Reading Anastasia describing how she never worried about food or shelter,and how the animals brought her food,is valuable information.She said this is natural,in a natural enviroment, where Man is in harmony with nature,as we are the top of creation.We are used to them running away from us nowdays, as we have lost our relationship with them.So too the world can serve us,even in it's messed up state,to bring us to the point where we REALLY seek the answer within.Then we entertain ourselves being good and wanting to bring all our beaten up friends with.Looking for the big love around here...How many meals have we had,how many orgasims,broken bones,broken hearts..all arranged exclusively for us,to make the leap of consciousness,like little squirrels bringing us nuts.We are free to go...

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Comment by Alan Robert Keating on April 28, 2010 at 4:57pm
Will do Anja,I can confirm that there is a very powerful positive charge in her books.From an ancient Vedic race,huh?I am reccomending to others,students who are doing Permaculture and example will speak loudly....others too..
Comment by Alan Robert Keating on April 28, 2010 at 3:59pm
Hi Anja,I have only read the first book and i am so inspired.Now I am going to help my friend Karen in the green-house and do my own square meter of natures pharmacy.Also going to test the principals with sprouts.Who would have thought,such powerful earth wisdom.One can still feel Her love all these years later in the poetry of her turn of phrase.Looking foreward to the other books now...


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