I am often having dream's where there is no way back or out, being trapped.The last one I was a kind of prison camp and I was told that stuck. Sometimes the dream is of an old house that goes on and on or a hospital or school type of building, it s always a feeling of being trapped.

Back in about 2006 I started having a recurring dream , Me and people I love would walk upon a gypsy camp like one you would have seen in years long past. It was cool and exciting i Thought it was like a mid evil fair.I noticed that the path we all came in on was disappearing and tried to get everyone to leave. I run over to the path and it was gone. The longer we where everyone else s memory of coming there was disappearing too. they all became gypsy and part of the camp and even forgot who i was. This dream is what put me on the path that has brought me to here. Sometimes instead of a gypsy camp it would be an old cobblestone city from the 1700s . We would come through a door or a cross a bridge but still the same dream. I was the only one that remembered.

But now it seems more like a trap than a quest, and there is usually a lot of clutter.

even in times i know i m dreaming the people in the dream will look me straight in the eye and work against me . It plain to see they don t like me.

I m trapped in an illusion. My last dream was very troubling to me.

anyone have any advice?



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Dreams.. are sometimes our suppressed inner worlds... we can release what we do not acknowledge in our non dreaming states of being.   There may be a cycle of behaviours that is in your environment that are holding you from moving forward.

Patterns of thinking, patterns in relationships, patterns that become their own maise.

When we focus our energy on solutions, we create new cycles, new pathways....

I suggest as you are dreaming of 'traps', that you take action in freedom.  How?  I know I have said this again and again, but it is because it is effective and has results....colon cleanse, body cleanse, free the blockages in the body and allow the systems to function to better capacity.

On other elements:  have you looked at what you are holding on to?  What is it that you are not letting go of?  what of the old is not serving you?  What is out dated?  That is still being cycled in your maise....system....

you are a multi circuitry system....like a maise in some ways, but you can also direct the neurons in the body, the transmitters, and receivers....you are the captain of your ship...

your ships;....relationships...freindships, partnerships, etc.. what is boarding your ship that needs to leave the cargo!

Letting go...  has many faces... many facetts to this....

letting go and not feeling the fear/pain/hurt any more...is reaching into the lands of FORGIVENESS.  this includes yourself.  In forgiveness.....you no longer feel the pain....you let it go......


only you, can see inside your dreams as their creator...and know the messages within...create the escape routes! create new domains to explore....what is feeding the energy?  what feeds the traps? 

if you go to bed, expecting to dream of traps, and evil eyes..then this is just what you will receive. 

Clear the room in vibration, sometimes, cleansing is needed.  Sound vibration, Tibetan singing bowls, burning sage, oum...so many things one can do to change the vibratory field...simply...meditating...can alter the field..and also bed position, have you tried sleeping at the other end of the bed? 

What did you consume?

So much that we can do that can affect the outcome of dreamstate...centre the Self....and expect good things



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