Hey guys. So I just pulled myself out of the bed after 6 hours of "not sleeping. Why not sleeping. because every-time I would cross over and lose consciousness I would not and retain it in my other body while being pulled up with a feeling of something pulling energy in or out of the back of my head and feeling something like energetic stiffness attacks(you know when you have spots in you body with lots of stagnant energy and when you press them you feel bareble but annoying pain) in my ribs/back/hips etc. which felt like an attempt to restrain me. I was also 95% paralyzed, that is, I could move, but had to apply superhuman strength to do that, also when I spoke mainly air came out, you got the point...So I was feeling this energetic sensation in the back of my head so I started reaching my right hand there(which felt like a 50 pound weight was attached to my arm) finally when I reached that area I got a clear sensation of holding soft probably 5 weak fingers, basically a hand of a little kid(or grey alien?:->) when I did that I "came back"(woke up) I was still very tired so I fall asleep again, but again the same things, had a continuous conscious experience of "coming in"(non-physical) struggling to brake the "spell" "coming back" 4 times in a raw(One time I false awoken in my room, stood up and said 3 times "whatever is in that room I banish you right now" after that I woke up for real). Then I woke up and started thinking about it(I had obe's before but It was a one-time deal, after I woke up for real I would not come back in there plus I had control during them. This time I had almost none, just enough power to "brake the spell" and "come back"). So as I was retrospecting all that happened in those 3 hours of not having a sound sleep to say the least I decided to come in there again(somehow I knew this will happen again which as I mentioned, out of more then 300 experiences so far was the most...real? felt really real, cause I was awake, not false awakening, but actual awakening and going back in and "knowing" I would...anyway.

~I stood up and wrote down the above 3-4 OBE/SP/whatever that was. Then I returned to bed.

I decided I would let go and surrender to whatever was happening whether it was malefic, benevolent or just in my mind. And after 30 minutes of relaxing I started to fall asleep and boom I was in again, but this time as if "they" knew I would not fight. They put on some really brotherly music which I really kind of enjoyed and I was hearing this music all the way up as I was swirling fast up and pricked and pierced by energy(this time almost no energy stiffness attacks, which is another sign that it was an entity visit...I think) BOOM -- I'm suddenly in the parking lot It is morning and I see my car, I look up and I see Myself--The brotherly music still playing(planned scenario? just don't bug us while we energy rape you and enjoy this fake reunion with yourself or what?) anyway I thought I would just get something out of it...We talked a bit and I touched his/my shoulders(wanted to feel how hard they were...they were not:( ...) also a thought crossed my mind--"why didn't I get to drive?"...

The I "came back" But I still felt tired...So I went in again after some 20 minutes.

This time different music, same thing, swirling pierced by energy then BOOM I'm outside my work building in the parking lot and there is my car, oh so now they let me drive? after I thought about it the last time...I again wanted to gain something of it so I got in and raced like a maniac for a while.

The last Time, different music, swirling etc. scenario of me looking at a mirror in the living room, I tried to morph my face into a girl's face(just cause ok...) and I succeeded somewhat then I flew in the living room, but when I got out the boundaries of the living room, I was back swirling up and pierced by energy but this time it was clearly coming up my butt! right in the hole guys. Don't laugh, but when I squeezed my anus it stopped so this time I was feeling kind of betrayed...I let them get away with everything, but there are just lines you cannot cross. If you feel me..So I held my anus tight until I was back. 

I was still tired, but decided to get up and write it down.

I tried to search Astral Projection small hands pulling energy out of my head, and some shorter variations of that on google, but to no avail.

So what do you think?

Was it Sleep Paralasys Hallucination?

Was it alien testing? 

Archon manipulation?

Failed astral attempt?

~I should mention that on the 19.08.15(last week) I was stuck in a Lucid Loop of probably 10 false awakening and I FIRST felt that little hand at the back of my head then...I thought it was hallucination cause I was false awakening. But this time I was waking up for real and coming back in 8-10 times and 2 times I actually stood up and wrote these things down. So I know it was happening for real, but what was it exactly?

And the way the experience became somewhat pleasant with music and lucid scenarios after I mentally affirmed I will surrender to this next time is also a big give away.

What do you think? I like to hear different opinions from you guys...

And if you have had something similar happen to you you are welcome to share it too, I encourage you to.


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I have had many experiences like this. I have spent most of my life working out what it is all about. It started happening to me after a ufo sighting above our house. I was only 3 and my brother was 5. It was enormous and we lived near an air base at Waddington Lincolnshire Uk. It would definitely have shown up on the air base radar. I am not a fan of ufo sightings at all and this is the first time I have mentioned it to anyone. It appeared from nowhere making the noise like a train passing through open countryside at night. My brother yelled at me to fetch Mum and Dad. I was scared and ran inside yelling for them to come. I ran back to my brother and the thing shot straight up into the sky. One second as big as the house, the next the size of a pin head. We couldn't believe our eyes.After that, everything changed. Life was never the same again. I would like to write a book about it, but do not wish to be thought of as an idiot.The back of the neck thing was fairly common. On one occasion though - the night Mum said she heard me screaming her name in the night, woke up, thought , oh that's Suze, and went straight back to sleep. As she said herself,' I'd never have done that!' I thought I was going to die that night. I have never in my life experienced so much pain. I was in agony. I won't go into all that here, but the next morning, I was left in some kind of paralysed state. This might sound weird, but it is the absolute truth. I could not move. I wasn't breathing. My eyes were closed but I could see the room. A voice told me to lie very still and relax. To keep attempting to wiggle my fingers and toes, but for a long while I could not. I felt like my whole body was breathing but without actually using my lungs. It was a very odd feeling. I remember being so bloody grateful to still be alive and out of that agonising pain. I also thought,' I have seen eternity.' I still do not know why I thought that. Eventually I could move my fingertips and toes and very gradually I managed to move my body and breathing gradually returned. I was extremely traumatised for years after that. I dare not ever be alone anywhere. It screwed up my life very badly indeed. When My Mum got up, I shouted her, but my voice was faint from screaming. It hurt to speak. I couldn't move my head, my neck was agony. She helped me to sit up and on the back of my neck was a red circle about the size of a jam pot lid. It took 3 days to fade and weeks before my neck was back to normal. A lot happened that night I will not go into here. How the hell can you fight these things off when you are paralysed ? What the hell are they ? They have bothered me all my life. When my daughter was 2. ( I was told I was pregnant in a dream when I was 4 months pregnant, my mum had the dream too. I knew it was a girl, she would be blonde and her name was Bryonie. She could talk in sentences at 9 months old, was well into Latin at 2, using words like amalgamate, in the correct context. One night I was reading to her. She looks over to the rocking chair and freezes. Hides her face 3 times, then smiles at whatever was in the chair and now it was beside the bed becUse she showed it her owl, and was smiling and laughing with it. When I asked her who it was, she looked blank. What was it? I asked instead. ' it was a cross between an Iguana and Wicca - Wicca was our dog. What on earth was it ? I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that these things, whatever they are, can extract our astral body or even the double, from us. What they then do with us, I have no idea. It has happened to me hundreds of times. I've tried 3 times to go under hypnosis, to recall these instances but the fear is too great. My body just goes into shock, like it does if I have any kind of anaesthetic and I can't stop it from shaking uncontrollably. Do you know anyone else who has had these experiences ? How's it going with you now ? Kindest regards Suze



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