause they wanna.
S*** happens. Everyday happenstance.
I've had my share. Missing you and the cellar, an alter creating terror. That dungeon and heavy handed bludgeon.
Cannot forget the sterile ward, piercing white light, surgeon of night.
Peace. I will not suffer you beg.
Feed off my vein and inner pain,
I am the man in your mirror.
I am your heartless voice, whimpering noise, numb joys.

Be. Live. You're here to stay. As you say.
Tis sooth our journey is never over.
While my path tranverses here and nether;
Yours remains perpetually enslaved, as rain to the weather.
May be a reason for your prison. Listen.
Your house, as a trap for a mouse, has become my playground.

Your Father, Sirius Joker.

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