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this is a two hours film showing the insanity of the authority by this day

and after seeing this documentary, you will probably also thing as I do, GMO are not only food, also this special police, because none human being with feeling will act like they do, so they have them removed the heart and the brain to transform them to nasty wild beast who only execute order without thinking, they cant anymore so genetically manipulated, this is no brain washing anymore is much further, it is a genetic mutation.…


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The Cosmic Game in 3D radio interview


Sonia Barret The Cosmic Game in 3D


In the first hour of this interview, Sonia talks about tearing our

boundaries of the matrix and the mind apart. Sonia talks about going

beyond the structures and rules of our constructs. Part of being in this

game is learning to get beyond all restrictive programs. She says the

...brain will only show you…


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Meditation Experiences

Wholeness to everyone!

I wanted to get comments and thoughts from others in regards to meditiation experiences.  I know everyones experiences are different, but I am curious as to what you feel, encounter and/or experience, how was your growth....


Since I have been meditating, there is definitely a growing awareness on the inside.  Almost like an inner awareness or consciousness.  So this morning I was meditating and was finishing up with affirmations and I was being…


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Just came across this with a friend

Look at this video..It is very interesting no to mention the things being discussed...The intro in particular.. and also the different places and times it was taken... 

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I found an extract in my cabnit and looked it up on the machine this is what i found

Myrrh extract comes from the dried oleo gum resin of the Commiphora tree. The use of Myrrh extract dated back during the ancient times when it is being valued for its aromatic fragrance and health benefits as a wound dressing. Furthermore, the Egyptians had used myrrh as a principal ingredient in embalming mummies. Due to the latter fact, myrrh is being highly valued with similar weight with gold.…


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Hollow Earth Theory 3D HD Version



Hollow Earth Theory 3D HD Version…


Added by Charles Magus on April 19, 2011 at 5:21am — 3 Comments

Dark Bags under the eyes?

I do not know the proper translation of ojeras to English, suposedly it's like the title says.


Anyways, I've had since I was kid some people say it's genetic, other says it's bc of the diet, while other mentions they are bc of interrupted sleep cycles.  But I'm sure it has to be because of something wrong in the body and I'm wondering the opinion about it here at the resistance considering this place has a lot of knowledgable people concerning real optimum…


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"Spiritual Materialism" - Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche in conversation with Sandra Scales

Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche:

"What first comes to mind to speak about is my own spiritual materialism. I find that as I'm reading or reflecting upon the teachings and something becomes clear to me, I immediately want to rush out and teach it to others. Why is this? The answer disturbs me, because although I believe there is a certain amount of good…


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When your life make toou visit the Dark Realms

Last night I decided that I really needed to get away, since my planed relax and recharge trip got canceled, because my mother, in her stubbornness refused to listen and followed her own healing strategy, that near got her killed.  So she is in Hospital.


(Damn I know someone else that also don’t listen and damn near got himself killed, sigh.)


At least I have the common sense to know that you can’t drink certain medication together.  I rarely get more than a…


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childhood experience

As a child i would say, "who am i, why am i here?" I would say this until i went into a trance. During this trance i would feel like i was somehow on the outer shell of my body,not really aware of where i was. When i came back for about a minute or two i wouldnt know who i was. Can anyone tell me what was happening?

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who knew?

Im going through a lot now in my life.. I have for the first time discovered that for these many years i have lived on this planet the man i believed to be my father isnt. At this moment i dont know what i should feel.. sad? or liberation? I am now free to express myself with no quilt whatsoever .. no longer will i be living up to someones expectations of me.. This may be one of the biggest chapters in my life.. whatelse does this transitional time period have for me? I was forced to grow up…


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Hello Resistance Family,


I was having a conversation with a good friend  and she wanted to know how, when, what, and why, I don't believe Jesus is the son of GOD and I wasn't sure how to answer her because I'm not sure she is prepared for the answers I have for her. She believes in her heart and finds comforts in her beliefs, but she wants to know why I do not. How do I answer this question? How do I explain to people who are holding on to a belief system so strongly without…


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2012 - A Message of Hope + 2012 - The Revolution Has Begun Part II


 2012 - A Message of Hope


2012 - The Revolution Has Begun  Part II



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I am proud of these guys!  Well Done!!!



 A message from Men.



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When Spiritual power training go horribly wrong!


A while back I accessed a new ability.  So I decided it is time to go practice.  Reiz (a friend in the Physical that also train like me) is always ranting at me for not paying attention to how my abilities work.  I sighed, fine so maybe that is not such a bad idea after all.  Maybe I should let my abilities, just go, and not try so hard to suppress them.


Holy crap! That was something different.  I did not expect what happened!


On my spiritual body I…


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Origins : Unknown

Use : Not sure, but then I wear this in the spiritual realm, or while Astral Traveling. It causes anyone I meet to really start acting strange.

Note:  I have always gone where I please unchallenged.  Treated with respect, used to that, but when I started wearing this on Tuesday, I sensed something more than respect and a feeling of... of...

I don't know how to explain it.  It is like a king walking into a room.  Same feeling.

I have…


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Seeing Things!!

Hello reader of this blog!

Wellllll from the title i guess you know where this post is going. Recently i have been noticing lots of movements in my vision it reminds you of the way you see heat coming from a hot grill. These movements are wavy small dots or long lines that move around fast slow up and down quick and slow. Ive also noticed this movements in between power lines; in that particular situation it looked exactly like a hot grills heat.

Ive asked other people if they…


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