Strange Dreams, Visions, Sleep Paralysis... How to do more than just observe?

Hello everyone, 

I'd like to start off by saying that this is my first post here and I've made an attempt at trying to answer these questions myself, but I just can't seem to. Most of my "supernatural" experiences have occurred while sleeping or not long after waking so Im hoping someone here can point me in the right direction. It's been over a decade since I've had some of these questions.

A little history: My first sleep paralysis episode was when I was 18 years old, coincidentally as I was taking an elective course called :The History of Christianity. I awoke in my room to hear voices behind me saying they were some sort of angel....someone but I wasn't sure if they were talking to me. As I was turning my body around (very slowly) I just heard a deafening sound and saw a blinding light then I woke up. I wasn't afraid.

Since then I've had multiple episodes usually occurring in clusters (Im currently 27) and only once did I feel an evil and very very frightening presence right in front of me (of which i was able to get out of my body and run away before waking up). Before I would normally be alone, but in the last year I've been hearing voices and have had people come into my home. Just the other day I heard a group talking and saying they should come into my house and they never entered the room just spoke in the living room, but in that same episode and once last year I saw my fiancé (or who i thought was my fiancé) come into the room. I would speak to him to help me get up but the first time he was just a shadow who came up to my ear and then left the room, this last time I could barely see him and he said he wasnt able to help me up, and then disappeared. 

Ive heard of people many time feeling a frightening presence but what about just people in general and your loved ones? When I saw my fiancé as a shadow figure I was in another apartment where I had strange visions occurring almost every other day. I found a hematite stone logged into the food of my bed on the side I sleep at. My fiancé and I could not explain how it got lodged in there. I also saw the shape of a man as I closed my eyes on my birthday. I felt elated then his outline showed up and I didn't know what to make of it. Once I also had a pillow over my head and as I was awaking I lifted the pillow a tiny bit and saw a baby, it was all red and glowing but the light emitted off of it was yellow. It startled me and then disappeared.

I also have VERY vivid dreams. Im not actually lucid in them (although I would like to be) but i remember them very clearly and never know how to interpret them. The last one was very impressive. I was at a friends house sitting by the TV. He had invited people over some were naked (including me) but most were too ashamed to show up without clothes. Anyway, we were waiting for a countdown similar to the ball dropping in NY on New Years. I could tell that this was a sort of yearly occurrence because the entire world was literally anticipating it. But this countdown was for something like the day of the dead (also my birthday is Nov 1 so i found that ironic) when all of a sudden the time had come and on TV you could see NY deserted, and this loud symphony of voices and moans coming from the sewer. The sounds made everything rumble. The camera man who was out starting going down underground and rocks and dust were .flying everywhere the voices just reverberating all over. The floor started to crack and split, then he turned around and there was an empty throne. All of a sudden a skeleton appeared on it and he covered the camera. Then suddenly, I was next to the camera man with who I assumed was the skeleton king. He looked at us and examined us but was in no way threatening. Then he somehow communicated that he wanted to keep a pair of cellphones to take back with him, we didn't object, and immediately afterward everything started rumbling again. It was the end of this event, and the wall behind the skeleton opened as spirits started rushing back. I knew we had to leave but before I ran I looked at the skeleton king and waved (I like to be very nice to everyone) and he cocked his head and waved back. Then i ran out and woke up after some news cameras came to ask questions.

Most people just find my stories very interesting but also strange and/or frightening. It seems like they don't have any similar experiences. There have been many strange occurrences like this and Im almost starting to give up on trying to figure it out. For now I'm just accepting it. It doesnt scare me it's actually a great conversation topic but my fiancé says he hopes he never has that experience. haha, I just tell him that you get used to it.

Anyway I know this was a long message but I'm very excited about the possibility of beginning to innerstand and use these experiences as a way to find answers and make positive changes. Thank you to everyone who can help.


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im still reading but up until the baby part...those are quite strange experiences you are having are there more? (excluding what i have yet to read) closest things i have been having recently are experiencing something similar to ground hog day in my dreams where a day repeats itself and im the only one who notices (quite frustrating tbh)

just skimmed ahead and saw skeleton king 0.0

Wholeness all!

I have experienced 'Sleep Paralysis' and various degrees of lucid dreaming throughout my life and have always discussed or mentioned my dreams to other people in everyday life and was surprised at how the majority of people either claim they don't dream or can never remember them or see them as insignificant! 

This made me realise that there must be more significance to our dream life than just psychological/unconscious unloading or the many other neuro/scientific sceptic interpretations. I remember dreams, nightmares, recurring dreams etc from when i was 3 years old! (maybe the weren't dreams…?)

Anyhow, in the last 14 months since going through a massive reconfiguration and cleansing on every level of my being  (still in progress!)  my dreams have become much clearer and less oppressive (re  sleep paralysis) and generally more 'positive' or at least in some way useful to my progress. 

I find i often dream within a dream and am kind of lucid about the situation- its really hard to explain and i'm currently trying to figure out its significance.

Last night for example i experienced my first 'negative' dream in a while, i actually woke myself up but whimpering and struggling to 'get out' but only to drift back in again.

Reading Dara's post about Ground hog day made me think. In my dream  i was stuck in a dream 'loop' and my consciousness was confined to what i can only describe as like a 'abstract monopoly board'!! I was aware of a greater sphere beyond the 'board' and being observed, yet was confined to going round and round this simple construct. I was trying to 'thrust' out of it yet couldn't and then awoke briefly by my whimpers. When i drifted back into sleep i was in another 'scene' yet describing (and experiencing) the same above feelings/experience to someone- all the while feeling like my 'higher consciousness' was observing the dream like a movie! 

I wonder if anyone on here has any insight on the 'looping' or 'ground hog' dream significance?

This last year has made me wonder if our dream reality is actually more significant and accurate than the mundane realm we inhabit...

Its so nice to have a space like this to relate and share such experiences!


Fascinating! Some similarities to certain parts ie I have heard the voices and seen bright lights. My dreams are very vital to me and I know I travel and I know it is another world.I believe my awake world is deeply connected to the sleep world and when I read your experience the first thing that came to my mind was you are under a lot of stress. Is this true? 

Actually, I have been going through a lot of changes. I've moved 3 times in the last year (and out of the state). And my sleep paralysis tends to occur more frequently when I haven't been able to rest well for some time. In the last year the worst time was while I was living in an apartment literally right next to the intersection of two highways. 

Does this occur with you? I'd like to figure out what to do so I can try and learn from these experiences, if possible. Lately, I've taken up calling people who I've dreamt about. 

I feel relieved to know that others have similar experiences. It's not the same when the people you talk to give you strange faces :-)

Can you describe more clearly what you experience when you say sleep paralysis?

Yes, I wake up in my real bed and my body feels heavy. I can see around me but everything is slightly blurry. At times I can actually feel like Im moving my limbs but I can't see them moving. my torso is impossible to move. I was only able to "get up" twice, one time I felt something terrifying staring at me. I ran away from it and when I entered another part of the house I "woke up" back where I was and didn't sense anything around me anymore. The other time I slowly got up and felt so heavy I slowly fell to my knees in a prayer position. Every other time though I'm just stuck on the bed either by myself, hearing voices, or seeing something walk into the room. It is the exact room I am in in real life though.

When we are in the frame of consciousness riiiight after waking up... but before we have "fully" woken up, we are actually in the most conducive state for having "spiritual" experiences as you have said above.  We still have one foot in the "sleep-world" data stream and the other foot in the "waking consensus" data stream...  and our waking thoughts and body processes and overall noisy environment aren't loud enough to drown out the much more subtle data coming in. This is when you see your spooky figures and hear voices.  You are still picking up signals from the dream world and your waking brain is having trouble turning them into something you can really work with.  The best thing to do in any of these circumstances, whether its in sleep-paralysis or having an angel / demon / spirit / elf / etc coming into your room trying to communicate, is to remain calm.  Do not give into fear or astonishment because that way you'll never get anything meaningful out of the experience.

You seem to be more "sensitive," for lack of a better word, judging from the vividness of your experiences and the amount of data you are able to recall from them.  Some people were either born with, or have developed through some form of practice, a more reliable "antenna" for detecting and interpreting the data from the more "subtle" or "spiritual/energetic" range.

Since your dreams are so vivid and you recall them so often, you should be able to develop the ability to lucid dream to a quite remarkable degree if you put in the practice.  Imagine learning to play the violin.  You can't just pick one up, try and play a couple of times, (maybe even for a few weeks) and then say "eh, its never going to work" and giving up.  We have to actually practice.  

I will give you one trick for increasing your chances of becoming lucid.  Try this for a few days.  The more consecutive days you do it the better.  Starting tomorrow... Every time you walk through a doorway, stop and touch the frame and say (either out loud or in your head,) "is this a dream?"  The thing about our dreams is that the habits we form here in the waking world actually spill over into the dream-world through our subconscious mind.  If you create a strong enough habit of asking yourself throughout your daily routine the question "AM I DREAMING RIGHT NOW?" then you will be greatly increasing your probability of winding up in a situation where you become lucid in a dream.  

Thank you TJ! Very helpful indeed. I just had a doorway dream last week!

Yes,Thank you! That is great advice. I have a very easy time remembering dreams, and at time I'll fall back asleep with it in mind...and end up in the same dream again. But even then I don't become lucid.

Honestly, even after all the SP experiences I've had I have never been able to master my nerves. It's not that I'm normally afraid it's just that I get very frustrated being unable to move. At one point I realized I could just fall back asleep and try and wake up normally instead of fighting....but then I would wake up multiple times STILL stuck.

At this point I need to stop being passive about this and, like you say, practice practice practice.

I do not know if this would help or not but it helped me when I began to sleep with crystals and doing certain breath work to take me into the dream world. I have numerous crystals that are large and flat enough that they rest perfectly on my forehead in the 3rd eye area. I noticed an immediate difference!

But one more thing....crystals amplify so if you are going to sleep in a fear mode that would not be so good. Maybe an epson salts bath before bed and nice relaxing 432 mhz sounds to lull you to that beautiful place! If you are relaxed and at peace before you go to bed, then the crystals would definitely assist you. 

It's funny that you say that. I actually just moved to Colorado and am planning on acquiring some crystals and stones this weekend. Do you recommend any particular kind? 



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