This is it, people. We're starting here and now; I think.

I can't speak for others, I feel; but can only talk for myself.

I find the centre of things to be in Beauty.

The Sun unfolds new Beauty daily.

The world and everything in it and everything beyond it.

The infinite complexity of the Four World System (Assiah; Hell of Randomness, movement directed by impulse not forethought. Yetzirah; Formation, drawing together Foundations, Beauty, Mercy, Strength, Splendour, Victory to bring about organisation - of which crystalline is the most ordered and regimented, and the basis of everything we know here. Briah; Creativity - its Ethereal Nature can also make it Hellish, because ideas whip around so fast they have to be grabbed hold of tightly to catch a proper hold of them - synergistic design, technology serving the world and nature, a bi-product of the application of art and science and design through Knowledge and Wisdom. Atziluth; the World of Archetypes - recognising where everything fits into its proper place.).

How do we relay such a precious and awe-inpiring gift properly? We realise it, and display it. I suppose this is why we sit on the three beamed cross; to travel sideways, back and forth, up and down, and through time and space and energy layers of Electro-magnetism and Quantum. Like Dorian Gray; always make the moment burn with the hardest flame. Be the flame. Cast the dark distortions away on all sides.


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