You actually exist in at least two worlds. You witness one world at times when you are asleep and the other when you are awake. People have always been curious about this knowledge of what is on the other side of the "mirror" and I will speak of it clearly here as I find the great need for that to be done. I have not found such info anywhere intact or put in anything like layman's terms.

First it would be an error to mistake this plane for the one we enter most of the time when dreaming. These Dream Areas are more in our mind created by our holophonic projections coming from our most of the time half operative third eye. They are based on experiences colliding with other thoughts while attempting to remain cohesive. You can see how focused the mind truly is by watching the dream. Many can agree that they have never seen such oddities as they have seen in the dream world which can at times make a Dali painting seem normal. Lets mark some stages and occurrences from an Adept level of the Dreamer.

Level 1 Dreamer:This dreamer can barely remember their dreams at all and often feel as if they are not even having dreams at all.

Note: It is a fact that everyone dreams, whether you can remember or not is another matter. Because the dream world contains doors to access the other states of consciousness it is here that the controllers do most of the work to keep you from seeing what is going on.

Level 2 Dreamer:This dreamer sees themselves dreaming but gathers little intel from the dream. At time the dreams are so clear the dreamer is certain they will remember the dream but when waking they find themselves forgetting everything except a few small details.

Note: To remedy this make a dream journal and every morning write down anything you remember. This is a brute force method of accessing your dream state, it only takes your consistency and it is guaranteed to work. You will start remembering more and more.

Level 3 Dreamer:This dreamer sees their dreams clearly and often pick up information about the future in their dreams, mainly the next day. This dreamer has began to control their Dream Body and have entered the Lucid State. This dreamer can control the environment and bring objects in and out of the plane at will with balanced concentration. This dreamer also encounters other personalities in the dream who appear to have characters totally independent of the dreamers psyche.

Level 4 Dreamer:This dreamer spends most of their time as a Level 3 dreamer. During certain alignments this dreamer has access to other Portals which lead to already inhabited worlds. They often enter as an already active character as if they have another life. These worlds are similar to Earth only in the sense that there is a hierarchy or chain of life all other things may very such as flying vehicles, different looking species, futuristic and primitive world settings etc.

Note: Because we carry a Biorhythm that connects us across a time line with ourselves in various segments and states of our existence we at times access those segments by genetic right during fully concentrated dream states. At the peak of this fantastic adventure called existence you will discover you are everything so thus an endless level of connectivity can be accessed by Adept Dreamers. In short they can literally be anything in any state of its existence. 

Level 5 Dreamer: Silence permeates the room when the Level 5 Dreamer is spoken of.The Level 5 Dreamer spends a very short moment in the state of a Level 4 Dreamer and then they use trained abilities to pierce the veil of fauna which resides in being everything as a viewer but not in action. What resides beyond this door or incision that has been made by the Level 5 Dreamer is never known when they go into it and they are always surprised as if creativity is in a competition with itself. Level 5 Dreamers often face a test every time before the ability to fold the dream comes. These tests generally arrive as desires appearing in perfect countenance demanding interactions. When avoiding these blocks you proceed beyond the veil. When choosing to engage then your desired is fulfilled but you loose access to going beyond the veil. Ultimately failing to pass too often somehow reduces the Level 5 Dreamer back to Level 3 for a time.



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Comment by Brad McNeil on January 4, 2014 at 9:51am

So then upon reaching a level 5 dream state, is it possible to make physical changes in what I would consider the waking world? and as for the comment below me I am also curious if an intense day dream state is similar to lucid dreaming. Especially when driving I find myself almost in a blackout state. what I mean by this is I remember getting in the truck, and arriving at my destination and only a few key points of my travel from point a to point b. often times when I am in that state I seem to be in "contact" with a white wolf that I have dreamed and day dreamed about for years and years. the first time I came across this being was 6 years ago when she guided me through the most vivid dream I have ever had in my entire life time. I still remember every tiny detail of this dream right down to what fish were in a tank and their position and colors. while this was a very vivid dream that I can remember every detail of, I was not in control therefor I do not believe this was a lucid dream. thoughts?

Comment by Jalen Haywood on August 16, 2013 at 11:34pm
Do these facts also go for day-dreaming. I am a heavy daydreamer, can this affect or go along with the art of lucid dreaming?

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