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Join me you Host James "Sevan" Bomar for a full Quickening. This week I will expose the Ancient Alien Theory and the constant bombardment of ignorance, fear, and prejudice by the controllers to make all blind to the facts about other super sentient species inhabiting our Hypersphere and their continuos involvement with the metamorphosis of the Human Species. 

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I have gained once more the insight and courage necessary to blow the final cover off the entire false superstructure to make way for the new awake Planet. It is now clear the beginning of the new time dawns in the month of June around the 6th. See here , I am positive the entire structure of this particular Matrix is designed through the Phi and its fractals better known as the Pentagram, for better or worse. (See Meaning of the Pentalpha)

The Mayans and every other culture you can think of have always been watching the astrological actions and positions of Venus because Venus is in fact a parallel dimension of Earth or more simply put, next door. Of course you are aware of the Planetary alignment of 2012 however what they are not mentioning is of course you would look to when the Planets adjacent to you line up or make certain passages since that would be the final cue of when the "boarding" begins. This entrance of energy will not be limited to positive or negative but instead some type of catalyst in various areas based on the individuals universal connection. You will see some bite the dust and others soar to new levels of accomplishment never before reached by themselves.
The balance has always been important which is why you get the yin and yang sign as the oldest planetary symbol of Earth. This means when things go well here they are horrible in Universe B, when things are horrible in Universe B it goes well here. In addition most go to Universe B after death to wait for reentry. You also have access to Universe B directly through your sleep in which you can see lost loved ones, old friends, images of others, dead people, etc. This has been coined "through the looking glass". I tell you the truth Family this has always been known and there is a horrible atrocity coming to an end when people become aware of this and it begins to click. This then gives the person the ability to access Universe A and B fully conscious. This brings about the next level of human existence.
I ask everyone to take a look at the excerpts and images that I will be presenting over Livestream during the show. I am currently working on a huge dossier on this which will be a great part of the final cutting through. You will see the Tibetans referred to the Nagas as Lu which gives us the term Lucifer. This remarks to a group of super sentient Beings who came to our Planet from Venus and began seeding. They are also called Nephalim, Giants, etc due to the size of their Father who is proportioned to the size of the Planet it exists on, a much larger Planet than Earth.
These Beings also have a connection with Saturn as it has been also confirmed that Saturn was the Sun of that cycle before the "new Sun" moved in. This is also how we get Catholicism, Christianity, Buddism and all other Messiah based religions in which someone plays a mediator between the humans and "the Father". It is very clear this "Father" they speak of is Saturn also called by the Hindus Brahm, by the Catholics and Christians Jah, by the ancient Hebrews Yah - Yod - 10 - Alpha and Omega, etc. the list goes on and on. This Planet and its affiliates go under the Symbol of the Lion (Saturn), a Serpent (Venus), a Bird (The Sun), and a Ram (Mars) "Aries the Horned One".
Some may ask the question if these Energies are metaphorical or actually really alive, the answer is both. Because everything is chained or linked together just like a giant clock or Cronus (another name for Saturn) which gives us terms such as Chronography hence the title Father Time, Lord of the Cycles, Lord of the Rings or Orbits, this linking makes it difficult to pinpoint what is what unless you know ancient cosmogony which is riddled all over the Temples and Pyramids of Egypt, Ankhor Watt, Guatemala, etc. So here is how it works.
YHVH is known as the Ineffable Name of the Hebrews and every other culture has an exact equivalent in their native tongue. It mean (Y) The Father Yod which means 10 also called Tetractys IAO or Alpha and Omega which is what the 10 represents. (He') The First Mother, a womb, a door so the father can re-eneter the plane through the Mother or Matrix and come out again as (Vau) the Son, who will then come back again through the final (He') which is the Daughter or younger womb.
He' in hebrew in fact means 5 the number of the female or womb versus the backwards meaning in english which makes it mean male. It is not the masculine force causing all of this confusion Family it is rather something of a "nonsexual" force that does not like male or female as we know it. This is why many of these dark occult factions have a distorted often suppressed sexual persuasion within its adherents. If you really think about it the energy of passion that the Male has for the Female and vice versa drives this entire system, be it children, money, ambition, style, building, you name it. However the "nonsexual" energy cannot "charge" off of the passion between opposites desiring to reconnect, they remain bitter and callous constantly plotting the demise of the Devine Feminine and Sacred Masculine which will bring about the end to the male reincarnating on Earth altogether, so they foolishly think.
We never think about this but as Males we have to use the women to enter in to these planes so in effect they become doors in so many ways. There has never been a difference between a father or son just as there is no difference between a mother and a daughter it is only our false guidance which leads to ignorance that creates a falsely perceived  difference opening a pandoras box of confusion and total disconnection of logic known as division. We of course will have to talk about this in greater detail, of I have plenty of facts and text alone is doing me no justice.
Topics Discussed During the Show by Excerpt Title:
Ancient Deity and Saint Conversion - I will prove the Catholic church took all of the ancients Deities, changed them to Saints, and then reintroduced them with slight name changes. An action such as this would thoroughly disconnect everyone from the true actions and occurrences in history while they alone know the truth. In addition adding their own ancient vibrations such as AN, AK, and ON, they deify themselves.
Baal Bar Saturn - I will show the connection between the Baal of the Old Testament and Saturn who is known as Bar. I will show thoroughly how Saturn was the Sun to the ancient Hebrews hence the term Bar Mitzvah
Cogs of time Planetary Geometry - We will explore the rudimentary geometry or the wheels of time or Cronus embedded within our body as Chakras. This breaks down to pythagorean geometry, astronomy, processions, etc. in addition to our Universal connection.
Divide Deus Name of God - This will confirm the name of God has always meant (2) or dual hence the two faces to god "good and evil" and why god resides on a dual plane. Of course man and woman are in fact God and remain on this dimension as dual as ever.
Eighth Ray Ophites Sethites Ishtar - This will explain the 7 rays or Elohim that made man and their originator "the Eighth" who is Ishtar womb or portal of the ancient Universe. All those who are aware of this wear the 8 pointed star as their seal such as the Queen of England, Knights of Malta and the Kings of Ethiopia. "Solomon" son of David acquired this knowledge from Sheba, which means 7, of then Punt or Nubia home of the Naga when leaving Sumeria later becoming Dravidians the first Aryans or those that came from the air. Sumerians = Sum Aryans. This is what the Illuminati are aware of that makes them so "illuminated" or basically aware of something important that others are not.
Invisible College Meaning - I will explain how a vast network of Adepts and Oversouls communicate through psychic means across the Universe beyond death. Very simular to the Green Lantern movie however they are not all negative as perceived by most conspiracy theorist still yet to discover their true origins.
Khawan Sakus Month of Saturn - Again I will show how Saturn was once in the first position or Aries. Aleph, the first letter in ancient Hebrew also means Bull or Ox,the Horned One. This is also why Kings have Crowns which are symbolic of Horns. Even the Crown of "Thorns" was meant to represent the same thing.
Lu Lucipher Naga - I will uncover the Tibetans relationship with Lu and what Lu really is since so many are confused about the origins of Lucifer.
Meaning of Magus Maja Brahm - I will prove that MA-YA, the collaboration between Mother and Father "Mars and Saturn"  is in fact an illusion or projection from the higher beings in to the lower planes. Basically their thoughts made manifest. Through the looking glass is the correct term. This also shows the ability to manipulate your own existence is possible and those that achieved that were given the title Magus.
Naga Serpent Bird - You will see images of the Naga and learn why they are snake/bird/humanoid. The snake and the bird are evolutions of one another the snake of course being the former residing on the ground and the bird the later being ariel. Snakes lay eggs, birds lay eggs etc. In the hand you will notice the Shell which is of course Phi on spiral.
Pentagram Pentalpha Shackle Prison Ar - The final cutting through! The Pentagram known by the ancients as "The Ar Sign" is the key to all of this. It is what keeps us in and contains the knowledge of how to get out. Known as the Endless Knot many spend all of their life fearing the end but of course there is no end hence no death. Knowing this will allow us to keep going in our experience rather than being interrupted by perceived death to begin again elsewhere from scratch in the darkness of ignorance once more.
Planetary Harmonic Scales - You will see how it is all orchestrated just like an orchestra, we play the tones with our frequency and it determines our galactic position. This ancient knowledge led to the use of Mantras or words of power. These words evoke or invoke planetary energies. Everything connects and this is a very precise science of reenacted through chanting and church choir hymns.
Revelations Satur Satan Sobek - Further you will know why all the prophecies in the Book of Revelations are allegorical based on the Egyptian texts thus Christianity, as we already know, is a horrible plagiarisation from the Sumerian mystery tradition, however, it does not have the potency because it has been edited and used as a means of control rather then expansion through awareness of true history.
Sion Snake People - You will see how true Sionist such as those in the Priory of Sion were already aware of the worlds serpent origins and referred to themselves as The People of the Snake.
Jah Saturn Sevekh Ra Sobek - For the disbelievers I will show again irrefutable evidence that Jah, the god of the old testament has always been Saturn.
JHVH YHVH Baal Saturn - Yet more scriptural evidence that YHVH, JHVH, Baal, and many others all have a connection to Saturn thus making the Messiah the Son of Saturn which was always known.
Levi Javeh Moses Brazen Serpent - A final piece of evidence on why Moses was a Levite, Aaron was a Levite, and only Levites became the priests and knew the customs of their God and Father the Serpent. Solved
What ensues then after all of this is put in to play is Dra-Ma or Dragon Mother. People think the ancients energies are some old man sitting in the sky looking at us doing nothing more. It is nothing like that and the same thing we do here they do on a much more vast scale because we are all the same whether people can see that or not is our responsibility. Humanity must make it over this hump of hatred which creates low density and then they are guaranteed to fly.

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Comment by Ether-9 on May 7, 2012 at 10:03pm

I really enjoyed your last two shows ... for some reason "Words of power and alien languages" and "Aliens in Church" seem like episode one and episode two for me ... even though i have heard all of your shoes ...  your last show seemed to put things in line for me ... all of the readings and studies I have done are starting to all make sense and come together ... during your previous show i actually felt my presence of  self expanding as the dots were connecting ... I would just like to say wholeness and thank you for all the work you continue to do ... I appreciate it a great deal ... 

Comment by ProvidenceChild on May 6, 2012 at 10:12am

Anyone finding the connection hard going? Hoping the line sorts itself out as it does sound good...

Comment by White Knight on May 6, 2012 at 9:44am

Sending good vibration Sevan

Comment by Poeticneedlez on May 5, 2012 at 12:39pm

We're like the internal SGC


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