Instances involving numerical convergance within Pi, Phi, and the Gregorian Calender for

Ok, hi folks,

This is a speakie for mathematicians (which I'll admit was my dad's bag of tricks; and I am not fit to lick his incorporeal boot-soles, or Seraphic Lower Wing-tips, or whatever. I ought to be sat in a corner with the conical Dunce hat on my head, but I do have a little something to say this time).

Ok, so I AM interested in Pure Mathematical Equations and problems (which isn't common for a supposed artist), and instances with meaning within them. I am trying to find some reconcilation in the notion that Light Waves (High Energy Vibrations) and Sound Waves (Low Energy Vibrations), as the source of the Most High's Phoenix Wave; are constantly reconfiguring the Universe (I reckon sound-waves bite and masticate - chew - the fabric of dark matter, so that as light-waves pass life through the cosmic dust, new worlds and stars and eventually lifeforms come out of Unmanifest - or Potential - into Manifestation - or Kinetic Being merging Soul-Force and Substance (In the way Yahweh really, really didn't like when Adam - Atom - first decided to do it! Look at what happened to Jesus because of what Adam did! But this isn't just about that.), as the Universe's Expansion Wake progresses into the Dark Matter beyond it.

(This is one of two significant points in the calender year, for me. This is the Festival of Beltane (although I look forward to the Festival of Mabon with much greater growing excitement!); this is the time which (although the battle in our world is now raging, as we may be in for more snow soon. It was below zero degrees last night in Southampton; I had nice warm room with radiators on for a while, but my single glazed window had a sheet of ice all over the lower side on the INSIDE of it, when it was closed!) is the Herald of the Vernal Equinox, when the Dead Time leads to Old Father Time watching Jack Frost go head-to-head with Baphomet, the Green Man [also called Herne the Hunter]; and so far this year; Jack Frost is still winning. : - ( > .

Just as a warning, I'm no mathematician, so not all of this may be coherent, and may be so basic that many people will wonder why I bothered to blog it in the first place (and if my spelling goes tits up, arse down a couple of times; that's because I'm typing fast to try to remember what I want to say). Anyway; I began my grid by drawing the apex or zenith, of the Pyramid on a page. I drew 4 squares and numbered them each with a one, and put a clockwise arrow to indicate the angle of rotation as a clockwise spiral revolving outwards into larger magnitudes, as the pyramid progresses outwards. I will list the numbers I found from 1 - 13, and try to tell some of the significances I noticed, as I tried to find other significance in the numbers.

OK, so here goes the unintellectual on an intellect jaunt. Ha ha.

1 occurs in 4 squares; 2 occurs in 12 squares; 3 occurs in 20 squares; 4 occurs in 28 squares; 5 occurs in 36 squares; 6 occurs in 44 squares; 7 occurs in 52 squares; 8 occurs in 60 squares; 9 occurs in 68 squares; 10 occurs in 76 squares; 11 occurs in 84 squares; 12 occurs in 92 squares; and 13 occurs in 100 squares which is as far as I decided to go right now. Because I was focusing on the fact of 13 Lunar Months x 28 Days being a Standard Year.

First, I looked for simple convergence instances. 1 is in 4; 2 is in 12; 3 is in 20. One in four is five; or the fifth element, in the first case of Sentimental Resonance. Then, I tried to find a link-it factor in the growth rate of each ascending number rising by 8 squares. I thought: '1 is in 4; 2 is in 12; what's a linking factor? If you times 4 into 12, you get 3; which is a cubic number (the same 4 on 3 sides; and of course, Jesus sets us in the 6 sided frame to be just judges, with all decisions weighed up equally in all directions first, if we're lucky!), but then I ran out of luck directly, because I can't find the same relationship between the 4 & 12, & the 20; unless you go for 4 (1 Base) + 12 (2 Base) = 16 + 4 (corners) = 20 (3 Base number of square instances), and then we get to 28 in the 4 Base and my slow brain comes throbbing into another brick wall. But within the numbers, 2, 3, and 7, I noticed the Gregorian Calender. Let me explain, for a moment.

Ok, so very simple equating of the year tells us, 1 min is 60 seconds; 1 hr is 3600 seconds; 1 day is 86400 seconds; 1 single 7 day week is 604800 seconds; 1 Lunar Month is 2419200 seconds; 1 standard year is 31449600 seconds. But all of these numbers are a little irrelevant to the point in my simple investigative technique to determine how the year was arrived at for the moment.

In simplistic terms, 3 x 20 = 60, giving us seconds in a minute and minutes in an hour. 2 x 12 = 24, giving us hours in a day; and then we get 7 x 52 = 365 days in a year. This, in short, ladies and gentle soul fragments, is how the year was arrived at from the first 7 fragments of the 13 Base Pyramid I drew. But this is just me on a simple jaunt; and I'll shut up now, and see what I come up with as I get further in.

Unfortunately, I can't fit more than 14 squares on an A3 page; so I have to wait til I can afford to buy bigger paper, and write and draw tinier details. I can't do this on my PC, because I tried using Excel 2007 even to make the pyramid number chart, and after the number four my processors freeze up (I only got a baby laptop with 2 x 1.66 GHz Celeron 2 chips and about 3 pathetic GB of RAM - and I think you need enough processor to power a laser and more RAM than a field of sheep on this project).

Bye for now.

Don. x. lol. Love and Best Wishes and Peace Out. :-)>

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Comment by Nine on February 22, 2010 at 8:21pm
Everything relates to the whole so in essence what you have concluded to has a mathematical equivalent to the actual process used to determine the appropriate computation to solve this riddle of yours. You definitely have something going here so keep up the good work my friend!!!


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