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Shared Dreaming is REAL 2012 here we come! Party Party Party!

last night  something amazing happened to me and a friend of mine, we wanted to do a shared dreaming experiment!.i was just thinking about that movie inception and i was like lets see if we can do that here right from home!..We envisioned a pre selected place and had full details of the sourrounding property and the actual meet up site..i had him listen to a Brain sync Lucid dreaming cd while i just vizualised manually.. during my visualization i saw him standing in front of the store as if…


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The Builders Of The Bridge

First off WBV to all

I'm just gonna dive right into this I was just sitting and having a convo with one of my lil Bros while reading the Post Earlier today that Sevan sent Everyone. When all of a sudden I was just hit with some info straight from the portal itself and what I learned is that WE not only Sevan are Responsible for the Building of and the Gathering of Resources that are required to in fact Build this Bridge that will get us all to the higher state of being we are so…


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Operation Conflict Negation Round 3...Following the Bread Crumbs of Time..#TeamCounterClockwise

What if We started viewing time counter clockwise instead of clockwise..if so could it be possible to travel back in time and undo this whole big heap of a mess we made?, or will going/thinking Counter-Clockwise symbolize the act of you returning back home and back to Wholeness?


Some people might say things like "Dont do that!, it's COUNTER_PRODUCTIVE!"..you see even THEY/YOU/EGO-DUDES/US...WHEW! lol..  want you to Steer away from anything Counter because  Counter causes the…


Added by Kv_Three_O_Five on October 26, 2011 at 2:05pm — 2 Comments

Operation Conflict Negation Round 2- Heavens Getting a Little Bit Closer

Ok first of all Wholeness, Love And Forgiveness to us all Kv LOVES YOU! lol...and Welcome to another episode of "OCN ROUND 2"...Ok now today was rather interesting for Me/Us. Me and my Brothers and one of their friends were listing to the Audio book  "Disapesarance of the Universe by Gary Renard"..When my brother stopped and asked "If Nothing is Real Well How Come My Friend Grandmother just passed away? and we know for a fact that it's real because she isnt There Anymore!" "How Can heaven Be… Continue

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Operation Conflict Negation Round 1

okay i had been recently staying at my Moms house and Today i had noticed that the Kitchen was messy and some of it was actually mine but most of it wasn't now immediately i remembered my mom mentioning to me how good it makes her feel to wake up to her kitchen being clean and how it helps the day start out smooth for her because that'll be one less thing she would have to worry about doing for the early part of her day..Now after Hearing today's Show On… Continue

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KV's Astral Adventures

Ok world WBV to aLL today i'm wanted to share my astral travels with my resistance fam or just for anyone who's looking for more info on the Subject.. i have had quite a few Lucid dreams/OBE's that i've personally recorded i think i could start a mini series or something! lol,  because i swear thats what it feels like.. well first of all i would like everyone to check out this WEBSITE because it really helped me in my astral travels…

Added by Kv_Three_O_Five on September 19, 2011 at 1:18am — 4 Comments

Do You Have Your Cook Book

Ok So theres this Wise man And This Normal Man...The man walked up to the wise old man and said "Hey old man I sure am Hungry"the old wise man took a minute and said "Well go get you something to eat!"...He said "ok" then he left. Now its about 4 and half months later and The Wise Old Man is still at the same spot four months. The Same guy ended up coming, back but this time he looked a whole lot different it looked like he had lost alot of weight and just looked plain…


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The Elevator or The Stairs

Ok I had somewhat of an Epiphany about an hour ago. A lot of us are still trapped in this so called everlasting electronic mind maze and still don't know it. I came up with this elevator analogy that I think might make a lil sense to some of us out here who can relate . You have Mainly Two Types of People on this planet People who take the Elevator or People who take the Stairs, but on some off occasion you'll have somebody that's just says forget the whole elevators and stairs thing and just… Continue

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I Got My Wings Back

ok so i was listening to the show early today and Sevan was talkin about  eating wings and how "if youre trying to grow wings why would you eat em"..And that really hit home to me personally because i used to love to eat wings..but when i stopped and realised the depth of what has been happening to me ever since i began to eat them i could remember when i was younger i stayed with my grandmother, who had a healthier diet because she was Diabetic my dreams were peaceful. I remember having dreams… Continue

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Who Am I....I'm A Monk thats On A Mission..

ok i just ran my name through the anagram solver website http://homepage.ntlworld.com/adam.bozon/anagramsolver.htm ...and found out that i have the word Lama in my name. Now all my life for some strange reason (but now i know) I've been tryin to make it to Tibet.… Continue

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