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To the eyes that read these words welcome.  Like so many in search I am so overjoyed to be with family.  The many now ReMemdering.  Long I have waited for this moment.  Seeing the face of Sevan brought me back to what was so long forgotten for me.  I lost my voice and memory of my unknown world.  Yet know that I never lost my guidance within.  It would speak with me in my youth guiding me out of dangers.  It would whisper to me in my many dreams showing me places I had long forgotten, events to come, my past and present, the many people I was and am.  My inner guide would also show me the true me.  Not only this he would tell me my true name.  (BAITH/BETH) The most profound knowing was being gifted with the many uploads while in dream world. Guiding me to the truth of me. This world so bright with its many texture's and colors.  Never afraid I would embrace theses gifts of knowledge and journal them.  I never had the voice or words to defined them until listening to Sevan. 

 I was this PlaceSetter hidden from a world I thought was real.  While hidden I was gathering, whether watching people or working in a world I knew was a lie.  I was gathering the mysteries of my many selves.  The mirror of the many faces I thought myself to be.   What I gathered was I was the student, teacher and master.  All this lives within the core of me.  I learned that I was the block that kept me from me.  So, while hidden I turned within to listen.  I would listen and fight the truth of me.  But when my body started to fight against me is when the listening was awakened.  Again guidance was given on how to heal.   "You have healing to do.  Healing will be much greater when you understand your own healing."  This was the path I was to follow and learn.  I changed the way I ate.  I cleansed, juiced, flushed, took supporting supplements and fasted.  Yet there was still something missing.  I now know it was the complete knowledge of truth.  As I've listened, and read the truth for me within this site and guided by my inner knowing. I am falling in love with Baith.  Karen has surrendered and willing to commit to her true self. Wholeness and Balance to all.  

One thing I am very sure of is this.  I am the Speaker, Teacher and Healer REMEMBERED 

My name is BAITH

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At 3:45pm on January 29, 2015, Tanycha said…

Hi Karen,  Thank you for your insightful reply.  I tried to fix my mind to perceive each of the characters in that particular dream as extensions or versions of self and found that taking this  perspective did offer more clarity to the dream, since I' m nurturing a business venture to its next level, and I have moved from working as support staff to navigating my own endeavors.

I still have a lot of questions about dream interpretation and messages that continue to frustrate me. Every night brings forth very vivid dreams - the touch, smell, hear type in blazing color.  One time I dreamed of waking up into the dream realm, in a bed unlike my bed in the mundane world; a bed facing a huge, pictured window that looked out into  the bright, blue morning sky.  It's like I closed my eyes in one world, and opened my eyes in another. To get a better understanding of dream that are relevant to my own experience, I've read a few books on dream symbols and interpretation. I have kept a dream journal for the past seven or eight years.  I dunno.  I guess it's over my head for now.  But all this imagery must be useful on some level. I just wish I could tap into it. Hopefully, it will reveal itself in (or out) of time.  

Thanks so much for your comment.  I'll incorporate your suggestion in my future attempts at deciphering my dream world. Much happiness and well being.

At 3:11pm on January 22, 2015, Ngone Aw,host Gnosis Kardia, BTR said…

Karen , thanks for the friend connection, wholeness & balance vibrations to you and yours. 

At 1:18pm on January 2, 2015, janet myers said…

Wholeness!  Welcome to the family. is a link for you.  When I joined this was very helpful. 

May you have a joyful and expansive journey, Janet

At 7:40am on January 2, 2015, Kishaun said…

Welcome to the Resistance family. Happy to see you and send well wishes your way on this never ending journey")




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