Shared Dreaming is REAL 2012 here we come! Party Party Party!

last night  something amazing happened to me and a friend of mine, we wanted to do a shared dreaming experiment!.i was just thinking about that movie inception and i was like lets see if we can do that here right from home!..We envisioned a pre selected place and had full details of the sourrounding property and the actual meet up site..i had him listen to a Brain sync Lucid dreaming cd while i just vizualised manually.. during my visualization i saw him standing in front of the store as if he had been there awhile just waiting then i approached him and greeted him but at first i felt like he didnt see me but i definitly saw i immediately started our first lesson in the dream world and it was to show him that anything can be manifested here on this plane before the session took place i told him to keep his mind clear and that i was gonna control and set up the scene and he would just going along with the flow until i instruct him to try some things out..

  ok what i didnt know at the time was that he was in a fully lucid dream! I was just in a very Deep Meditative Visualization Session.I used the Pineal Trap Door Exit to enter his dream!. Now when we both woke up we described to each other the events of the dream and it was spot on. He didnt know that i was manifesting the scenarios though, but on side of the Fence he Clearly Knew! i saw what he was doing and was controlling the scenerey while he was participating in the Dream..the main focus of the dream was to introduce him to the lucid dreaming world and how just your thoughts is what creates the reality here but after we completed one lesson we both got side tracked and i went to another dream reality and he went on to further explore it was Amazing..Tonight Its gonaa Be Four of Us this time And we're Bringin the 2012 party to the Astral gonna leave the Tecnique and the Address to the New Years party Below Go to Google Maps to find the Building for the Visualization of the Shared Dream Whether you're fully lucid or just there in deep Meditation you are welcome to party!

Technique I used to Arrive at the Shared Dream Space!

Started off Laying on My back

arms to my side black self made sleeping mask for my eyes to block out any distracting light

Next took about 50 deep breaths from the diaphram while cycling the energy from the earth and the surrounding energy from the higher beings that surround my home (trees)..Now Each Breath inward I visualize and feel the energy rising from my feet all the way out throught the crown Chackra Slowly Activating each Chakra Both Hidden and Known on the way Up and out through the Crown. Each Exhalation Gets rid of any Negative blockages that might hinder your journey.

Next I immediately Focued my attention on my Third Eye in the center of my Forehead And Visualised a Trap Door. then Proceed To imagine my spirit body lifting and Slowly rising up and out through the trap door.

Now i find myself in a small wooden cabin type room then i walk out into what ever Destination i choose to make appear ie the Pre Determined Visualization Meet up Point.

Now You must remember to remain focused on the scene as you make your way to your destination, dont get caught up in side distractions keep your mind clear and Focused on where you want to go then Viola! you'll be there!.

So See u guys and gals Soon The Party is gonna be goin on all Night long So when you Lay down to go to sleep tonight or early tomorrow You are welcome to Join in at any time.

Ps: Try to Study and Visualize Every Aspects of the Pictures i have shown of the Location, this is where the party will be held, let your imaginations run wild and have Fun Resistance Style..Everyone is invited! Wholeness Balance and Love to You All and have a  Happy New Year!

location Costa Rica 

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Comment by Kv_Three_O_Five on January 8, 2012 at 6:33pm

Welcome Welcome Welcome @crystal I'm happy you decided to join the party your energy Is defintly felt and Welcomed. its been a lot going on this Past Week And Now its time that we Enjoy Our selves! This First week started off with a Crazy Bang so why not put our Third Eye to use by starting the party right out the Gates on A Different Dimension! the way since I have started the Visualization my third eye area has been tingling like crazy! And I'm definitely having better dream recall and I Just Had A Lucid Dream Last Night! I also followed my own advise and Listened to that Lucid Dreaming Track I uploaded and then within 10 to 15Mins after it was done I was Out of My Body and off to my explorations!..So I advise everyone to practice some sort of visualization technique because it really does Stimulates the Third Eye.
...Wholeness and Raised Positive Vibes To All!..Ps the More People we have working on the same focus The stronger the visualization will become SEE U ALL THERE

Comment by Crystal on January 8, 2012 at 5:41pm

 saw this post Kv when you started day one, will like to add in this group focus, considering the vibrant beauty of the i magi ings. see u all there no time, distance or space... lol :) downloaded the binural beats. cc

Comment by Kv_Three_O_Five on January 6, 2012 at 7:13pm

@white knight normal sleep is very important try to start off by getting as much normal sleep as possible try goin to bed around 930 or so but i personally find it hard to go to sleep that early so i try to make it to bed by at least 1100- you must get around 5hrs or normal sleep time first and whatever u do dont tired yourself out then try to attempt a Lucid Dream/OBE because more than likely you might fail due to the fact that your body has used up alot of Energy and Needs to Recoup, there's ways through meditation though to Raise your Energy Levels But try to Actually Build and Conserve Energy up until you go to sleep instead of the Opposite way Around and i think You'll Better Luck With Staying Awake When You Go Really Deep Into Your Meditation...Here's TheLucid Dreaming Mp3 that I used and On the First Listen That same Night i Had A lucid Dream and it was the same for 3 other people i let Listen to it..So try it out and Let Me Know

Comment by White Knight on January 5, 2012 at 12:04pm

@ Kv_Three_O_Five

That's the one thing that really puzzles me is controlling one's self to maintain a lucid sleep instead of going into a deep sleep. I find that sometimes I'm so exhausted I don't think my mind synchronous to the music thus I was wondering if there's a technique to increase mind awareness before going to sleep. Normally I visual a place that I have a strong connection too and then create a mantra that resonates with me. However there's been times where I've ended in the wrong place and it throws me off because I think its reality until things become so absurd I know its my kind of dream ( Willy Wonka wacky) or I look at my bracelet. I have a question thought, can someone lucid dream a place just by looking at google street view? That could be common ground people can meet on despite their location difference. Just a thought. And I appreciate the mp3, could use some experimenting. WBV

Comment by Joshua on January 5, 2012 at 8:24am

droppin in to DJ and dance with you all:) just getting cleared for take off here now ~*~

Comment by Kv_Three_O_Five on January 4, 2012 at 9:10pm

@white knight trust me its all coming together and it works! im finding out that as long as you stay committed and focused on the location u can literally just pop up there..but what i found thats interesting is that in one of the guys in our session just straight up fell asleep! lol i could actually hear him snoring a lil bit, but it didnt phase me and i continued on with the visualization. In my mind i was like ok 1 down lol.. but i still managed to kept my focus. Now at the same time that he was supposed to be sleeping i was actually talking to him at the party and he was in the pool and i said a joke and he started to laugh because im just soooo hilarious right? lol...but the interesting thing was that i simultaneouslly heard him in the Vizualization as well as in the Physical world, so right then and there i knew we were connected..but later on when they all woke up they couldnt remember what happened they all fell asleep during the session! lol. they only remembered what was happening our meet up point and then they all fell asleep, but they all had the feeling that they were having fun the whole night is what they told me. they're all just beginners right now though and are fairly new this whole lucid Visualization practice and so are alot of us but with determination and the proper guidance we'll all be very Proficient in all that we choose to Engage our higher energies into in no time. Oh and Doing these exercises also help with dream recall! well at least thats what i have been observing from my bro's its about 5 of us and since we've been doing our experiments they've been telling me about all of the dreams they have been having lately..oh i will also post this Lucid dreaming Mp3 up here also. So far everyone i know who have listened to this track before they went to bed had a lucid dream!

Comment by White Knight on January 4, 2012 at 3:21pm

@ Kv_Three O Five

You should definitely keep experimenting and documenting your results on the resistance. From earlier post you seem like a natural at the dream world so it would be great to see what you can accomplishment; maybe one day we can all come together in a dream ( fingers crossed).

I found the kundalini awakening track to be most helpful however after a feel of doing it I felt disconnected from my higher self. Since then I've been doing kundalini yoga to clear out any blockage and raising my energy levels and attempting to recycle them. Unfortunately this spirit of guidance has not come but even so my third eye chakra has been going off several times a day and has aided me in making prediction about the future. So I believe the yoga has strengthen that but I've learned recently that each chakra is either positive or negative. And I was a video Sevan put up on the power of chi and in another video the guy speaks about the third eye being the negative and the crown the positive. In order for him to use his chi power he must balance the two energy center and have the positive and negative attract to create healing abilities and so forth.

In addition I've found brainwave voyage series to be very helpful as they have certain series which contain high hertz. the source vibration series will literally make my face shake so hard my third eye crystal would fall off. please feel free to post or pm any ambiance music you find helpful as I'm always looking for expansion and I'll do the same

Comment by Kv_Three_O_Five on January 2, 2012 at 10:05pm

@ Sevan Yea Bro i can Feel It!

Comment by Sevan Bomar on January 2, 2012 at 4:26pm

2012....The Beginning is Near. 

Comment by Kv_Three_O_Five on January 1, 2012 at 6:56pm

Wow @ White Knight thats amazing! and your welcome,  i also just downloaded brainsync awakening your kundalini mp3 now and im going to try it out tonight...But as far as the Visualization Goes So far we've been at it for about 3 days in a row and everyday we've been having Shared Dreaming Connections. For example i was able to actually accurately describe what my lil bro had on when we met up at our pre deterined location..Now to me it was all like a Very Deep daydream that was actually happining! We're Goin in again tonight! 


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