okay i had been recently staying at my Moms house and Today i had noticed that the Kitchen was messy and some of it was actually mine but most of it wasn't now immediately i remembered my mom mentioning to me how good it makes her feel to wake up to her kitchen being clean and how it helps the day start out smooth for her because that'll be one less thing she would have to worry about doing for the early part of her day..Now after Hearing today's Show On Blogtalk radio and how Willem De Swart was saying how "we need to start Negating the Conflict in out lives" and hows that's the only true way back to achieving the "RIGHT"-Angle(even the word itself "Right" lets you know you're going the the right way with this theory..in my opinion) which in essence Reveals itself as the true Reality, A World Without Conflict..."God's Realm/Heaven/Promise Land etc...Ok now back to the story i decided to go ahead and wash the dishes because by doing such a simple and mundane task as this it showed me how This Theory actually proves itself to be correct. Now while i was doing the dishes i was getting kinda tired and i almost stopped and left a couple of forks and spoons in there lol, but i stopped myself again and said"How much energy really is it going to take to wash up these last few items" now i quickly realized how that.. that was apart of my problem in life period! Starting things and not finishing them so if i was to grow and actually learn from my past deeds and past selves i would need to Finish this Task i chose to partake in this very Late night but also early in the morning. It was About 3:45am by the way! lol oh well if i start something i must finish it ("this is the universe testing me again i thought") and proceed on!, and proceed on is what i did..if i had not be mindful enough of my actions i would'nt have fully reached my 90 degree Right angle(Conflict free Reality) because the task was'nt fully done or Complete(the angle would have been at 85 degrees or So) and i would have left room for conflict even if it was small and insignificent like a mere 5 degree difference from 90 degrees.We now know or are learning that Conflict does not exist at a 90 degree angle!.90 degrees=Wholeness, Love, Harmony,Enlightenment!) My Mom Woulda Still Been like "WHY WOULD YOU DO SOME AND NOT ALL! THAT JUST DONT MAKE SENSE! BOY ARE U THAT LAZY!", and I definitely would'nt have wanted to Hear that! So me not finishing the Dishes would have Created A Conflict in My Reality!...So the Morale to the Story is Dishes were done,counters were wiped, trash taken out, Floor was swept and mopped and fresh Herbal Tea was ready for the morning! lol Mom Was Happy and her Day Started off Well!...No Conflict Really Equaled to A Conflict Free Reality!...We must Negate Conflict Where ever it present itself... these are the baby steps preparing us for the Big one!...Wholeness Kv three O Five

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Comment by Delphine Hill on October 13, 2011 at 1:55pm
Kv_Three_O_Five, there is a certain profoundness to your simple message.  You create a possibility for me to see the wisdom contained in your post.  A conflict free reality is possible.  Choice and follow through can make a difference, indeed.  I choose to remember this as I go about my day.  BWV.
Comment by Kv_Three_O_Five on October 13, 2011 at 10:53am
Your Very welcome Delpine  and i Thank You also,  thats exactly what we're here for... to inspire each other. You Inspire me even more by just reading my post! Its all apart of the Love and Wholeness vibe...And i'm Loving it!...WBV to us All
Comment by Delphine Hill on October 12, 2011 at 12:14pm
I find this post inspirational.  Thank you, BVW, Kv three O Five


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