Usra and Anuden - The Snake and the Cat...

Ursa Slithered up to Anuden and kissed her.


"Why would you kiss me snake?" she ask.

"Because you are beautiful!" he answer.


"I am just a cat, the cheetha has more beauty, Grace and speed." she answered.

"You are the cheetha Anu." she frowned


"No Usra I am... but a humble cat, there is nothing special about me." she sighed.

You are everything the Cheetha are and more to me." he pressed closer to her side.

"Look what is infront of you, dear friend." he wispered,


She lifted her head and a massive door filled her sight.  "I see a door Usra."

"Look closer Anu and say hello." He wispered again.


She frowned and looked closer, the door changed into a mirror showing her own reflection.

"All I see is me, Usra.  A reflection of me."

"Look closer Anu... Look at what is infront of you." he said.


"Anu, all your life you had given all you are to all that needed, with love and compassion.  You gave of yourself so selflessly." he said.

She sighed deeply "Yes, that is have done.. but I do not see what you see."


"Look at what is infront of you... look closely." he gently pushed against her.

She growled and her tail twitched, "I still see my own reflection, looking back at me"


The snake softly kissed her forehead "Look again, selfless soul, look with your heart."

She closed her eyes, and opened her heart chakra, linking it with her 3rd eye.  Her breathing steady and she felt herself relax.

Usra touched her ear... his voice changed "Open to the flow that is you, that are you, and that is within you and be all there is."  She opened her eyes and looked at the door again.


A shimmer rolled over the door, as if a shadow moved over a pond.  Her image change to a pure ball of blue light, and understanding cleared her mind.


"All my life I served all with love and compassion, giving to all, every drop of who I am freely and without expecting anything in return.  The only thing I ever asked for is that they be all they can be, within themselves.  But I see now that I never showed myself the same love, understanding and compassion.  I only saw the monster that is me.  I never have loved who I am.  This is what is infront of me. Someone perfect, that love with all she is, give all she is, someone that is beautiful."


Tears ran from the cats eyes. "I see my own beauty, speed and grace.  I have never been a monster, but a perfect me, that is all she can be within herself.  Through giving all I am, I give all of my beauty, as well as my love and compassion.  As I have love and compassion for me, I can give so much more, from so much deeper."  She smiled.


Usra's head bob up and down.  "As you stand withing your own power and truth, your own beauty, you shine as reflection of all there is.  The love and compassion you hold within, spills over and touch all there is that is in you from so much deeper.  This Anu make you more powerful than you or anyone can ever imagine."


Anuden, looked into Usra's eyes and she saw the truth of his words, it mirrored what he souls screamed, and she was to deaf and blind to see it.  She love so much that it hurt, but she never have loved who she is.


Usra bowed his head to her "Welcome home, Mother."


Anuden kissed his head, tears still streaming down her furry cheeks.  "How had I ever fell out of love for the one I am."


Usra smiled and kissed her again. "You are and always will be a reflection of all there is."


 - - - - - - - - - - - - -


A story of love, and a journey to be inside your own power, in service of all there is.

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Comment by Jennevieve on April 9, 2012 at 2:04pm


Comment by Anush on September 14, 2011 at 1:35am
A friend read this and this is what he saw:
Well I've been re-reading and thinking about the 7 layers of meaning inside Ursa and Anuden,
Hasn’t done a count of what I have so far, but I've got some things re: levels of awareness of the self. One level being a questioning of how one does not accept others seeing beauty in themselves, but comparing themselves to those around them (cat to cheetah) and how a certain door or perception has to be surpassed or opened to even start looking at oneself and then when one finally starts looking, one only sees what one is used to thinking of oneself (the reflection of me).
Then admitting self-worth, but still not seeing it (I've given but I still do not see), agitation at not being able to follow others perceptions of oneself, surpassing that agitation through love and patience, through the heart and how upon opening that perception, one can see past the old perception base, and see the truth and beauty of intent and love and passion that was always being given freely, but not acknowledged.
Then the perception that, that is the true self, and not the perceived self from before and the amount of potential one has is exponentially grown when they're perception is linked with the passion of their hearts, loving the truth of one's heart to the point of realizing and accepting one's self as the true expression of perfection (which is love). The last line, when asked, how did I ever fall out of love for the one that I am, is a reflection of how the souls had fallen out of the perception of their own hearts and love, but were judging themselves against skewed perceptions.
Well he nailed the total understand in these words. The transmutation into Pure love.


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