While I do have a lot of plans and Things on my mind for this group,

I thought it would also be nice to just compile and post music that makes you feel the most,

alive and... drives you to rise.

so here, let me begin posting some Musicians and pieces. 

(for some reason embedding does not seem to currently work, I will investigate why)


Nujabes : Soul Full Hip Hop, speaking of dimensions, transcending space time, 

seeing beauty and the divine.


Grotote, not sure if this is the artists name but GREAT, rythmic, acoustic guitar with inspiring lyrics.


"Tycho", I discovered this artist through the playlists on our site, a truly wonderful musician.


"Emancipator", Melancholic Electro Jazz, with spirit infusing melodies... 

Whatever your block is you can work it out and through with music, immerse yourself and 

let your soul speak to you as you shift your reason / logic / emotions / flow.


"General Fuzz" 

Put together all of his music FREE, download here, 

Amazing work, www.generalfuzz.net



i think it's good to remember all music is a portal! :D

Some other artists, from different genres:

The Crystal Method, Modest Mouse,

Gustav Holst (Classical: Wrote the piece "The planets", great also) 

What music moves you? Stirs your spirit? 

Did you know that Spirit is an annagram of Pi-Stir?

The interconnection of geometry which the german philosopher goethe

remarked was "Frozen Music", can set in motion the ocean of emotion...

Stir the Pi, flare up the PHI! :D 

Thank you for your participation in "reality"

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At the moment I am at the solfeggio frequency stage but graduating to the sacred geomatry stage, as in matching up 7-3 the enochian language grid to what I want to say in music. There are a few working theories on this but generally the relationship with the octave is fairly sound. I can go into more detail when I fully innerstand it myself, if I have time to go down that road of recording some, I'll post a bit more when I have access to the material if you'd like.

Here is my forum's soundcloud page of artists.

I listen to these for the various chakras

My favorite Youtube artist is anima


I have it on good authority by a synesthetic these are the real deal :) and I am starting to notice how to pick out the 'distant' mechical frequencies and those made in the frequencies, rather than rerecorded from the dischordant 440hz.

I am still trying to work out why the official seal is 7-4, must be to do with the first moon heaven gate, but I digress :)

Wholeness Mark! Just a brief note here concerning the (440hz) frequency issue? Multiplied by 4x100, which would by a slight raise of 40 ie.,

gamma waves

Gamma waves are the fastest of the brainwave frequencies and signify the highest state of focus possible. They are associated with peak concentration and the brain’s optimal frequency for cognitive functioning. Nobel prize winning scientist, Sir Francis Crick believes that the 40Hz frequency may be the key to the act of cognition. 40 Hz is the window frequency used in all Brain Sync Gamma and Beta wave programs

Just also (as informed) Beta waves are conclusive only from (humans as A bi-product) Earth, and not natural in /or a "means" (of Space) from the cosmos in any way.
The implications is that of such; where particles and atoms can be traced back to the Big bang?! Resources containing elements* from Beta waves can not!
   Although the periodic table [of elements] registers everything in physicality on the material plane.

If you want Gamma Waves I would suggest 432 hz.


440 is flat however, it doesn't move anything, it doesn't integrate into the spiral of life or even the water in your ear/your body. - It is built of the artificial cube or big bang, very correct! ;) http://www.omega432.com/music.html then remember you are mostly water, but ALL energy.


Largely you can see 440's lack of effect on water here:

or here how 528 can effect water.


Hope it helps - 440 doesn't help life move, it's still, you can hear this the more you are out of 440, I can feel it energetically now when I am hit by it. There are various frequency experiments with materials you can see if you have a poke around on youtube, to see how frequency moves matter. All matter is energy when you go to its deepest levels.


This is a nice one:


Here are some guides to the different states in regards to music.



As for gamma being preferable, it would depend what you wanted to achieve. I enjoy 528 as it is more unifying, I am not sure what state it puts me in, but it puts me into a more inclusive state and allows me to link external/internal, rather than highly charged external state. I wouldn't advise delta while driving for example ;), as that would be a deep internal state. I enjoy 396 also, for different purposes.

As a cipher In paleo hebrew I would read it as 4(A) 4(A) O(Eye) So seeing the duality of God (Architect) - Evil or Not living :)

I'll do a big article on this on buildspirit that'll be next week now I have a lot on this week, but I have a few more links that may integrate into it all.


Interesting? I had a two paragraph reply that was just wiped out and sabotaged and a (V) left?!

And it's not the first time; When i write about "over exposure" of Gamma ray's from power lines!

Being called "power grid". It's obvious effects on physicality and the distortion to brain waves, throwing off vibrations and poisoning the pineal growth!

Also I have discussed before about the arising of the "synthesizer" introducing 440hz and the synthetic sound drum machine...replacing live music (instruments " harmonic sound waves" and the channeling of Chakra through the musician). Where-as it's arrival coincides with the new genre; Hip hop, Rap, and changed radical behavior of the youth.

Especially missing actual authentic wind (instruments) sound which resonates with building/raising particular Chakra groups, and balancing emotion with particular character types (in sheepole) from specific instruments.

Have a look here, interesting site this :), I cannot back any of this up yet, but for your research.


440 - Align individual, program state etc.

Full Tree of articles


It is a whole other way of linking articles, and may be useful for the resistance site, as it works off clusters/circles of articles.

 Wholeness; Out standing! Very interesting Fibonacci spiral pic. for sure, as well. Thank you!


The harmony of clusters in the;
Dorian scale; Root of 
flat 3 & flat 7 -http://www.ehow.com/video_4461790_modes-root-a-dorian.html
How forms of Jazz universally resonates with "all" Chakras; http://www.ehow.com/video_2390674_the-e-dorian-scale-jazz.html
My "theory" the crossover (E minor; As a bridge) in every genre concerning music, to the ethereal as euphoric to the pineal.
Let's see? To take a listen per. favorite though...Well, must share =
Forgive, as must be added > http://lyricsplayground.com/alpha/songs/a/atimeforus.shtml



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