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Astrology and Symbolism - Capricorn

Well it took me almost 2 months to finish all the research on this.  It snot everything, but at some point I had to stop!


(22 December to 19 January)


Polarity               : Negative, Female

Quality                : Cardinal

Ruling Planet     : Saturn

Element              : Earth

Body Part           …


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Where do you hide my love?

You are in each breath I take, each kiss the sun leave on my skin.

In the breath of the wind that caress my hair.

Each day I hear you whisper my name on the wind,

The smell of a warm summer day on the breeze, reminds me of you.


Each day my eyes search for you, my…


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The Ouroboros and us

Origins of the Ouroboros

The Serpent biting its own tail is first seen as early as 1600 years BC in Egypt. From there it moved to the Phonecians and then to the Greeks, who called it the Ouroboros, which means devouring its tail.

The serpent biting its tail is found in other mythoi as well, including…


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Usra and Anuden - The Snake and the Cat...

Ursa Slithered up to Anuden and kissed her.


"Why would you kiss me snake?" she ask.

"Because you are beautiful!" he answer.


"I am just a cat, the cheetha has more beauty, Grace and speed." she answered.

"You are the cheetha Anu." she frowned


"No Usra I am... but a humble cat, there is nothing special about…


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The Eclipse of Love and Passion

I took there pictures during the Eclipse in the Southern Hemisphere during June.  The day after I was inspired to write this poem.  Now I have combined them to create something inspirational that speak to everyone on a soul level.  It is the love and passion this world so lack, as well that of twin flames



I hope you enjoy this.

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Choose the Way...

A inspirational video that come from the soul, and speak to the soul.




I wrote these words a very long time ago, and now I put them to music and pictures I took.

I hope you enjoy it

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IMPORTANT SYMBOLS - ECLIPSE 2011-06-15, 15:00 PM (South African Time)

Here is something everyone need to look at


Symbol 2


Well Gaia is meanning business.



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When your life make toou visit the Dark Realms

Last night I decided that I really needed to get away, since my planed relax and recharge trip got canceled, because my mother, in her stubbornness refused to listen and followed her own healing strategy, that near got her killed.  So she is in Hospital.


(Damn I know someone else that also don’t listen and damn near got himself killed, sigh.)


At least I have the common sense to know that you can’t drink certain medication together.  I rarely get more than a…


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When Spiritual power training go horribly wrong!


A while back I accessed a new ability.  So I decided it is time to go practice.  Reiz (a friend in the Physical that also train like me) is always ranting at me for not paying attention to how my abilities work.  I sighed, fine so maybe that is not such a bad idea after all.  Maybe I should let my abilities, just go, and not try so hard to suppress them.


Holy crap! That was something different.  I did not expect what happened!


On my spiritual body I…


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Origins : Unknown

Use : Not sure, but then I wear this in the spiritual realm, or while Astral Traveling. It causes anyone I meet to really start acting strange.

Note:  I have always gone where I please unchallenged.  Treated with respect, used to that, but when I started wearing this on Tuesday, I sensed something more than respect and a feeling of... of...

I don't know how to explain it.  It is like a king walking into a room.  Same feeling.

I have…


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When the invisible world start to take over your life!

There is so much we dont understand of the spiritual vs the physical that sometimes it can make you scratch your head going, “How the HELL did I just do that!”  Even me that has really done some pretty strange stuff, still sometimes do something, totaly unexpected and totally surprize myself.  Not freak out, I dont get freaked out by this stuff anymore. I find it really COOL!


Yes, fine, the Parrot does freak me out, but for a totaly different reason. Stupid bird!  OK fine…


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“Alchemy” of the Soul - Part 1 - Magick and the 15 tests of the soul!

As we get Wicca, Christianity, etc. Magick is a religion in its own right. Most religions ban magick as evil and have severe penalties, either now, in the eternal, or both for practitioners of any form of magick, but to live a magical life, you have to treat it like part of who you are. It is most effective when you truly believe in yourself and what you are doing.

Magick is but a tool; it is not good / positive or evil / negative. All magick are neutral. The nature of the user is… Continue

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“Alchemy” of the Soul - Part 2 - Balance Healing

At times in healing we tend to find that a person has a very difficult time in achieving balance and keeping it. Mostly this can be adjusted by the person themselves. There is however times when a soul needs an extra helping hand.

By understanding where the problem is, it can be adjusted, but this type of healing should only be used as a absolute last resort, and by someone that has experience in these matters, and only when all else has failed to restore the balance of that…


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Alchemy of the Soul - Part 3 – Light, Dark, Daemon and Dark Ray

This is a difficult subject to touch as it is complicated and a very sensitive issue.  I will try to explain this in a way that I finaly understood it all. Many people talk about dark, daemon and Dark Ray, yet they seem to get them confused.  In this discussion I will try to lift out the differences between all of these elements, to the best of my ability.


To help you understand this aspect, deeper knowledge on the aspects of the soul is needed.  There are many different soul…


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When you look into a crystal - It all becomes clear

I have heard a lot about this book, and I have looked for it a long time.  Then at the time I really needed it both books practically fell into my hands.  I am of course talking about The Celestine Prophecy, by James Redfield.  Book one An Adventure is the one I am reading now and the other is An Experiential Guide.


Here is a part that really got to me today, you will see why!


“He nodded towards the other passengers.’ Do you feel as if you have a clearer…


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The Day I fell in love with “The Devil”

One day a long time ago, there was….  Isn’t that how all fairy tales and love stories start.  Well I think I will not do that, lets start it like this!


The day was extra hot very early.  It was 7am and already sweat was forming on my brow as I loaded “the Madam”.  The destination… Benoni, and a liaison with a sexy hunk of a stallion.  Let’s just hope “Madam” take a liking to this stallion, as she has rejected 4 others.  I sigh as I close the horsebox.


I have…


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When Crying don't need a reason!

I wrote this last year, when I was going through some bad times:


Avinaa was sitting in her garden, feeling the effect of all that has transpired. This last battle, really left her rather shaken, saddened!

Her life is so upside down right now, nothing makes sense!

Today she just could not stop her tears; the sadness in her would not be stopped! Tears kept flowing from her and she tried very hard to stem the flow.

Sam came and just held her,…


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