Listening to Tim Rifat on Jeff Rense it seems missiles coated with Cobolt 60 is a HUGE issue,capable of effectively disconnecting the lower Astral walk in Satans from their hosts here.Aside from the tough words,is the mans science correct?This in view of the huge build up of forces in the Persian gulf at present.Namaste,enjoy the peace within..

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Comment by Alan Robert Keating on April 25, 2010 at 1:04pm
Beautiful wisdom Michael,there certainly is an element of time wasting in such holographic intrigues.Those around us seem glued to the energy thieving drama,and history books are full of the "reality" of it.
Comment by Michael A Brito on April 25, 2010 at 10:55am
His science is not correct. In fact it is not science at all. Here is why.
duality only exists in the realm of time. Outside of time there is no good or evil. Heaven and hell. Gods and demons are the maginations of those in the realm off duality. All parts of the "One Soul" are capable and will eventualy ascend to the highest vibration of light.
"We are, One."
Believing in or vexing over missles coated with cobalt will only keep you at the mercy of karma, longer.
I see already that you are ascending, and helping others ascend. keep to that path. Nothing else really matters. Unless you are just entertaining yourself, just remember it is someone elses fantasy.
Join me in heaven "now"!


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