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Sleep stages are divided into two main categories: non-REM sleep and REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, where dreams typically occur.  Over the course of the night a sleeper will cycle through the five stages of sleep a number of times with the REM stages lasting longer and longer towards morning. 

Here are the top resources for Lucid Dreamers


WNYC's Radiolab - Radiolab recently released a short story about someone using lucid dreaming to overcome a recurring nightmare.  The podcast has a great overview of lucid dreaming and is well produced and entertaining.

LucidDreaming - Reddit's active, knowledgeable, helpful Lucid Dreaming community. 25,000 dreamers strong and growing!

Lucidipedia - A veritable treasure trove of information about the practice of lucid dreaming. Tips, tricks, & techniques.

Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge - from the father of all modern advancements in lucid dreaming research, and the creator of several useful lucid techniques, comes this, the Lucid Dreamer's bible. 

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Entity influence or SP Hallucination? 1 Reply

Hey guys. So I just pulled myself out of the bed after 6 hours of "not sleeping. Why not sleeping. because every-time I would cross over and lose consciousness I would not and retain it in my other body while being pulled up with a feeling of…Continue

Started by Archy Mor. Last reply by Suze Wilderstien Nov 19, 2018.

A Blue Desert Bloom

G'day, EveryOne. I posted in the "Ask" section on about a portion of my dream journey last night, was directed to a fascinating dictionary of symbols, and more strongly, referred here to ask the same. Following this post, should…Continue

Started by Derrick Brent II Jan 12, 2016.

Strange Dreams, Visions, Sleep Paralysis... How to do more than just observe? 16 Replies

Hello everyone, I'd like to start off by saying that this is my first post here and I've made an attempt at trying to answer these questions myself, but I just can't seem to. Most of my "supernatural" experiences have occurred while sleeping or not…Continue

Tags: Dreaming, Lucid, Paralysis, Sleep

Started by Saskia Monteverde. Last reply by Archy Mor Sep 1, 2015.

Theme of Repair 5 Replies

so i have yet to really lucid dream, but the dreams i do have are quite vivid and seem to try to convey certain things through symbolism but i can only recall bit's and pieces. i'd like other points of view to give there input of what they get from…Continue

Started by Lebby Cascovi. Last reply by Lebby Cascovi Mar 10, 2015.

Lucid Dream vs Out of Body Experience 14 Replies

I'm finding that the line can become blurred between a lucid dream and an out of body experience.How can one tell if the experience is just a lucid dream where one doesn't come out the body as opposed to an out of body experience where a person…Continue

Started by Nineteen. Last reply by Megan Feb 23, 2015.

12 Years A Floater 3 Replies

Wholeness All!For the past 12 years, I have been experiencing the same dream. In these dream I began to rapidly float and when this happens my stomach begins to flip. I am beyond scared because I can’t stop myself from floating so I start to grab at…Continue

Started by Lanai Reid. Last reply by Tanycha Jan 27, 2015.

Astral Plane assistance required 3 Replies

I am all that is and everything is a part of myself.I will start by sharing my own experience on both planes phyzical and astral.My feminine phyzical energy (my girlfriend) is being constantly attacked on the phyzical plane,and as new on the astral…Continue

Started by Florin Lionte. Last reply by Ahein Jan 10, 2015.

finding my way 3 Replies

hi I am new here and very excited to be here.I have out of body experience and dream of things, events time and places that eventually occur the thing is I have no control over them.In the dream world how come I can't see a reflection of myself in…Continue

Started by Shannlloyd. Last reply by janet myers Nov 30, 2014.

being in a maze 1 Reply

HiI am often having dream's where there is no way back or out, being trapped.The last one I was a kind of prison camp and I was told that stuck. Sometimes the dream is of an old house that goes on and on or a hospital or school type of building, it…Continue

Started by James Douglas Sutherland. Last reply by janet myers Nov 26, 2014.

A Question 1 Reply

If someone begins a lucid dream and finds their own body sleeping, does it become an out of body experience?Continue

Started by Trancendant. Last reply by Ramob Nov 6, 2014.

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Comment by Aisha Reed on November 27, 2017 at 10:13am
Need to know the difference between lucid dreaming and OBE. It has happened often that i feel myself slipping off the bed, but this recent experience had my body shift like a second hand on a clock then had me slip to the bottom and lift up. I felt the wall on my back then i spun i look through my eye and i find a door my room door my experience was i am out of my body. I open my door i go to the bathroom where i see two people talking i get in ones face she seems to be ignoring me (can she see me?) i keep interacting then she looks and gives a face she sees me! The other one sees too i go into the bedroom and i do a dance and song knowing this could bring me out because it had before i keep doing it and i return to my waking consciousness.the first one where i could feel my body turn like a second hand led me to my door also and i went down the stairs all the lights were on someone i knew was in the background, i didn't interact with them. I saw my tv that is always in the living room on the kitchen table a woman was on there it was a music video i turned off the tv and the lights i asked am i supposed to be able to do that in a dream now i am shifting asking myself is this a dream ? I go to my front door i hear voices from the neighbors i feel anxiety (i deal with anxiety about people in waking life)I stare at the sky its a red/dark color i see the moon appear and disappear, but i experienced that in waking life.i opened my eyes and i guess i was awake there was an image behind the eyes and a feeling of a reptilian man and there was fear. I kept looking around my room i saw shadows and heard sounds with flashes of light,i braved the fear i questioned I moved into my body.Another thing, there were voices in my head and songs i was allowing them to be then focusing on my breath and body there was blackness and silence before i entered these states.
Comment by Aisha Reed on November 24, 2017 at 5:52pm
Was reflecting on self while awakened from sleep. I turned on my side focusing inward. I heard a loud crash, i told myself i must have slipped from this state of consciousness, i've experienced that before.i felt myself falling out of bed and i felt a need to hold on i said to myself what if i really am falling there was a table by my bed i thought i would hit my head. It happened anyway i fell or did i? I think i saw my hair i also heard a child coughing then i was in this state where i felt all of my emotions it was frightening then someone i knew came into my room they were talking to me i said no i am dreaming and i counted fingers to check, but this person laughed at me asked what i was doing. I was certain it was not a dream and was about to reveal something i was crying then i was back either awake or returned to my body.
Comment by Derrick Brent II on January 12, 2016 at 12:24pm
G'day, EveryOne. I posted in the "Ask" section on about a portion of my dream journey last night, was directed to a fascinating dictionary of symbols, and more strongly, referred here to ask the same. Following this post, should anyone need me to make anything clearer from the dream, I'd be more than willing to provide. This feels to be an awesome group, this is my first post, and thank you All in advance:

G’day, All.

Does anyone have any previous clarity on dreams of flowers blooming in the desert?

In the dream, I was with a teacher, he showed me lands others have grown, ended in a desert, distinguished those that could seed fields there, and then, instantly, a glowing blue/turquoise flower with pink leaves bloomed in completion. It was mine. I felt it. He commended, smiled, and I woke here. Thanks for any sharing! Have a great day, EveryOne!

Comment by Zachary on April 2, 2015 at 10:09pm

Dreaming Realities - The dreaming triangle contained in this book is a great way to identify and track your dreams, as well as great explanations of the exercises needed to become lucid (in a way that brings alignment within).

Dreaming Realities

Comment by dvinestone on February 17, 2015 at 5:26pm

{{{{{ I }}}}} many thanx inlove vin ;-)"

Comment by BAYETH on January 27, 2015 at 3:40pm

Wholeness and Balance Tanycha, if I may I would like to give voice to your dream.  I have not had this type of dream but I have logged my dreams for many years now.  For me I had to note that I am the actor playing the many roles in them.  Each person within the dream world is me.  Reading your dream my first thought was this is a Guidances dream.  You are giving yourself and reminding yourself of something you want to do.  In your dream you talk about an older friend could this be your higher self?  You write about an agreement, big smile and hand shaking.  Could this be insight that you are giving yourself in trusting you?  By you being in the outer office was this not you looking outside in?  Witnessing your truth.  Was this not good new?  The employess and the sons witness to the good news.  The the woman who sat next to you and gave insight was you.  She was giving you what you needed to know for you awakened life.  Your dream memory did happen I say this because, when you are dreaming you are awake and when your are awaken you are dreaming.  We are always in motion living in many worlds.  The question you asked about should you pay more attention to your dreams.  YES!  They are doorways to worlds long forgotten and now remembered.   With this information you should ask yourself what is it that you really want.  What is your work situation like and what do you want to change about it?  What is the voice within you saying?  Within you lays the knowledge you seek.  No one can give to you what you already know.  Be still and know.     Wholeness

Comment by Tanycha on January 27, 2015 at 12:24pm

Hi fellow Dream Walkers.  It's been a long while since I've been moved to post.  May this year bring us all mobility and ascension.

I'm one of those people that have HD, full color dreams where I sometimes revisit certain locations, people, etc. Today I had this paradoxical dream that left me  wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience.  I'll try to truncate it while retaining the details:

I was in the modest office of an older Italian friend.  He had just negotiated a deal that would expand his company greatly.  He emerged from the negotiating table with agreement in hand, big smiles as the investors shook his hand on the way out. I was in the outer office and my friend told me and a few others the good news.  He went into his small office and sat on the floor to really read the details of his expansion.  His 20 some odd employees got wind of the news and began gathering in the outer office where I was.  His three sons also gathered as we waited for the old man to emerge. 

One of the sons, a little older than I, approached me and began a conversation.  I told him that my hometown was bracing for a blizzard, which was usual for this time of year. (here I am referencing something happening in the real world) Upon hearing my accent, he asked where I was from.  I told him I was from his home town of Brooklyn.  He asked to see my Brooklyn snarl, and I did it for him, to which he laughed and said, "yeah, you're from Brooklyn'.  As he walked away, a woman sat next to me and began talking about how good this growth would be as far as mobility and opportunities within the company.  She reference a time when she and I worked together at a temp agency when I first came to town.  In my self I thought "I don't even know this women.  What temp agency is she talking about"  then my mind flashed an image of a previous dream that I had of looking for a job at a mall temp agency.  I remembered the incident.  It was a dream.  I never actually been to this place.  In my current dream, I was aware that this "memory" never really happened, that it was a recall of a dream.

Now. What is that?  Why did I recall a dream within a dream as if it were a memory?

Sevan once said that people don't usually see mirrors in the dream world.  I do. I've seen myself in mirrors several times, each one looking either older or younger, or even as other people, but I understood that I was looking at versions of me.

Should I pay more attention to my dreams?  Is there anything I need to do with this information?  I'm looking for answers, suggestions, or even similar experiences. 


Comment by corwin on January 17, 2015 at 8:25pm
hello I'm new to the website and the resistance so like to say greetings and thank you for accepting me but I have an important question I need an answer to or at least to be pointed in the right direction several years ago when I was in my late teens or early twenties I had an experience in which I thought I was sleep but I was woke an entity essence or a being of some sort approached me and touched me on my forehead but that was not the weird part the weird part is that this deing looked like a man with a beard full head of hair but it look like he was standing in the Sun I mean like you know the negative of the pictures thatthey use to give when you have pictures developed except it was yellow like the Sun and not black and white it was so real I could feel the heat just as if I was standing outside facing the sun.and this happen in between the hours of midnight and four Am..
Comment by Mary Roberts on January 14, 2015 at 10:58pm

I just want to post a dream I had recently. It started off with myself and several other people whom I didn't know, we were all stuck in an underground city and were trying to escape, there were 7 doors we had to open, in order to open each door there was 7 glowing orbs/balls that had to be thrown in the hallway of each door to activate it, which I knew the sequence they had to be thrown since it was the order of our chakras. once we had escaped the city the dream changed to me observing a young girl in a wicker bed and there was a yellow snake whispering something to her, but before it could finish what it was saying it was swallowed up by a red snake which was slightly larger to where the yellow snake fit perfectly inside the red snake, then the red snake started whispering to the girl and before I could see what the red snakes intentions were the dream changed again, now I was observing a man from behind, he appeared to be a monk and he was floating on a log raft, I am not sure where he was but all I could see from all directions was water. there was a monster underneath him and was trying to pull the man from his raft but the man knew what the monster was thinking so he was always one step ahead of the monster, once the man was tired of toying with the monster he tapped on the water and raft in a sequence of taps and the monster had to leave, then the man was ready to return to shore so he used several more sequences of taps and with both hands gave himself a push, next I seen what appeared to be a dolphin fin come up in between the logs of the raft and pull the man away. then I woke up.

Comment by BAYETH on January 11, 2015 at 7:50pm
Wholeness - New to the family and I am so happy to be here. I have been logging my dreams since 1994 and reading this site and listening to Sevan I have questions. I know that I'm the roll player within my many dreams but what sticks with me is this. In 2007 I would hear this male voice while in dream sleep. This is what he would share. "Your father's name is BAITH/BETH and U are to be called BAITH/BETH." What was also interesting was how I would spend two weeks of study and guidance with him. My question is this. What the meaning of this name? I had another interesting dream where a Dolphin would come into my face in dream sleep. I am not afraid as he now energies me with his energy. What was that all about? Then in yet another dream I am being downloaded with these white bones which come into my body by these very large Ravens. Within these dreams I am very aware and the colors within them are very vibrant. I am not afraid and the memory of them are clear enough for me to remember enough to write them down. I have traveled, witnessed and gathered many insights within these dreams. Sevan, thank U for your connection. Love & Light


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