Bach to the Future; Some fluences of babylonia in babylondon.

Hello agen brothers and sisters.


There arhh, quite obviously influences (or just fluences) within the infractions of the angle-land that was here from the Sax and (just to observe where they hid them), there should be noted the efx of two Big Wars in 1900 (at this locus). Largely, the Nazis observed what the cess of babylonia had done in Germany; and Prussia before Hitler's mantra back-shot at them (forgot, didn't he? The language keeps changing and the wyrd crafts kept flowing; if you recourse through recursion (to correct tradjects) then you re-store the worth/world, and to recurse will only land on the lap of the ignorer (in-gorer/ang-error)).


But their nme in this land mass helped send many against them, on the counts of WW I (let it not bee forgot that q. Victoria was ant or great ant to k.Wilhelm, her co-Sin). These wars had two really bad efx. The first was that the rural life was de-structed  in the crucibles of the automatons. Forever after this, the work of human hands counted for little with those who were broken, as a racial locus there, by trauma, in the uS, the Ford motor factory did the same, and the works of blacksmiths were turned to a product of the dark places (black kas/cars even); altho, this also looks like attempts to hide a very large masonic in-sect, since the four physical Mason crafts are Stone-work, incising stone to instruct new spiring through the Geo-Ma-Trix; and using the flame to beat and in-struct the will of iron, also using Geo-Ma-Trix. On the other side of the pillars, they use Music and vibronics in song to point through air, and weaving of cloaks/clothes to point to water and time's flows across gravity; those two bee fused through Emoted Creat-Ions, so they fussed stone an fire through the Geo-Matrix on one half and air and water thru music and Emotive- Creat-Ion. The four fit as crown of six indices, and also form the base tenet of the Roman Cathar-Lick church. Wars ended in dividing country-scale populis in2 tiny fractions divided beyond more. Another brake in harmony.


The worst brake in harmony, tho; was that more and more forests were dy-ing now, and the fracturing of those people was all the fluences of Bab needed to spring up the cold stone chains of the larger prisons, to se-par-ate the people further, flooding them with more techno than was possible or necessary, and finding a new way to make them pacific against the same old lies again. And now, one of the worst things of in-flat-ions is that the hardly thinkable has come to pass; that humans could use so many resources that now the things that used to sustain them, the beautific nature of the world whether fully by intent or not, that unless they eat the bugs, so would it be hard to scry what they could eat in future, while the Ea's run from the Sun continues, held to rites partly by the mOOn. Thys things said not to condemn, or to darken minds, but just to add per-spec-tion to what things have bound reality further. eM posits that occasionally an aD's per-spec-tive will not do, and then only the aM's can reconcile - or Re-Coun-sell, to show which order things should've been in, in compassage with the other. we wouldn't dispute lunar logic occasionally, tho when aD Sun help-made Ver-it-As, so aM Moon help-made Sa-ti-vas (or should that be Chak'Ti'Vas [crystals] if they arh ethereally in-bibed from di-stance, rather than sucking fire through the maw). Thys tiny fact shows little something by ID-Self :-)>


Re-Singing of an event from last turn, we went into a crowded little super-market or mall (maw agen, heh), as we looked for sustenance. People were walking in that bizarre Bazaar in their part-offs with each other; and there was an impression of being in a Franz Kafka book (Metamorphosis), because the ppl, to our oibols, looked like different in-sects crawling around in grass. We observed the colours on pac-kets, and we thought ourselves in an elaborate flower-shop, looking at blooms? Looked for food and there was no-thing of any use to the inner-chambers there. This dis-com-forted a little; as we smiled to show the heart and hearth in our cheeks, and the experience was like being alone or not-placed-there. many seemed not to even sense us, tho their eyes were in their place, most strange of all; the apparent was that they looked like there was no understanding, even between those who were 'natured' to each other. There was need to move fleetly for a moment, bee cause the ladies in the pairs were doing that little 'ver-bat-im hand-bag smacking' of their men-kin and in re-turn they would offer 'deflationary objections'. Thought came 'that little lack of pro-plane Chi-share ought to haven change by now'.x. Compelled to walk fast because a bit of "Com,-e'-Di" couldn't def-end itself there for that; had to curb the cruels from other ones (felt saturnine for too long an in-stance). Like being a Cyc-lop in a non-ocu-late plane; (How passes the old J-Ocular about the Kingdoms of the blind? he he.) got shopping swift, went outsie and chuckled with three magpies beyond the car-parc (cac-parc) for a little while. ;-)>





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