Hopefully seen as a kindly thought for today. Peace.x.

If I could stop the Wasting of All Time, by never asking why?

Then maybe I'd learn to be as the Wind and Rain; and maybe learn to fly.

If I could salve the deserts, hot and bare; with nothing more than Tears -

Then I'd fly around in the Wings of Night, and Cry for a Thousand Years.

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Comment by nima on October 27, 2011 at 3:25pm

As above and so below, you do the dance of both.

Alchemy of time and space, you still remain afloat.

With your brothers in the lakes and seas and sisters in the air,

and rolling of the current's rhythm bound in polar flair.

In moments when raining settles and the flailing stills with tire,

a thousand years is but a wink in the heart of one's desire.



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