For the past 7years ive seen the number 217 each day of my life constantly why???

Still  confuses me....

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Comment by Kimberly Soul on April 19, 2011 at 3:17pm
Wow!! Mane Grateful for your insite...its funny i was just watching that show on the history channel need to watch it again,This number has really had a impact in my life it warns of danger or when something beneficial is occuring in my life.Something inside me told me to share it with my Resistance family and the answer is grately appreciated.
Comment by White Knight on April 18, 2011 at 7:12pm
for more information watch ancient aliens series on history channel
Comment by White Knight on April 18, 2011 at 7:12pm
its possibly that Leonardo was enlightened by aliens which is why his ideas were so ahead of his times, I mean the guy thought up tanks and heliocopters!
Comment by Jesse on April 18, 2011 at 6:42pm

Wazup Razue

Had this post in mind since the morning so decided to look up some stuff you might or might not have come across:

The reason why the Cley Hill figure includes a hexagon is because 19 units form a regular hexagon. This also true of the 9/11 Cube; the three slices colour 217 units, which also form a regular hexagon (figure 3).

The number 217 is also represented by the three WTC buildings that fell on 9/11: buildings 1, 2 and 7, which fell in the order 2, 1, 7. Why would the number 217 be highlighted in this way? Because it is the gematria of this momentous phrase:
Christ's Second Coming = 217
Astonishingly, this is also the gematria of the two crop circle locations!
Danebury Hill + Cley Hill = 217
The gematria of the first location also supports my hypothesis that this is linked to the 9/11 event, which was a symbolic crucifixion:
Danebury Hill = 131
Crucifixion = 131
I think the two hills may also have been chosen because in their prominence they represent the twin towers, which in their eschatological context represented the horns of the beast/duality. The twin towers simultaneously represented the two criminals crucified alongside Jesus, who is represented by the Pentagon, the five points of a pentagon/pentagram traditionally representing the five wounds Christ received during his passion. Note here that the gematria of "The Pentagon" is the cube of 5.
If you imagine the 9/11 Cube to be made from coloured glass spheres then shine a light through it, you obtain the 2D projection shown in figure 4. 

The colours split the number 217 into the gematria of each individual word in the above phrase.
Christ's = 96 = rhombii
Second = 60 = triangles
Coming = 61 = hexagon
Notice also how the internal Star of David represents the words "Second Coming" (figure5)....




The projection is a hexagon of 217 units with an internal hexagram of 121 units, itself containing a hexagon of 61 units. The number 217 is the value of the following momentous phrase:

Christ's Second Coming = 217

Incredibly, by counting the individual units in each of the three coloured zones we find that these three numbers are the ordinal values of the individual words in that phrase!

Christ's = 96 = units in outer rhombi
Second = 60 = units in outer triangles
Coming = 61 = units in inner hexagon

The internal Star of David symbolises Jesus Christ, through its instantly recognisable form, and his Second Coming, through gematria (figure 11).


Moreover 121 is the fifth hexagram in its series and the square of 11, five and 11 being the numbers encoded into the Pentagon and the twin towers! The stunning degree of coordination shown here between numerical values, geometric properties and symbolism is singularly appropriate for the message being conveyed and is a magnificent realisation of the potential of synchronicity to bring transcendent meaning into our lives....

Also; '217 is the key number of [Crowley's] Book of the Law. 217 is also the number of DBVRH, meaning 'a bee' which is the specific symbol of Sekhet, whose name means 'a bee.' Sekhet is another aspect of the god Set. There are eleven bees because eleven is the number of Magick and of the sephirah on the Tree of Life, called Daath, which is the 'Gateway' to the backside of the Tree and to the Gods...


217 Sigma-eta-theta, Seth; Star of Babalon (Scarlet Woman); Sirius; Deborah, "the Bee" (Sekhet, goddess of intoxication and sexual passion).


For example, here's how 217 is represented as 11011001 in binary:

...but ultimatly it all relates to what you decide to make of it.
Hoppe this helps yo,WBV.
Comment by White Knight on April 16, 2011 at 11:15pm

Hey Razure

I know this won't help your problem I wanted to add my two cent. I myself keep seeing 911 and 420 all the time. I have my beliefs of 911 and I celebrate 420 but I don't know if there is any link there...


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