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Sleep stages are divided into two main categories: non-REM sleep and REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, where dreams typically occur.  Over the course of the night a sleeper will cycle through the five stages of sleep a number of times with the REM stages lasting longer and longer towards morning. 

Here are the top resources for Lucid Dreamers


WNYC's Radiolab - Radiolab recently released a short story about someone using lucid dreaming to overcome a recurring nightmare.  The podcast has a great overview of lucid dreaming and is well produced and entertaining.

LucidDreaming - Reddit's active, knowledgeable, helpful Lucid Dreaming community. 25,000 dreamers strong and growing!

Lucidipedia - A veritable treasure trove of information about the practice of lucid dreaming. Tips, tricks, & techniques.

Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge - from the father of all modern advancements in lucid dreaming research, and the creator of several useful lucid techniques, comes this, the Lucid Dreamer's bible. 

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Theme of Repair 5 Replies

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12 Years A Floater 3 Replies

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Astral Plane assistance required 3 Replies

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finding my way 3 Replies

hi I am new here and very excited to be here.I have out of body experience and dream of things, events time and places that eventually occur the thing is I have no control over them.In the dream world how come I can't see a reflection of myself in…Continue

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being in a maze 1 Reply

HiI am often having dream's where there is no way back or out, being trapped.The last one I was a kind of prison camp and I was told that stuck. Sometimes the dream is of an old house that goes on and on or a hospital or school type of building, it…Continue

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A Question 1 Reply

If someone begins a lucid dream and finds their own body sleeping, does it become an out of body experience?Continue

Started by Trancendant. Last reply by Ramob Nov 6, 2014.

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Comment by Nefertiti Minerva Porter on January 17, 2014 at 11:33am

Hi my name is nefertiti, I am new to this group.  I would like to get better at lucid dreaming.  I have astral projected a few times but it was not by my own will, I have also had sleep paralysis, and I have felt a presence of a being upon me during these states.   Lately i have been having reoccurring dreams of twins does any one have any advice on the interpretation of this. Also does any one have any insight on the first step I can take to gain control of my dreams. Your comments are much appreciated , thank you.

Comment by Sucram on January 7, 2014 at 7:10am
Hello Mystic Fire, i also figured out that sleep paralysis only occured when sleeping on the back. My natural sleep position is on the side but I often fall asleep on the back while/after progessive muscle relaxation.

More comments and thoughts are very welcome :) anyway, I hope evryone is enjoying rich and insightfull dreams these days!
Comment by Mystic Fire on January 4, 2014 at 3:19am


I wasn't going for a 'touché' at all, so my apologies. :-)

You bring up many good points in your statements. It seems all subjects related to the spiritual can lead to numerous considerations in every possible direction, all of which can be quite vast and deep to ponder. It keeps everything interesting though, doesn't it!?


That is quite an experience you described. Sleep paralysis can be very disorientating and naturally frightening when it occurs while you are fully conscious. I used to have a problem with it myself, until I began entering lucid dreaming states after I fell asleep. For me, the solution was to change sleeping positions (lie on my side, instead of my back).

As for EOB's, someone here with a deeper knowledge in that area may be able to provide additional insight into your experience.

Comment by Sucram on January 3, 2014 at 6:32am
Next thing was that my consciousness was back in my body and i was immediately back in normal wake status. The light was back to normal, the street lite was shining through my window. My body was sweatting, the bed was wet (it really was!!) and my heart beat was at maximum rate, breath was like after a long sprint. When i calmed down my first impulse was not to figure out what happened, it was like 2am and i was busy controlling the fear that this would happened again when i tried to go to (normal) sleep. It did not appear again that night, but i had a very lucid dream which is also still very present and which was about me being attacked by 2 arabic evil looking men in some street. I was able to fight them back and they disappeared in the streets. another interesting thing happened on the next day, while i was walking through my quarter and thinking about the last night and all what happened and how it felt, the goose flash slightly started kicking in again. It slowly came and went away less intense as the night before. I could tell this was again no normal goose flash. It was less intense but still much more intense, long lasting and 'directed' then a normal one. But to me this was kind of a reality check proofing to me that experience was real and that i must have left my physical body in the night before. Since this experience i have had maybe 1 or 2 states of spontaneous sleep paralys, but nothing compared to this. Especially in the first 1-2 years after this experience i was working with the same techniques and i was obviously exploring Robert Monroe, trying to figure out what happened, how this can be controlled etc. I have also asked my Egyptian friend about his opinion shortly after the event, but did not get an answer. maybe he did not understand me or maybe he did not want to answer...Due to this i have pulled away from him and the people around him. last year i met someone who mentioned that he died at home with without specific (no illness etc) reason (he was maybe 50yo). I am still unsure if he had to do anything with it or wether it was just an spontaneous OBE.

i haven't talked about these details of the experience yet, but I thought this may be an interesting one for you guys who you are very much involved in the subject.

It would be interesting for me to understand how those of you who already had an OBE can relate to some of this. In particular i would like to understand how we can safely re-enter the body (in case this happens again to me :) )

Comment by Sucram on January 3, 2014 at 6:31am
I would like to share an experience which occurred a few years ago. Back then, before sleep I was training my consciousness to become more conscious. On this specific night before the event i was at a friend from Cairo. Back then we often met, drank tea and discussed worldly events with a spiritual perspective. The communication was difficult as his german and his english were poor, but I really liked him and he must have had certain powers. He said from himself that he got initiated by a master in Cairo, but could not finish the education as his master died. I am only mentioning this as I am not sure what exactly induced the experience later this night. Every night before sleep I used techniques like Yoga Nidra and on that specific night after i circulated my consciousness through all points of the body, i applied the technique of become consciousness of all the physical and more subtle bodies from the inside to the outside. This technique had a significant impact on my physical body. The effect was that i could feel energy rising up and a goose flash started kicking in on my legs and arms and chest. This goose flash became more and more intense and my head hair also straightened, it moved down on my back until every single hair on my body felt straightened out. This physical goose flash intensified even further so that it almost hurt. While i realised this physically, my consciousness was still focused on the more subtle bodies a few cm away of the skin. I cant remember exactly if was the 6th or 7th body, but while the goose flash was intensifying my consciousness shifted to another mode. i could no longer sense the physical goose flash - note i only analysed this ex post as i was to busy to deal with what I was seeing and feeling. It felt like i was awake and i was watching my room. I could see the curtain, the end of my bed, the picture on my wall the only difference to normal reality was that the whole room was flooded by this green light. This made me suspicious and i sensed a bit of fear and terror that i was not really there where I thought I would be. On the other hand I could tell that this was too real to be a dream. I rolled around and tried to get up, but then i found myself not up vertical but horizontal looking at my bed in which i was lying. This left me kind of hysteric, fear was intensifying and almost panicking intuitively i tried to get back in my body. This was easier said then done and it doesnt worked out. I dont know how long i tried but it took me quite a while. i remember that all physical forces to direct myself in the right position of my physical body where not successful. There were moments where i could feel myself twice, not fitting together, realising my eyes in the back of my head, my right hand in my left was very confusing and hard to navigate. I was almost in panic and then something within reminded me to ask for help from my guru. Realising this was probably the last chance i tried to calm, focus on my guru and ask for help.
Comment by daniel sunn on January 2, 2014 at 10:58pm

touché , u bring up much that would cross my mind during school.for instance, i concurrently was learning spiritual healing from joel goldsmith and he was sure to instruct us that there was no disease so no need to acknowledge the error in consciousness, just nullify the falsity of the suggestion within. whereas a living patient wants their perceived pain/illness to be acknowledged almost as a call for empathy/sympathy. you express the transcendence of one who is unphased by physicality. that would also be the case of one that feels they are beyond any cause and effect, like one that eats or does whatever they wants because they perceive they have transcended the 'subtle law'…which is possible but not level 1 at all. ultimately 'minds' eye is beyond a fingertips sensitivity, i agree, but whats a finger but the extension of the heart/mind? i just wonder when ppl decide to bend such things for their own self interest. its like someone loves bacon so they say they transcended the negative affects since they don't subscribe to the belief in parasitic invasion or etc. apologies for taking it off the LD subject but i think it applies at a level of principle. how can truth be shared if its so relative to ones own preference?

Comment by Mystic Fire on January 2, 2014 at 9:53pm


Let us know how your next LD goes for you. If you feel your experience could indicate a need to cleanse or simply relax until the transition is complete, than that is likely the case.

It seems everyone here already innately knows the answers to their questions before they present them, which I think is wonderful and an indication of a deep understanding of their spiritual experiences. Everyone here is truly amazing. :-)

The subject of conditions is fascinating, and I agree it can be challenged, especially considering there are seemingly physical conditions that do make it difficult to reach our spiritual goals. The one example that comes to mind for me is illness and pain. Some people find it very difficult to reach a state of spiritual consciousness when their minds are being distracted by the physical. But that being said, there are spiritual gurus who have advanced to the point of being able to completely ignore excruciating pain or to use it as a key to shift consciousness.

Here is an interesting thought to consider, too:  If you were taught that the correct use of acupuncture lay in your innate ability to perceive the qi with your mind's eye, rather than your fingertips, do you think your acupuncture would be less effective?

I think some conditions are taught, some we create ourselves through our perceptions, and some are ground in the rules that govern our physical world, thus they are difficult (or maybe even impossible, I shudder to say) to overcome. For example, someone might be convinced they can physically fly on this plane, but if they jumped off a cliff unaided we both know what we would perceive to happen to their physical body (although this statement could open up an entirely different line of discussion. lol) 

I think the real challenge is determining which conditions are truly governed by the rules of this physical world, and which we believe are connected to the physical world but in reality are simply a byproduct of our own thought processes and/or a belief system we were taught.

Comment by daniel sunn on January 2, 2014 at 8:33pm

we were advised not to lift too much weight in order to salvage tactile sensitivity in our fingers to perform acupuncture correctly, as oppose to being too blunt and callous to feel the subtle qi. i imagine a balance of working out to build muscle and gentle arts like yoga or tai chi can balance one another out.    

as for the LD….im gonna try and remember to sit down and take time to breathe and deepen the experience..i was probably overexcited

Comment by daniel sunn on January 2, 2014 at 8:29pm

oddly my heart was also racing simultaneously as with my nose feeling stuffed up…my only thought while in that dream was fine diet wise and health wise..air passage wise etc in waking life but i must need to cleanse cuz on this astral plane i'm all jacked up.  

about the musculature subject, theres a thin line because this is one mans achieved experiential wisdom that is definitely not a one size fits all statement. its akin to some people saying if the crown (du20) point is too hard due to skull sutures the soul cannot ascend out of it and therefore ascends into lower realms.  not to challenge your thoughtful statements but to engage it…wouldn't an obese man face similar obstruction or is that also something to bypass by thought control? aren't these habitual attainments that anchor us in physicality?

Comment by Mystic Fire on January 2, 2014 at 8:16pm

Daniel (In response to Master Hua Ching Ni's belief that physical muscularity obstructs the soul's travels),

When it comes to our spiritual existence, I believe we are only hindered by the conditions we ourselves create through our thought processes. So, if an individual believes a muscular frame will obstruct their soul's path than, yes, they will perceive their soul as being encumbered in such a manner. Likewise, if the same individual believed the opposite -- that a soul's travels are adversely effected by a light physique, than they would find themselves responding to this perception.

Conditions are man made. Some conditions are helpful, for they help us shift our consciousness from the mundane to the spiritual and achieve a higher state of being. Other conditions are not as helpful, for they can prevent us from reaching our spiritual goals, especially if the conditions are difficult to achieve.

I believe the need to create conditions is a reaction to living in a plane that is permeated with laws and rules that yield physical consequences when not followed. As a result, we naturally find ourselves believing conditions should be imposed upon our spiritual bodies, as well.



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