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Bach to the Future; Some fluences of babylonia in babylondon.

Hello agen brothers and sisters.


There arhh, quite obviously influences (or just fluences) within the infractions of the angle-land that was here from the Sax and (just to observe where they hid them), there should be noted the efx of two Big Wars in 1900 (at this locus). Largely, the Nazis observed what the cess of babylonia had done in Germany; and Prussia before Hitler's mantra back-shot at them (forgot, didn't he? The language keeps changing and the wyrd crafts kept…


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The Next Bad Joke Of The Tower of Babel/El'Abba

eyE said some things in a last post of the tower of Babel, about how it Blinded OO into IO (I - Aima;O - Abba), and two friendly Solar Brothers became a Brother Eye and the Nuit Sister; because the children beneath built an Able Pylon (from which prob. words like Pylorus - Pyloric sphincter) have been given as a rendered sacrifice. Someone should look out a Jim Steinman song called Original ("Everything that they taught us was No-thing but lies(DI=ID), everything that they brought us…


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Hopefully seen as a kindly thought for today. Peace.x.

If I could stop the Wasting of All Time, by never asking why?

Then maybe I'd learn to be as the Wind and Rain; and maybe learn to fly.

If I could salve the deserts, hot and bare; with nothing more than Tears -

Then I'd fly around in the Wings of Night, and Cry for a Thousand Years.

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The Bad Joke of The Tower of Babel.

The Universe sometimes tells us the worst possible joke we can imagine. Here is the joke I was told:


Once, in a place where the sun was hot on the ground, people in a place called Mesopotamia (lower tract of Babylon, near where Tigress and Euphretes and the Amazon collide) there was a place where a ray of the sun mercilessly beat the ground and there was much gold there. So the Babylonians figured that it might be fun to try to build a huge clay Bottle with a golden inside,…


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The Tin-God's Drums.

<Photo 1>

The Tin-God’s…


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Instances involving numerical convergance within Pi, Phi, and the Gregorian Calender for

Ok, hi folks,

This is a speakie for mathematicians (which I'll admit was my dad's bag of tricks; and I am not fit to lick his incorporeal boot-soles, or Seraphic Lower Wing-tips, or whatever. I ought to be sat in a corner with the conical Dunce hat on my head, but I do have a little something to say this time).

Ok, so I AM interested in Pure Mathematical Equations and problems (which isn't common for a supposed artist), and instances with meaning within them. I…


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New Revolutions?

This is it, people. We're starting here and now; I think.

I can't speak for others, I feel; but can only talk for myself.

I find the centre of things to be in Beauty.

The Sun unfolds new Beauty daily.

The world and…


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Attacking the Qlippoths of Indifference and Acquiescence.

This is only one of my little personal litanies; but since I do all the shopping for both myself and mum, last week I brought a sliced Malt Loaf, and mum had been eating it while I was too busy working to think of eating anything. She told me a few days ago, that she'd had some and hoped I didn't mind. I said nothing; and kept my own cousel on the matter, as I usually do. Then yesterday I found the packet empty, and threw it in the rubbish bag - since she had been remiss to do so, while not… Continue

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