Ok I had somewhat of an Epiphany about an hour ago. A lot of us are still trapped in this so called everlasting electronic mind maze and still don't know it. I came up with this elevator analogy that I think might make a lil sense to some of us out here who can relate . You have Mainly Two Types of People on this planet People who take the Elevator or People who take the Stairs, but on some off occasion you'll have somebody that's just says forget the whole elevators and stairs thing and just try to climb the building from the outside lol, but thats another story. Ok what I'm getting at is this the Elevator Represents the sensation of Bliss and Comfort and promotes the use of not utilzing your full physical mental and emotional potential(mind body soul) . The Elevator itself is That So Called American Dream that almost the whole world is getting caught up in. It's comfortable fast and gets you to where you wanna go in a hurry it even has nice little music to keep you in a nice little robotic trance as you prepare you for your daily routine of running in circles and raising up the energy to power the machine...until its time for servicing or the electricity shuts off in the building then your stuck in a box with little air and no light wishing you would've taken the stairs. You see I used to be an Elevator guy always looking for the easy route, always chasing bliss and running in circles. But Then one day my elevator went out and I almost lost it. But that's when something amazing happened, I suddenly remembered that there were stairs! There the whole time. So that's when I began to take the stairs and not only did I take the stairs I ran up the stairs! It not only got my body In shape but also heart and mind. My heart grew stronger because of the cardio, therefore optimizing my endurance for the long journey ahead, and my mind grew stronger because is was finally free from all of the electrical interference enabling me to finally clear my mind to get my thoughts in order.And now my soul is finally feeling the light that's shining down from the Top of the Staircase....How about we all start taking the stairs in this lifetime and Just become a lot more patient. They always said Patience is a Virtue..but they never told you the virtuous path would be easy let alone how many flights of stairs we would have to climb before we reach our goal. But know that you WILL reach your Goal you just gotta take some STEPS first...WBV TO ALL

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