Thanks for The Planets,Sevan.Finally really listened,very good indeed.I find this type of technology useful as a preamble to meditation.After a listen the body is relaxed and the mind focused,at the very least.On some days the mind is scattered and the emotions disturbed,this helps to quiten things down and get to a better meditation.The possibility of negative agendas encoded in some forms of this technology may exist.One would need to be wide awake for this,usually getting a feel for that intuitively part way through.Also the standard format of copy or burn simplifies the original,and disempowers it I am some extent.Still well worth a listen...

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Comment by Alan Robert Keating on May 4, 2010 at 11:09am
Thanks for that Braden,very pertainent and incisive feedback for me anyway.I guess I agree on choices there too.Will check further.Namaste
Comment by Braden on May 3, 2010 at 11:30pm
Some of William Buhlman's Hemi-sync's have been capable of putting me into a vibrational state right on the threshold of OBE. In my life I experienced night terrors on a few occasions, and only last year realized that they were in fact threshold experiences.

Often paralyzing, there is a distinct fear that there is a negative presence in the room, and that something is terribly wrong, as the mind is coherent but the body does not respond. I'm convinced that most "abduction scenarios" are related to this phenomenon. I was thrilled to have responded so well to one of Buhlman's methods, as I have spent very much time trying to recreate the chance to "get out" but the Buhlman method takes me straight to the edge almost every time. Still cannot quite get separated though.

I have no experience with Holo-sync but am experimenting with different hemi syncs and found many of them to be very fascinating. There is a definite effect on the brain, and with many, it "feels" as though the entire brain is active and functioning in synch.

I have a lot of respect for the work of Robert Monroe, and believe these binaural beats may be a way to reverse the one sided brain conditioning we've been receiving most of our lives.


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