Ok world WBV to aLL today i'm wanted to share my astral travels with my resistance fam or just for anyone who's looking for more info on the Subject.. i have had quite a few Lucid dreams/OBE's that i've personally recorded i think i could start a mini series or something! lol,  because i swear thats what it feels like.. well first of all i would like everyone to check out this WEBSITE because it really helped me in my astral travels with having an OBE quite Easily. I really think everyone can benefit from this info. it really breaks down the entire process of Leaving the Body in great detail....but at the end he tries to get you to pay for this other course but you dont need it, what you learn for free on the site is more than enough to get you started on your astral journeys!...everyone have their own methods of having them(OBE's/Lucid dreams) but i found out a great deal from this Website and its been working so far...i have recorded almost 70 dreams so far and have had  plenty of lucid experiences..Im now at the Level in My dreams Where i can Use Telepathic Abilites, Super strength, of course fly, walk through walls, Make people or things appear and Manifest things really fast almost instantly..My Persuasive abilities are also to point of Mind Control Also..but what i ve learned from all of this is it's all just phase one on the grander scale of things we all have all of these abilities i call it the "Gearing up Phase!" the gathering of yourself and your abilities..but i also must mention that this astral world corresponds to the physical world also so as u come into your abilities On the astral plane/dream world/spiritual realm you should also be coming into your abilities in the physical realm ..i'll give you some examples like learning to fly in a dream. In my physical life it equated to suddenly having the feeling of having no boundaries or becoming unrestricted in my movements and thoughts, Having super Strength in my dreams equated to me being physically strong enough to endured the challenges of Waking up and dealing with a society where the majority are still sleep walking and litterly bumping into Me! I'm now strong enough to over come my ego and show my real true strength which is compassion..Walking through Walls in my Dreams can equate to me in my life as being able to penetrate any camp any hood any environment virtually undetected and being able to not only overcome obsticles but to simply walk right through them!...A big one in my Dreams is the mind control aspect of my Astral self. In my dreams i'm now able (once i'm Lucid of course) to Fully control the Minds of Others as i please now i cant lie i had a little fun at first but nothing crazy or harmful :)...But the Most amazing part is the effect it has in the Physical World!..My little brother Brought it to my attention that he realized that i always get what i want or i easily persuade people to do things for me. For example My Brother told Me when it comes to doing choirs around the house i seem to get everyone involved even if they dont want to but i always make it seem like its the right thing to do and they end up feeling better about doing it..He told Me He knows i use my powers of persuasion all the time lol and i told him he's right!..It's Persuasion that has almost my entire family on a higher level of Consciousness and persuasion that helps me to Shine A light in the Most darkest Areas/hoods where Light/info/wisdom has almost been completely put out!....Next Power up is Instant Teleportation and When i achieve that i believe the first stop will be Costa Rica! Chillen, Relaxating, Activating, and Participating lol...until we meet again WBV To All...PS: The Next Episode of "Kv's Astral Travels"will actually include An Actual Astral Adventure or two!....Tune in Next Time! Same Bat Channel... Same Bat Place! lol......

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Comment by Kisha on July 26, 2013 at 6:37pm
Wow thats whats up, u got my attention... Lol looking forward to having some adventures of my own now. And thanks again for the info and sharing. I'll be in touch.
Comment by Kv_Three_O_Five on September 21, 2011 at 7:31pm
@learner ive had alot of sales jobs so I learned about the art of persuassion awhile ago but I kinda knew I was good at it from early on in my life. but ever since Ive become more and more lucid in my dreams I've become more conciously aware of my using persuasion and when im doin it, it works alot better now almost to where I feel like im almost manipulating thoughts! I just feel a whole lot of control now when im in negotiating situations. But it has alot to do with the type of person or persons youre tryin to persuade you have to almost feel their energy and play of of that plus be aware of body language also
Comment by William Reser Hall III on September 19, 2011 at 7:25pm

Here's a tip on teleportation.  It's the same as flying really fast.  I learned how to do it after trying to fly at lightspeed.  After your at lightspeed you can just think of a place and stop moving.  Teleportation is just that process sped up right off the bat.


Definitely practice in meditation as well - it will loosen the belief that it relies on you being asleep in order to work.




Comment by learner on September 19, 2011 at 6:24pm

Thanks, I had just started these lucidology methods few days ago and got a lucid dream already without trying much. I'm even more motivated now to practice after reading this.


Also, you can get the rest of the lucidology series if you search for it on www.theoccult.bz


Kv, have you been studying persuasion methods while your awake as well, or is this all coming from the dream world for you?








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