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For many diffrent reasons I found layering and staking assorted ascension techniques useful in maintaining more of a balance.

I found Layering your skills using various movements, and mediation while remaining in dance helps produce expansion. Layering and then stacking skills into a dance form can put you into a meditative state called flow. This is always experimental for me. I’d like to think, as they say, “fresh off the cuff”. Its sweat because I instinctively listen to my body and do things it says. I feel it should be no- orchestrated when building the trust of the elements and self. You’ll find it difficult to succeed any another way regardless. In the beginning I often tried out movements without the fore knowledge of their validity or usefulness. This is most often scrutinized so I learned to find joy from gathering intel from the synchronicity; knowing its in that moment when the truth is confirmed with research data I or many of us come across regarding movements used in this kind of energy healing thing. My goal initially was to handle the large amount of energy I had flowing into my body. We are not all manifested the same design some of us have difficulty handling energy at times especially in the summer due to the massive amount of input I receive from outside world and people around me, while others struggle in different areas. In meditative dance I found that the my mind you can create a space where the body can rest and regenerate. That’s a fact. The mind can then slowdown healing itself; building new connections in the brain.

I love enjoy movement and although I had not intended this to happen while taking this approach of dance I became increasingly aware of our ability to paint pictures with our own idea of movement, meditation, and sound as a more than self-expression and communication with earth while dancing. I began to have thoughts of how the matrix has been using movement in various ways against us people by either restricting it or showing or encouraging and showing more negative provoking kinds of movement. It makes sense to me as a gift during mediation I saw this and it gave me reason to proclaim some living space. It’s spiritual warfare, proven not only in my mind, but in the matrix as well. The dance brings it all this together somehow. I saw and felt what it was like while dancing what this kind of movement was supposed to be intended for when in its beautiful pure state.

Dance is part of the divine female principle. I believe dance was once complete. Like the example of the master seed. For instance, all things came from one seed; As in there was once one master bird that we now see as various other kinds of birds now spread out on the evolutionary scale. Likewise, that’s equivalent of what happened to dance. That’s an example of what we see now regarding dance in our societies. Over time it has been diluted and morphed into a version that has been trickled down, separated, and then all foreknowledge poisoned as to its real abilities over the centuries. Using the healing dance helps gain confidence needed and you find out that in time mysteries unlocked by the very things you’ve learned to incorporate into the dance its self when in flow. This is giving us a more multi directional look into this whole journey into the pursuit of knowledge that we are all in together. One result is that before in the matrix I was more timid.

I found myself always in a mental state feeling somehow awkward and forever bending myself to fit into other peoples perceptions and spaces around me to be in reality, but whenever I incorporate the dance, I’m in a sense of bending their reality into my space making it in my mind ours by honoring this journey in the light of day. I find everting we do is a dance as we interact with others. We can do the tango, tap, or waltz. I think I found another way for us all to get off the board for a while and sing our own tune by making our own dance. The proof of that for me is, now instead of cowering fighting to make myself really small inside to fit in with people, instead go big inside. I carry the reflection of all as a glow. The same kind of people that would isolate me are the same people asking me all kinds of things about health, healing, and meditation now. The positively are curious, as I now get questions regarding my life style, workout, or beliefs. Its good not to bring the kinds of emotional baggage with me I know we are all capable when I go around others. I’m for betterment not perfection. That makes me happier now. To give them information on the go if it will help them. Now I’m about me and us not them I don’t see things so negatively. Nothing is personal it’s just business in the matrix. I’m just representing the alternative future. I do my own yoga or workout routine in public more often in spaces when it suits me.

Spending time always focusing on tuning out all negativity, the spirit of ego and competition, yet respectfully claiming my space as I live in the city. I call it our space when I think of it in my mind tuning out all negativity, not being ashamed of being different. I try only to show a spirit of celebration which changes life for better concentrating on healing my space with those thoughts. Mind you own business only thinking of self. Just concentrate on what I am doing practicing the mindful thinking technique. We are naturally become positive testimonies when we maintain some kind of consistent positive energy incorporated in our balance. I also learned what negative signs to look for like wanting to be perfect or needing to be better than everyone else around instead you instead of sharing as a co-writers of the experience. Something is always not cohesive with that kind of attitude its a Shure sign something is not balanced to the all is self-frequencies. Learning to see and trust your own internal gauge while doing meditative dancing pushes you, demanding your proclaimed expansion. I find it can do all this while painting a multi-dimensional picture of the experience in the mind using various movement and sound. It creates a space that says I’m not afraid to be and I appreciate who I am while being right now. Above all it feels great and builds more confidence over time.

Learn to not be shy and claim space by finding a spot at the park, beach, backyard, patio, or porch; just dance alone. Find a private spot or semi-private spot. To set my intentions visuals work well then layer what you want and use when you dance. For instance visualize knowing that you’re not there for glamor or sensationalism; you just need a comfortable space to grow and this is important to you. One can take it a step further adding on Information you know such as; if you spend up to 15 minutes a day viewing or listening to nature sounds it can decrees stress improving ones overall health just that alone has healing aspects. You can even use the job of tuning out the people while in movement its own meditation.
You can then layer things adding drums or sounds with base, or other frequency’s. They all induce different feelings Such as flutes, having the ability to be hypnotic or violins are prone to making one feel more vibrant. I found beginning to knowhow the practical application for frequency is also important. For instance the drums are greatly tuned into the root chakra; and can put one in a trance state. The drums are known as one of earth’s natural healing vibrations, one of the biggest reasons why shaman, medicine men and healers add some sort of chanting with the drum during ceremonies; to claim sacred space. Even the Buddhist are known to use low vibrating frequency’s during meditations made with their voices kind of how one does the mantra.

Add some movement and that will give you more range and depth to meaningfully express yourself. Stack and layer but remember to only challenge yourself as you inner talk with your surroundings. Such as the way the air feels on your skin or the way the sky moves and environmental sounds you can fix easily on. Learn to feel the clothing on your body when you move. Stack to this your yoga movements. Then add your in some Tai Chi, or belly dance moves that you’ve been learning. Switch back and forth while alternating in between the different things you’ve learned. Figure out what movements or combinations allow you to feel confident, tranquil, and grounded. you’ll know when the enable you to claim the space you’re in. As you develop you’ll realize you can do this no matter who happens to be watching while you’re in a meditative state. I’ve learned this is a powerful positive personal statement when this happens. As well as very useful in my inner-standing of ascension regarding looking for practical application from the technique. This brings it all together for me plus the important thing is here wherever pick to be just get the body moving and start, think of mediation and Go deeper into the meaning of the dance layering and staking more of what you learned. Make it count be daring.

Now of course with all that layering your bound to heal something especially with the right diet. But that’s beside the point. It takes a humbling spirit that’s dedicated to all this learning, so why not show our belief and celebrate. Do yourself and the knowhow justice by incorporation all the different things your know how in a creative way by putting it into a dance. It’s a way to discharge negative energy while simultaneously replacing it storing only positive energy into the body. Communicate with what you know by feeling free to lose inhibitions and cycling it through the body in a dance. The deeper reasoning behind this makes it your assertion space maker tool. The better you naturally get and the more you can trust reality to hold your communication with the universal energies in a positive way. The no talking and movement can serve as a guide for many things. I have often slipped into and astral travel while in this state. I like it because during meditation there are no tricky, guilty, crazy, words to guess about all are forbidden. Think of pictures of nature, colors like green red, yellow, black etc. Think of sacred geometry. Visualizing patterns and things like flowers and fractals in your mind while you move the body when you think. Add mantra, mudra, or reflexology. Use only the music and sounds you find relaxing and inspiring. Its important not use music that has tones and vibrations to it that put the body and mind thing what you consider negative or at unease.

For the healing part of your dance add visualization. Began to visualize a white light turning bright, glimmering with gold on the outside in the shape of an eye. It turns upside down now. As it moves downward it penetrates into the color white making a band expanding. Then the golden white light turns into the fuchsia colored charka above the third eye. It’s refreshing! Cleansing healing light given to you by your ancestors from across the timelines. Imagine this is the space where everything is allowed to be achieved. This space is pure and whole so there is no lack. Getting wholeness is easy from in this place of tranquility. This place is medicine so it feels good. You free to dance here there is no competition in this place of your mind. Then layer again with deep body breathing; now use movement and visualization. Merge it down into the purple color in your third eye pushing out the toxins and negative energy cleaning it with the light which is bring it to source to be cleansed of all negativity. Take all the negative energy and place it inside of a box and then lock it up tight. There is no lie here, in the body once the golden white light eliminates each color; everything negative has now lessened. Let the with golden light now drip downward and melt into the heart knowing saying the same kinds of things in your mind and in your heart.

When you let go you can feel your dance for that moment in time. It’s just you in there at one with the creator. You are now the creator creating the dance in flow. Then turning to the third eye color purple let the light penetrate you in a good way. Remember its pure, renewing and cleansing. You want it to clean all the toxins out of the body as you will it to guide the golden light across the body from head to toe Using the chakra color nine color spectrum from white to black as positions in the body a for divine healing. You can dance outside, or pick your favorite spot around the house, add some hemispheric or isotonic sounds and music. Learn to create and claim your environment. Be serious about your meditation but have fun with the dance and movement part. Get into the flow with the light now going down in to each chakra feeling good. Thinking of each color as you move the golden light around the body parts while releasing all of the negative energy out of the body. If you feel something don’t be afraid to listen to the body and give it a jiggle, wiggle touch or tap. Whatever, you feel inspired to do during this time do it in a releasing way. Claiming your space to heal inside and showing all creation how happy you are to just be here.

Regardless I truly enjoy this meditation style and see others instinctively trying things I look forward to seeing how we embark on expanding this ascension technique more in the near future. Wholeness and well balance vibrations as I share in this the teacher is the student and the student the teacher platform. All is self!

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At 11:42pm on October 30, 2014, Jennevieve said…

Hi back to you Reg......WBV....

At 5:53pm on January 25, 2014, jana said…

Hello Regina :) Yes this is the same 'jana.' It was very nice to meet you. What an amazing and strong energy you are. Like your page was jammin to the music. Have a wonderful day!

At 1:15am on December 30, 2013, KFive said…

Sistah Regina, Wholeness.

A ride indeed ;)  As the great comedian/realist Bill Hicks said regarding life..."It's just a ride".

So you're busy and and life is good, good to hear!!  Natural remedies for aches and pains you ask...

Aches and pains are interesting as it's your bodies way of getting your attention so you focus on could be a spiritual/ethereal way of getting your attention also...interpretation is key here.

Example...forward head posture leads to tense shoulders/neck.  Tight through the chest and into the biceps/forearms.  That's the physical viewpoint now the spiritual interpretation could be "the weight of the world on your shoulders".  Depression, low self esteem etc...

Do you see what I'm saying Regina?

I don't know what areas you're aching in but if you spend some time when you get some ;) and get back to basics with the body.  Feel it, cycle energy through it by using your mind and focusing on that particular part of the body.

Cell Salts is an option also.  Very interesting topic and one I have been dabbing into.  I have not been ill for 2 years, I've not had a cold/flu for what seems like ages.  I contribute this to listening to my body and applying the principles behind Cell Salts.

If you're interested in this here is the link...

Anyway Regina, Stay Safe, Stay True, Stay You!

Wholeness and Balanced Vibrations to you and your family/friends.


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