The Universe sometimes tells us the worst possible joke we can imagine. Here is the joke I was told:


Once, in a place where the sun was hot on the ground, people in a place called Mesopotamia (lower tract of Babylon, near where Tigress and Euphretes and the Amazon collide) there was a place where a ray of the sun mercilessly beat the ground and there was much gold there. So the Babylonians figured that it might be fun to try to build a huge clay Bottle with a golden inside, to see if they could trap the light in the bottle (the genie in the lamp; the source of ingenious actions); the trouble was, as the sunlight hit the gold, it bounced back along the gravity flows of many suns and culminated in the death of the Huges star at the centre of the Universe, throwing all gravities out across many places.


The bad joke is that, for 30 years of space travel and inter-orbital actions; NASA and Mir have been flushing human fecal matter (which in a carnivorous diet is mostly iron based) to form a film of it like electrons floating around the outermost skins of the atmosphere; where the rays of the sun are strongest, and the life-giving rays have been blasting microscopic diseases and iron instincts within people to the ground through the light. It's created an artificial Mars Ruling situation on the planet; but the result of the sunlight bouncing by reflecting off of the iron rust atoms (and other big shiny reflective things orbiting the planet and getting in the way of solar rays) back at subatomic level into its own light will actually have managed to work its way back to the sun at the centre and KILL IT AGAIN, which will throw out the balance cogs of the machine even more, and therefore the responding answer is to throw a vast surge of copper from the interior of the Red Star at us, pushing us out of the planetary network (or back to closer to the point where Mars is, as Mars is also forced further out and all the others to Uranus) so a new copper surge brings back the green world (and an iceage forms as the result of frozen super cloud spirals hitting the two largest deserts' sandy ground to calm down the dry skin patches [like a father rubs lotion on their child's sunburned skin] and an orbital shift to take us out of the blue zone and into the purple by the sun forming a new planet to be the New Venus Ruling, where Mercury was meant to rule and moderate the urges at the time of the death of Jesus as an indicator of when a huge Central Galaxian Red Star next died forcing a New Age of Aquarius again; by having a planet with a purple looking sky and a green-light sun, because the balance of trees hasn't been kept adequate prevent even the glass crystals of the sand itself from forcing a feedback loop with the sunlight. We just managed to help kill another God again!  Now that really is a very bad joke. . .

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Comment by DonaldChristopherAdrianRobinson on November 10, 2011 at 8:19am

We have a point of synchronicity for the event of the Tower. In Italy, Silvio Berlascone has been hounded for sexual immorality. I begin to think on the Tower, because this time has been it's mirror, and begin to wonder if now, the Spirit of the Inverted Sun, or Huz, as the Amerinds called it, has began to come down against Berlascone. If these demons can travel through the forms of people, then S.B. would be an adjunct of the functions of Molech, or Mal'Ak or Bellos, in Bab. speech. And also a guy called Herman Cain; also charged with rapes. The first born violator. Maybe all we need now is a show-trial of triviality; over a count of public indecency and the theft of one apple. ;-)>


Comment by DonaldChristopherAdrianRobinson on October 5, 2011 at 1:46pm
The whole point of the system was supposed to be the Venus on the Surface of the Earth after Babylon; the rebirth of Eden, in partnership with the moon as a bringer of cold hydrogen and lightning by reflecting sunlight into the night shadow, while the sun is the bringer of Helios, the elemental fusion of Uranium and hydrocarbons, so the sun is also where heaven and hell combine to create new regeneration of the element next to hydrogen, to twin itself with the next heaviest element atomically at the other way down the spectrum; where one planet serves as the old Mars and mercury transforms the waters of Daath (Death, the uranium rich sea) into the Water of Life forcing new life there, and we accidentally didn't clean up after ourselves and reflections have broken the light bulb in the middle. The whole point of this system and activation is to bring all chemicals in balance to effectively create a controlled fusion burst through the dna to prepare the body for a new stage of life. The copper needs to be more dominant, the Sun feels, so sun was asked for and given by the sacrifice of another and transmitted back along the relay. Allowing all the light to flow evenly at a rate of spinning to evenly see through our own mind and make its structure crystalline, to allow all light to exchange with matter evenly and understanding will reach sythesis between them. Effective restructuring to accomodate new levels of digitisation through seeing machines do it; the inevitable consequence of the increase of technology, the abiltity to sharpen the light of sight and perception to a laser beam.
Comment by DonaldChristopherAdrianRobinson on October 5, 2011 at 1:11pm
This is what they get for sticking lenses at a level people aren't aware of.
Comment by DonaldChristopherAdrianRobinson on October 5, 2011 at 1:10pm
I should furthermore add to this little diatribe; when Babylonia first split itself, they became Africa and the Americas, the Asian Subcontinent, The Indian Subcontinent, the European Subcontinent; and that one people were so traumatised by what they had done that they ran to the furthest points from where the accident had occurred, that they could get, and they tried to forget. As a result, Mongolia remerged with Europe via the Altoi Mountains, forming the root of Russians; without remembering how far they had got from their original "One Blood" in order to evolve into different people again. Babylonia could NEVER be whole after that, and they never HAVE BEEN SINCE, and for reasons that the whole world doesn't remember - even though they've accidentally perpetuated them again 2000 years later, without even REALISING it - (although DNA can never forget it any more than we can forget the Holocaust or the effective reintroduction of Uranium and Plutonium into our genome at Hiroshima and Nagasaki) so industriousness; the process of bringing that which was DELIBERATELY put in the centre, rather than being left outside where it can cause harm, to the surface again because it looks nice. When the order at the centre had to put it away from view because it literally broke the Galaxy's heart. So even the new system has been broken again, and we become victims of our own racial success to the detriment of all around us, and a calamity ensues so those who were in fact perpetrators now think they have become victims of something which was only a deliberate rebalancing swipe as a reflex response to the problem; ergo, the Father's Love gives us what we need as we kill it, and a new Sun steps up, as a new planet designed to be the moderator through being the active planet governing with the Sun [copper for oxygen and plant and clorophyll, choroplasty, as well as such weird food things as octopi, squids, cuttlefish, spiders (I had an octopus which I guessed, from the one strange, thicker tentacle and the white sac in the head, must've been male - and subsequently found myself thinking "find me a fifteen foot living specimen like that and I might've found a life partner!", probably an Altantean)]. We get what we need, but the price was a little high.


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