ok so i was listening to the show early today and Sevan was talkin about  eating wings and how "if youre trying to grow wings why would you eat em"..And that really hit home to me personally because i used to love to eat wings..but when i stopped and realised the depth of what has been happening to me ever since i began to eat them i could remember when i was younger i stayed with my grandmother, who had a healthier diet because she was Diabetic my dreams were peaceful. I remember having dreams of me flying around and feeling free and dreams of love and beauty and Women lol ...but then my environment changed i moved to a less peaceful area and i started eating things like wings and other fast foods like burgers and the greasy fries and porkchops, the works..My dreams changed Immediatilty to more violent action pack dreams..and i couldnt fly at all but i was smart i was always finding clever ways of escaping...now in reality i was given the ability to Jump really high and far so i ran Track and did the whole highschool star track athlete thing and took it all the way. college i did the long jump and the triple jump.but the whole while i was still having these action packed dreams never able to fly again but in reality i chose a sport that put me up against gravity in an attempt to possibly fly and it was action packed too because of the competition. but to my avail no take off any where in sight. the more wings i clipped with every bite of those extra hot hotwings. the more my real wings were being clpipped with injuries i sustained preventing me from really taking off with my track career..now im a vegetarian and my dreams are starting to take a different form now. its still action packed but i aquired a few upgrades. I had a dream where i was being chased by some unknown people and the whole while we were running up the stairs to the top of the building i some how became lucid at this point and performed a reality check to make sure, and yep i was in a dream so i said ok he we go i ran up to the top of the roof the guys were getting closer... i looked back took a deep breath then just ran an jumped off of the building...as i was falling down i remembered that i have control of everything and my abilities and i said in my mind i can fly and thats when it happened again i thought fly and i did it it was shaky at first i would dip down like i was losing my internal energy or something but all i had to do is concentrate and use the energy from my Chakras to keep me in flight with the energy that i can pull forth from within it was weird. It was like i was really willing myself to fly i flew around for a while just feeling the breeze and the clouds. it was beautiful, i landed in a wooded area along with two of my friends which to me at that time i thought was wierd because i thought to myself how in the heck did they fly i didnt know they could do it too.. and then i woke up!...Morale to the story is i got my Wings Back!.......

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Comment by Kv_Three_O_Five on October 2, 2011 at 9:20pm
Lol @shakti those hot wings were the hardest to give up out of all the Meats for me! ialso think though because of the tight cage like area I Moved into was really one of the Contributing factors which turned the Tides of My Dreaming World..It Felt like i was in a Cage  and always Fighting to Defend myself..But I would Definitly love to try some THINGS lol.. and im Interested So Hit Me Up! WBV to You and Yours...
Comment by Kv_Three_O_Five on June 9, 2011 at 2:17pm
wow it was almost just like that video except i just willingly jumped over on purpose and i had No Wings Lol..but that so wierd how close that vid is to my actual dream


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