Etymology and Ciphering is a group that has a direct focus on determining the true meaning of words and symbols. 

Our primary emphasis is to identify ancient and modern programming of the Mind, Body, and Soul. This we feel will allow us to gain a greater innerstanding and bearing in relation to the multiple realities that surround us, seen and unseen. 


The Anagram Engine

This tool will allow you to see all the posible spelling for a group of words. It is great to use on your name or longer words and sentences.

An online site that allows you to track a symbol by description. The site also contains a large database of symbols with loose interpretations. 

Sepher Sapphires

Book - Audio

This work will allow you to gain a great example of just how expansive the meaning and use of languages can be by highlighting the Hebrew Cabalah.

The Esoteric Alphabet


A look in to the English languages and the energy it evokes through shape.  

The Book of Talismans, Amulets, and Zodiacal Gems


A masterpiece that highlights ancient work that is being lost and the true origins of many Sigils used today. 

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4D to 3D, Why things start off internal, and go external, a working theory. 3 Replies

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Visualise Babylon. 26 Replies

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Backward System 9 Replies

Hi All,I haven't read all the posts on this forum and do not know if anyone has touched on the subject of backwards phenomenon when they changed the writing system from left to right. I was a preschool teacher and the children all naturally begin…Continue

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Phoenician Aleph 5 Replies

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About right and left 18 Replies

I've been wondering this for a while now, so I thought someone might shed some knowledge on the etymology of right and left. Particularly, how most people are brought up to be right handed ( or maybe it's in their genetics) and how we say the…Continue

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di·ag·o·nal[dahy-ag-uh-nl, -ag-nl] adjective1.Mathematics .a.connecting two nonadjacent angles or …Continue

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SAT NAM 7 Replies

Wholeness all! For a few years, I was practicing Kundalini Yoga and after the close of each practice, we students chanted SAT NAM.  Which the teacher instructed that meant, "the truth is your identity."  Today, I was listening to the show that Sevan…Continue

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The One People's Public Trust 13 Replies

Greetings Dear Ones, I'm posing my question here in this forum as it seems I am having difficulty deciphering this idea and discerning whether this could be true. . . Could TOPPT be real and could their filings have any real effect on TPTB or (as…Continue

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Fortune, For-tune, everything is a melody. 1 Reply

For-tune, everything is a melody. If you've been following the study group talks from Sevan on everything being a harmony, I thought i'd give you a quick shortcut to wealth or abundance in your life. Playing your tune, or being for the tune, on…Continue

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Comment by Poeticneedlez on April 30, 2012 at 8:16am

Comment by Karrade on April 30, 2012 at 4:38am

Also Anger is an Archon, and so putting yourself under it with De-Sire, (under a sire) is of course putting yourself in its domain. So this fits really well, all coming together my friend, many thanks for that wonderful piece.

Comment by Karrade on April 30, 2012 at 4:35am

This follows as for instance on Sunday (powerful day S!), Sevan described S's as being fundamental to manifestation so this remains the same. S/s in the hacked system remains the same as its a founding letter, and also one a program tries to label bad by heaping it upon snakes. Have to be so careful not to let the ego dictate these things.

One flaw in the program here is Sterling Pounds still exist, so money can probably be manifested in this way easily enough. No wonder they wanted the Euro and did away with shillings, six pence etc, and no wonder people in power tried to resist it.

Comment by Karrade on April 30, 2012 at 4:30am

Thanks Mike!  Some further symbolic thoughts:

By Division:

Die - 6th Sense - Zion, do we break it down bit by bit? One thing to consider is that Capitals and Non Capitals. One of those is obviously an addition, a hack to the system that was in place already, how do we benefit from having 2 of every letter? In the Alpha-Bet - Alpha primordial, smaller than electrons etc. If I have it right Omega is the other, and probably the founding O.

My sense tells me the non capitals are the later hack. a=snake, A=pyramid. O,o remains the same as its fundamental as examples, if I get more letters I'll put up a post.

Comment by Karrade on April 29, 2012 at 4:56am

Partials for thought:

Plea-Sure = Plea for Certainty/the Shore. Bliss as Dan Winter teaches us. What most teenagers are switched on to seeking out, yet most adults are weighed down from finding. PLEA feels more complete spelt like that, as it removes the snake of an a and makes an A pyramid instead. 

Putting yourself under a Sire, under the domain of something else, instead of getting it yourself. These De/Di's would really help to get them!! :).
D = Door, so the i's and e's I am struggling with.

Comment by Karrade on April 26, 2012 at 4:44am

Condition and Divison.


Vi = Roman 6, or Six Sense 


What is the Di, if we get this we get condition and division!

Comment by Karrade on April 26, 2012 at 4:37am

Further Pyramid Theory - Thanks go to Denz again for lighting the way with this wonderful Gem.

Second page of my visualise babylon post adds a bit more to this, pyramids in 1d and 0d for instance. I've posted the thought it a couple of places, that we'd benefit from a numerology and music group. Even though it crosses letters sometimes, would reduce clutter.

Comment by Karrade on April 26, 2012 at 4:16am

Highest knowledge I have so far:

TK it is becoming clearer now that t = man, you can probably see this in the letter if you look hard enough. Cross/Arms, rooted in the material/root/earthly plane. Some say its a man meditating, I pictured rooted, both mean the same thing, channeling the energy back to the earth. So you have Mirror (C), O, root return, di, man, 10's (Energy/Data Stream/Flow), and root return again.

I've left the ambiguous letters for someone else, I don't have them universally nailed down yet, di (could be die but probably not), O = Cycle?

Comment by Karrade on April 26, 2012 at 4:10am

Con is a great one to have a go at, I was looking at it for control. C is a mirror if I have that right, O is part of the data stream a complete whole or total solution and n is the entry into the material/root chakra point on this plane.

I feel Zion is project and perceive. One for the ascent out of the grid, one for the descent. What I am struggling with (an archon) is whether babylon hacked Zion or zion hacked babylon, or they both hacked the data stream of 10's that existed before either, as both contain it in the end of their words. lo and io respectively. 

Comment by James Lyon on March 26, 2012 at 9:31pm

Mabe i should have posted it i was at work and only get little breaks il write up a desent post on my finds, there is a mass of this wording to clame ownership of our consiousness via blackops hypnosis



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