Sacred Sounds and Music


Sacred Sounds and Music

Everything is Vibration; All that exists Vibrates. 

All Atoms, Electrons, Protons, Adams and Eves, all Matter Vibrates. Vibe R8s; The rates of vibration are key to understanding what is holding you and me back, or forward; in the future or the past, stopping us from enjoying the blessings of the present moment: Now.

The Sacred Cymatic Patterns which create the shells which all life resides within: 

^ as seen in this turtle shell.

"In the beginning was the word And the word was with 'God' And the word WAS 'God' "

So the saying goes. And now it has been proven true. So what are we going to do?

This group is dedicated to investigating and utilizing Sounds and the musical talent we have present here at the resistance, for beneficial purposes and our combined ascension. 

Techniques for healing, quickening, loosening, tightening, generally resonating at the particular place which will be most conducive to your balance and continued development, are listed here, as well as the interdisciplinary cross-sections of music, poetry, mc'ing, improvisation, sound, geometry, maths, physics and the spirit. 

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Deeper understanding of sounds for better music 9 Replies

Wholeness brothers and sisters, first off I want to introduce myself. My name is Will Badie but musically I go by the name of Cyte. I consider myself a hip hop lyricist. I feel like I have to differentiate between a lyricist and a regular rapper…Continue

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Questions as to where bands derive there names and lyrics and deeper messages and or hidden symbology 2 Replies

Wholeness and balance everyone! My question is about the message and the deeper meaning of names,lyrics, and symbols of bands with sort of"cult" followings such as Wu-tang Clan or The Grateful Dead? Anyone that can elaborate with whatever insight…Continue

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Boosting frequency with esoteric music and visionary art

For your viewing and hearing pleasure, this is an audio-visual mix I did for whenever we feel the need for a boost in our frequency. I hope the parts involved won't mind since there is no other intention besides taking the body, mind and spirit on a…Continue

Started by Ahein Aug 28, 2014.

To The Resistance

I want to dedicate this work to The Resistance. A Track I've been on for about 8 months with some breaks. It has the story of my life in it since the primordials to seeing multiple universes where things fall and from dust a new one starts existing.…Continue

Started by Ahein Jun 12, 2014.

Shamanism and the Transformative Power of Drum Meditation

“Shamanism is not a religion. It’s a method. And when this method is practiced with humility, reverence and self-discipline, the shaman’s path can become a way of life.” – Hank WesselmanThe wise make one lifetime into many; the many make one…Continue

Started by Tettrah Mar 5, 2014.

Collections of music to up lift and help shift... post yours here! 24 Replies

While I do have a lot of plans and Things on my mind for this group,I thought it would also be nice to just compile and post music that makes you feel the most,alive and... drives you to here, let me begin posting some Musicians and…Continue

Tags: Craft, Draft, Raft, ArCHItecture, Art

Started by Samuel Adam Alder. Last reply by flYonlion eYezonzion Jul 21, 2013.

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Comment by Samuel Adam Alder on June 6, 2019 at 3:06am

Wholeness everyone!

We're still alive and kicking
The Bass drum and High Magician's Hat.

Looking forward to connecting and working together soon.

Comment by David Wilson on April 26, 2015 at 6:45pm
Wholeness family wasn't sure where to post this but for this interested in Hip Hop I have to share this one from Canibus. Been a fan of his forever and he has always been on this path even though I never knew when I was younger.. He was my first "Guru". Not for everyone I understand but some may vibe with it
Comment by Ángelo on March 30, 2015 at 3:44pm

Wholeness everyone! I am looking to expand my abilities as a Musician/Audio Engineer/Producer & my participation as part of the Resistance family.  I am always content with sharing & exchanging resources as part of the group, but I am looking to make a serious proposal. Can anyone point me in the right direction (or person, per se)?

Comment by Luis Cruz-Rivera on January 1, 2015 at 7:42pm
Greetings and wholeness to my fellow music lovers I would just like to take this opportunity to some suggestions on songs and artists who you listen to please and thank you any input will be welcomed and honoured
Comment by Samuel Adam Alder on December 4, 2014 at 4:03pm

Hi everyone and welcome to the new members,

here are a few hour long songs which can be used to assist with meditation and healing / whole ing endeavours :) "Reiki Music - Merlin's magic"

Comment by Samuel Adam Alder on October 20, 2014 at 4:18pm

I was inspired to write this:

A Fractal, a fraction of the all,
standing tall i heed the call,
I set my mind to it, I commit,
Comm-it-ment, My mind serves me,
I am IT,

The it that powers this,
The it that is not it,
The it that is it,
The it... I AM, more than it, more than can be de-scribed...
Moment by moment, I must be revived...

I AM more, and I arise: I remember who I am, without a sigh,
I see it in the patterns: Spirit shapes geometry,
Life writhes in matter, I Re-Member;
I have always been, but I cannot truly be seen,
my face is a mask my life is a task.

Consciousness is always answered,
Mirroring itself, finding out how to see,
going blind is easy, trust me; balancing light and dark, smoke and sparks,
even when your eyes are open, sometimes you still,
just, do not truly see.

Living now, Living again, minute after minute. day after day,
month after months years after years,
Life after life, tear after tear, we are tear drops in god's ocean,
INfinite emotion;
Energy in motion.

Melancholy, ecstatic, overjoyed, erratic, love,
descending, ascending, always and never enough...
Life after life, and it's never enough.
We get high on the moment,
and then comes momentum...

Experiencing ourselves, through one another, only when you let go,
can you truly flow, and feel yourself held in the arms,
hearts minds and souls, of another, an other, you,
u, double u, W-W-W-We, held in the arms hearts mind and souls,
of yourself, when will you learn to stop doubting and hating fate?

You are writing your own story, and it's never too late,
to sail through the gate, to change your fate,
to start to enjoy, plots twists and ploys,
to capture your attention, and not to mention,
relationships, sailing on this ocean...

And now, I shed my skin, And grow again,
The snake resting within ascends,
To meet the wings of the mind and combine,
to do what neither can alone, to
Live and to fly... How do I know I'm living, if I'm not giving Life my all?

Putting in my effort? Risking a fall? Going for it, going for it all...
Some call it arrogance, some call it shame,
I call it daring to live life, and life is a game:
I am a player, and a dragon rider, not a slayer,
because you see I am the dragon, the winged serpent,

My spine is the serpent, and my mind the wings,
Life has given me all of these amazingly good things,
The Zodiac's wheels turn inside, 12 and 13, numerologically, transcending logics bindings, Revolution, evolution, churning away, all the time, all of the stars and planets are inside me... I'm tuning them up, becoming increasingly well timed.

My heart beats, and beats, and beats to the beat,
The cosmic clockwork knows no defeat, infinite intelligence repeats and yet,
doesn't repeat, nothing repeats, the day may look the same but look,
for the subtle differences and see,
This vast life, and go, leap...jump, run, run, fly.

Comment by Samuel Adam Alder on April 16, 2014 at 6:49am

Comment by Samuel Adam Alder on April 10, 2014 at 3:50am

Compiling some resources here,

"The price the God's exact for this Gift of Song is that we become what we sing." Pythagoras

Lots of articles on the whole 528 / Tuning frequency Issue!

Also, Dan Winter's heart tuner, wouldn't this be a great tool for musicians? :)

just a quick google returns a lot of promising results, for instance: 

"Your body runs on electricity. In Asia we call this electrical energy Qi. When one is healthy, Qi is formless in the body. The energy particles move fast like molecules of water in water vapour. But Qi can slow down and precipitate into denser matter. It first becomes clairvoyantly cloudy, then unlike water that changes to slush, Qi can precipitate into mucous and phlegm, which later can solidify like slush to ice, into  tumours, cysts and bone spurs. 
     All matter is made of energy wave signatures which respond to resonant frequencies. Think of how an opera singer can break glass with her voice, or how kidney stones can be broken up using sound waves. Radio frequencies can vibrate disease organisms so strongly that their cell walls break open (see Rife Frequency Technologies). Quantum Sound Therapy can allow the energy field, low energy cells and tissues to receive energy from the unified field, thus de-densifying form to formlessness (as ice melts and evaporates to formlessness) in the body and thus allowing the Qi to flow again unhindered. 
Here is an interesting video I found on You Tube of  4 Zhineng Qi Gong Teachers using energy and sound to de-manifest a bladder tumor. The Ultrasound shows the de-manifestation of the tumor in 90 seconds of real time......" here is the video mentioned: 

Comment by seedguardian on March 8, 2014 at 1:32pm

sharing another favorite meditative musical session for you all...

Comment by jun perez on January 22, 2014 at 9:41pm

hey guys,

whatever that music is let's just go back to the 432 hertz tone...every instrument (musical) today is mostly 440 hertz tune. i think this is part of denying man brain evolution. whoever started this adjustments must have known.


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