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Thanks for The Planets,Sevan.Finally really listened,very good indeed.I find this type of technology useful as a preamble to meditation.After a listen the body is relaxed and the mind focused,at the very least.On some days the mind is scattered and the emotions disturbed,this helps to quiten things down and get to a better meditation.The possibility of negative agendas encoded in some forms of this technology may exist.One would need to be wide awake for this,usually getting a feel for that… Continue

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What then,Brotherman?

OK Sevan,listened with great interest to your latest up-date to members.Being rather unfinancial and holding slim status in the main stream world,what can I do?as a Code to the Matrix member.Going back on facebook to post real information comes to mind.Doing the happy-clappy with various "new age"streams there left me feeling silly,although a lot of the nieve emotion is heart felt and worth harvesting.Get your point about Cassidy etc.Still like Little Grandmother,be sad to see that one… Continue

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Personal ascension...only way to get the News...

Listening to a video clip by two people I really like and admire,nevertheless 3 quarters of the way through I snatched off the headphones,threw them on the desk and shouted "Dammit B...,when the hell are you gonna stop waffelling and TELL us something??? Even the good guys who are in the super high tech know seem to have been hanging around the secretive stooges so long they have become used to wishy washy waffell.As the lady said,we want some nuts and bolts info.Looks like we are going to have… Continue

Added by Alan Robert Keating on April 28, 2010 at 6:50pm — 1 Comment

Mystical socks and the Planetary bounce

Thanks for the welcome Sevan.Surfing around I guess I will need to pull my mystical socks up a bit,quite a bit.All good!!Listening to the new Alex Collier videos it looks like our collective wake-up has happened enough to have been noticed and applauded by benevelant ET's.Commenting and posting on various sites and making an effort to raise our voices,has created a collective energy.Congratulations everybody.Love is just the best.Are we gonna bounce when we hit the plasma belt passing thru the… Continue

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Free to Go...

Reading Anastasia describing how she never worried about food or shelter,and how the animals brought her food,is valuable information.She said this is natural,in a natural enviroment, where Man is in harmony with nature,as we are the top of creation.We are used to them running away from us nowdays, as we have lost our relationship with them.So too the world can serve us,even in it's messed up state,to bring us to the point where we REALLY seek the answer within.Then we entertain ourselves being… Continue

Added by Alan Robert Keating on April 25, 2010 at 4:54pm — 2 Comments

Cobolt 60

Listening to Tim Rifat on Jeff Rense it seems missiles coated with Cobolt 60 is a HUGE issue,capable of effectively disconnecting the lower Astral walk in Satans from their hosts here.Aside from the tough words,is the mans science correct?This in view of the huge build up of forces in the Persian gulf at present.Namaste,enjoy the peace within..

Added by Alan Robert Keating on April 25, 2010 at 5:28am — 2 Comments

Cedar Wood Pendants

Hi Guys,as I seem to have survived the laughs,jibes and jives of the previous vote of the Devine Femanine comment,all is well.Happened to read "Anastasia" on the road home.Anyone know of a REAL and reliable source where us townies can get such a rub it polished yourself pendant.Not that it's the biggest deal,but it sounds good.Obviously I'm looking at local forests as well,but there are a few different types of Cedar.Anastasia,wow,what a girl.Government could'nt catch her,atta girl,fantastic...

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Larry's smile

Ta for that,loved Larry's expressions...

Added by Alan Robert Keating on April 24, 2010 at 7:47am — 1 Comment

Vote of the Devine Femanine

Hi Guys,this one humbled me off facebook.Just for the fun I thought I'd put it up here.Obviously I'm not trying to win popularity with this one.Women of the world are coming together towards the build up of the energy of the Devine Femanine.What about men who are balancing with their Femanine?Very often side-lined because femaninity still prefers to interact with a strong and definite masculinity.My point is this; if women collectively stopped rewarding the kind of masculinity that has been… Continue

Added by Alan Robert Keating on April 24, 2010 at 4:00am — 3 Comments


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