First off WBV to all

I'm just gonna dive right into this I was just sitting and having a convo with one of my lil Bros while reading the Post Earlier today that Sevan sent Everyone. When all of a sudden I was just hit with some info straight from the portal itself and what I learned is that WE not only Sevan are Responsible for the Building of and the Gathering of Resources that are required to in fact Build this Bridge that will get us all to the higher state of being we are so Longing for. I was also given the reason why the Resistance isn't at A Milloion members too. It just so happens that only and certain amount of energy is needed for this project to be completed and and Its not a coincidence that all of the people involved on the Resistance site possess some sort of Special ability whether its Being an artist that can attract masses amount of energy from voice alone or whether your a Professor In college or Teacher or a Cop or a Correctional Officer who actually tries to correct the prisoners they're tasked to look over.. the list can go on with the different types of Beings that's associatee with this site...the Bottom line is We were selected to Be apart of this Great Mission and With the Amount of Positive Energy We Possess is All Need!

Now not only was I given this info, it also came along with Full Benefits and Paid Vacations for all of the Workers Involved ie the Resistance and Even those that are not apart of the resistance but are on the same exact path! Our Brothers and Sisters will Be There When We Need them the Most!

Some of the Benefits available as follows:

By being builders of the bridge we get the opportunity to get First Dibbs! Lol We crossed the finish line first and get to experience the Wonders of Higher Consciousness and Wholeness Before the Masses!, but we can't forget to come back and help usher in the rest of society because even we as builders cant experience the WHOLE experience without the WHOLE OF EXPERIENCE! (HUMANITY AS WHOLE)

Next benefits include: super human sensory awakening,psychic ability, Supreme Compassion, Telepathy, Increased Manifestation ability and much much more that I'm not even aware of but can some how fully comprehend the Magnitudes in which we will Evolve..
Ohhh and also the ability to Be completely Released from the dreaded Life and Death cycle!

So Cheers to all for it will be truly Beautiful Site...WBV Kv=Me=You=


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Comment by Kv_Three_O_Five on July 22, 2012 at 9:41pm

Wholeness to you all And Welcome Fellow Bridge Builders Of Universal Conciousness!

 Thanks Ladies for your input and Comments Im so happy to see so many of Us tunning "IN"! and Realizing Our true Selves and are Waking Up to our True Powerful Potential (somethin about those "P" Words :P.!..). I mean from Multiple Life time Realizations or From Just Plain Ole Realization itsel! I Can really feel and Sense the Expansion.. I've been here on What i call  the "BattleField" now for Quite Sometime now Dipping In an out of Conflict, and im Very Happy to Say that i Can Actually See a little green off into the Distance!. People are Either Starting to Wake up or Are sSimply Exiting the Building! lol, Giving us an even better chance to Prepare our newborns For a Promising Future!..Soooooo 

.Lets Continue to "Un-Pack"/Share the Knowledge/Solution So that The Bridge Can Remain Sturdy and Strong! And also make sure that the Guard Rails are nice and Secure for those "Not To Brainy Moments" we've all in countered! at One point or another in our Luckily we're all still here So i guess those Guard Rails Came in Handy after all!..

Mike is Gonna keep  giving you the Break Downs so that You Dont Get Confused on the Way Across! So Know that we Have Everything Covered!(Had to Shout you out Mike!)...:)

@ Slyvia its funny how you say"the blossoming of our consciousness"..Because the Other Day i Just picked up A pencil and some Random Crayons and Drew this...And the Whole Concept Behind it was Your mind Blossoming into a Higher 8 pointed Star Frequency (as opposed to the 5pointed star/pentagram frequency) with the  Ability to Create Mini Planets/Plants Of your Own..Through the Rising/Raisng of the Kundalini Energy Symbolized in yellow! 


Comment by Sylvia on July 22, 2012 at 7:11pm

Yes Kv, yes we are whole, each of us has the gifts we need and together we are the bridge as we honor our inner guidance and benefit from our connection to SOURCE. Any one of us can create a whole new universe if it comes to that but ALL THAT IS is interactive... we're all connected and immortal, it just keeps on getting better as we all blossom in consciousness... this is the age we are already in, the blossoming of our consciousness... there is a stella in La Venta in Vera Cruz that says, "All the beings of the Earth are Flowers, all different but Creator understands us all." told to me by Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, Grand Elder of the Continental Council of Elders & Spiritual Guides of the Americas, Head of the Seven Mayan Nations

Keep shinin Brother

Comment by REG,Fn. Howard on July 22, 2012 at 1:06pm

I was looking at the illuminati MATRIX video and right in the beginning where there was just proton and neutron. Then the benders and bringers of light came, or those that would name themselves god and at our expense. I noticed something as the deviants were encircling the nucleus with their electricity it looked very much like planetary gravity simulation or orbit of some sort. At an angle in the beginning of the video I could see how the balance could go either way, up or down, or in or out.

Some say that the Mayans intrepid a major catastrophe, consisting of the lower worlds levels. Others say that the catastrophe will be and outer space phenomena consisting of a black hole.

What I see when proton and neutron are being encased by the energy is what some of us speak of as a strong opportunity to store our own energy and in doing so we can achieve the  beginning  of the breaking down of the entire matrix. It looks to me that if that is the case and this toggle war is.….Then on that angel one side could very well, be sucked into the underworld. Or in the other direction into the unknown where we would have evolved be for the interruption of our evolution. If that is the case I understand the urgency on behalf of other stellar life forms assisting in the awaking. Who knows how long they have been longing for us to come home, for us all to be completely free.

I agree with the accountability you have spoken of. If people are waiting around for one individual or particular group to save them I wish them well but I do think that type of thinking keeps us prisoners. Prisoners who wait for someone else’s reality to become strong enough to carry our weight we do this out of fear. In doing so we can feel victimize, betrayed or even just let down. Our chosen savior (Box) left to hold the bag. We have no freedom no accountability.

I believe I have been through that cycle so many times on my own from different views until something derailed me from the cycle. I along with others defiantly choose not to repeat that negative vibrations. I’ve noticed that accountability has been the overall them lately Accountability is freedom and Mikes right look at all the cook perks we get to utilize.


Comment by Kv_Three_O_Five on December 15, 2011 at 7:40am

LOL @ MIKE you're right on that one! we've been in training now for a couple of years now and for some only a couple months, but the bridge IS Being Constructed and Just like Contractors we can choose to File tax or not!..theres no i-9 forms or W-10 or W-2's just freedom to cash in! lol...and @tyrone its my pleasure bro Stay Tuned!

Comment by Tyrone on December 10, 2011 at 2:23pm

 this sounds awesome. thanks for sharing, take care as always 



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