Operation Conflict Negation Round 3...Following the Bread Crumbs of Time..#TeamCounterClockwise

What if We started viewing time counter clockwise instead of clockwise..if so could it be possible to travel back in time and undo this whole big heap of a mess we made?, or will going/thinking Counter-Clockwise symbolize the act of you returning back home and back to Wholeness?


Some people might say things like "Dont do that!, it's COUNTER_PRODUCTIVE!"..you see even THEY/YOU/EGO-DUDES/US...WHEW! lol..  want you to Steer away from anything Counter because  Counter causes the Mind to break loose and if the Mind breaks loose and returns Home you will no longer be useful to them because you'll be free..Free to them means no more Production(Energy production) ie Counter-Productive!.So you can SEE why we live in a world ruled by Clockwise.Clockwise makes things Tighter thus requiring Energy and Will(US..yeah you TOO!), and just like the phrase "Righty Tighty Lefty Loosey" if you wanna Bolt/Pen somethin Down you Tighten it by going Clockwise if You want to Loosen something up/Return you Unscrew or Go Counter clockwise..If We Wanna Get Out of this illusion We gotta go Counter not Clockwise.

Sort of like going back up that spiraling staircase instead of spirialing down like in the Tarot Deck Sevan was talking about where the MasonicFoolCard0_Resistance2010.png was showing a guy walking down this endless spiral going through these different doors ultimately leading him to nowhere but further away from home and closer to conflict and false reality. ...But then Something Suddenly hit me...Is Time itself our breadcrumbs that we left to assist us in returning home? Was Time Invented So that just in case we lost our way all we had to do was go back/Counterclockwise in our thinking like the way we're told to go back and Forgive yourself and everyone you may have a conflict with in order to clear out your Karma and Proceed on In your life/Lives? Was time Put in place so you can have a reference point to go back to in order to collect Ourselves...also if you go counter clockwise you're inturn adjusting your angle in life..remember we're trying to achevie The Right Angle in Life No Straight lines..Straight line=conflict..right angle has no conflict You're Back at ONE!...Wholenss Love and Balanced Vibrations to All... 

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Comment by Miguel on October 26, 2011 at 7:19pm
Hmm, I wouldn't be much going against it '' counter-clockwise'' would be the same opposite way You'll be just undoing doors. Instead, I would rather don't think about it. Or get out of that cycle. Anyways, that's a good idea you brought up. Keep on those high vibrations.
Comment by Poeticneedlez on October 26, 2011 at 3:51pm
Nice Post brother.. "Clockwise" lol funny wurd.. The wisdom of the clock is the control of the mind.. The concept of time creates the illusion of past and future.. The digitalized inorganic version of cause/effect;Action/Reaction; Ignorance/wisdom .. Difficult to learn growth from a lifeless continuum littered with misleading archetypes and frames. To go against the clock would be to break ones chains.


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