eyE said some things in a last post of the tower of Babel, about how it Blinded OO into IO (I - Aima;O - Abba), and two friendly Solar Brothers became a Brother Eye and the Nuit Sister; because the children beneath built an Able Pylon (from which prob. words like Pylorus - Pyloric sphincter) have been given as a rendered sacrifice. Someone should look out a Jim Steinman song called Original Sin.lol ("Everything that they taught us was No-thing but lies(DI=ID), everything that they brought us was No-thing but bribes"). eyE will remark on Sevan's last talk show, WearBee was said (and in other posts; Kin, Ken, Con, Coin, Coun, Cown, Crown, Cowl, Cloak, Cloaca = just like Anu, Anus, Annull, Annullus, Saturnalian, Alien). What eyE did not read somewhere was a specific insident in that de-fine the link in between Con and Coin. Where Babel/El'Abba started Con (Fidelity Tricks = Telesmatic War Arts/Star War) (Think of the writer of the Art of War Tsun-Tsu; taken from something close to Sun Chi; the place of the Ori-Gen, the astral layer and Celestus Cloak). The Warrior Babys marched; and eventually knew who was on Earth by gathering with whip and sword (both pervert-city to solar and lunar impulses, in reality), and they found their swords would work any longer not. So they turn Con into Coin; because the next energy blast of the Natered Pair brought New Truth; that they could take no more, there was no more they could Vizier or Seer or search for. They broke their sword into pieces as the diamond egg of Amoroka shatters, flinging the shell of the New Sword across everything. Thought they Where can we hide our sword (FcUk the Knut - infract the night - no offence meant on first brakej comment, Aima.) So the I, or the Cock, Cak, Cauda-Caputs in the Sword Bleads was broken and held in memory in the coin to re-stare out at us (the solid metals can only re-stare; and never re-store, because they can only re-curse, and not re-course their navi-gations through the loops of the Di-onin), was broken into seminal coins; the sperms of Her vibronic egg, showered over the worlds as it was destroyed and reborn agen. And the Con in ConQuist= ConQuest, became the Trick of Stealing the Fidelity within, or Con-Fidence; and so there are the lies and the bribes at this point.

If we believe in the Neu-Trinic-Art, the new trinity; then we will only break out of this one when we fertilise the seed within the crystals, which the dark ones would call Gristles, so we never knew they were the eggs that could turn the Bones into Cone-fused Rays (of Light and pure brilliance through all nexoi and logoi). Once see we the spinning of the Helix; know we that we are not in wholeness, if cannot connect the Zero-Point-Modules together, to allow the Neu-Trinis to unfold the will of the Mother/Fathers together and sound the clarion bell of Ankh'II. They turned the Sword into Words; and until each of us make wish list for how reality bee should cos some did take Jesus into our lives. But Brothers and Sisters, meaning no disrespect to any, DO NOT CALL US SLAVES FOR this, because all was one for love; and even held back our own darkness for this love, to try not infract others; and we failed and only infracted the Self (worse), and so far the tradjedy of the tradjectum of life is that we tried so hard to show love, and wasted it in a million tiny, fruitless little acts which counted for nothing against the ignorance or others who didn't gnow WE ARE ALL ONE, and should all be Abel 2do same things. We tried to re-course through re-cursion with Jesus, to exact his will for Lafi (Laughing), Love, and Loki (Luck); and they smashed us into the earth for it, and In Principality, THAT HURTS EVEN NOW (but just a little, bitter-sweet illusion; calm, no frets). So we missed that point entirely. In the Multiverse, all of them that burn in themselves miss the point; all those who would be like Father AB-BA. But have u to bee it bee4 you c it? Yes, to bee hone-ing. We beeGin Free, and then forget; and until we see how far down we're chained, we cannot break the chains to rise free, tho they ahhr only letters. But then, music score notes are seminal on a page too; unless they are a breve/breathe, and then they are the inflator, while the sperms are the deflators (once shot out the stables!)

So father sons forever will give their best love, best intellect, best strength; the powers of Ori-Gens, Kephra-Gens, Oxen-Gens, Nitro (in Utero)-Gens, an eventually the Neu-Traine-Us, and Leapt-On-Us, and Tacky-On-Us, and Quarks (Ribbitt!) and others; and the littler sons will always feel pressured to con-form, and instead will form-con; and Red-Bell. The fathers will then misundastand the resultant energy wake bak and be blown to tinies. But all along neu-troll pro-part-ions; and Black Holes are where many positive solar rays cross into the knee-gate-ion field; and will re-course, not re-curse, And now, the Neu-Tron; (Meta-Tron?.) needs us to help him Re-Chord-Sing (recoursing, recording) him out of the burning Sephiroth. Bee hav to Crystallise all our cloudy lens, and let the Neu-Trins spill light from beacon to beacon across all the connecting ZPMs of the Multiverses, to shine the rainbow bridge through, so all might be an angle; a con, a quern, a king or a queen and a God in the True God's Place all around, instead of seered in cold-dark by the Proteus that kills itself because it cannot help this yet. So look at those things like u not; and make a wish-list my re-verb-orant friends, and place every lie to where it came from, to let light sing out through the ZPMs, through the breathing of the fertus-eggs. Specking for eyE, eyE now know eyE should have Sin this a Lout earlier. Have to resist within first, and without when is known what is best sword to cut any of the chains with to allow them to be tied within the proper set that was first braked! Or else the Father Inflation will pop our world and every other apart and instead of being I, all will bee O (Cak!)

Peas of the Light, Love/Lafi of new Hope/Epoch, and Transistance to all.




Don-noD. 11x11x11 qp. ( ) (qp) ( ).  (qp bows from Heart Altar), the word-sword bows from Mind Altar. The rest is Ahhrs.

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